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Kenwood HM326 Hand Mixer

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5 Reviews

Brand: Kenwood / Type: Hand / Speed Settings: 3 Speeds / Power Output: 250 Watts / Height: 19 cm / Width: 14 cm / Depth: 8 cm / Colour: Chrome

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    5 Reviews
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      29.01.2014 15:04
      Very helpful
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      Great buy!

      My daughter received this mixer as a Christmas gift to help with baking buns and cakes. I'd had enough of listening to her moan about aching arms when mixing, and subsequently having aching arms myself!
      This mixer was an absolute god send. It works fantastically well and is simple enough for both me and my 11 year old daughter to use. It is light in weight and has a large comfortable handle to hold during operation. On the top of the handle is a sliding switch with 3 different speed settings, the higher the number the quicker it goes. This is handy when you want to gently mix a food before whizzing it together vigourously. It's also handy if you just want to gently smooth a mixture out, ssuch as mashed potato, rather than pulvarising it!

      Above the speed setting switch is a push button which is pressed in order to release the two whisks, making cleaning it and the storage of it very easy. Personally, I find it much easier to remove the whisks immediately after use, before the food has set on it and it becomes difficult to remove.
      The fact that there are two whisks as opposed to one means that mixtures are prepared faster than if i used my single whisked mixer. They are quite small in size too which help get into the narrow depth of jugs etc.

      I got this mixer from Amazon for a price of £25 and have not regretted my purchase once...a great buy!


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        19.08.2012 07:18



        mixes, kneads and looks great

        This is a good device to have to:
        Make scrummy cakes
        Bread and bakery items
        Perfect mash potato
        Creamy Milkshakes
        Yorki puds (although easier to buy)

        This was an anniversary gift (romantic i know) and had it not been bought I dont think I would of thought of purchsing one. After all, we all have hands and they are good enough for mixing and whisking right? wrong! I never realised how much work and aches go into mixing by hand until i borrowed this to my mate and i was forced to do my own by hand. Needless to say I was relieved to recieve my him back.
        We (me and my son) tend to bake at weekends and as with most children he wants to get stuck in as much as possible and I do feel safe enough to let him have a go and use the gadget himself. The whisk is powerful and boasts a 250w motoion however the motion is smooth and allows you to start off on a low speed setting and work your way up as and when the mixture thickens. - There are 3 settings and I tend to mostly use the first 2 although i would definetly recommend that you always start off slowly to avoid redecorating your kitchen in cake mixture!

        The attachments (a balloon whisk and kneaders) are easy to attach and remain securely in place as you whisk away. I had never used the kneaders before and had to try them out so opted for a granary loaf which to be honest tasted like mud but thats not the machines fault but am yet to use the kneaders again so not sure if that was worth purchasing but hey ho, it was free so no loss :)
        The attachments can be released from the machine by pressing the 'tool release' button and then can be popped in the dishwasher and the main body can easily be wipecleaned by hand

        Always use these in a safe environment, do not underestimate how dangerous they can be, tie hair back and tuck in any loose clothing like scarfs (think shredding machine)
        I think these retail at around £26 which I think is quite expensive unless you are an avid mixer - mind you, it makes great smooth mash which my family love so worth it for that alone.

        may also appear on ciao


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        14.03.2011 19:55
        Very helpful



        Hand mixer

        My old hand mixer was on its last legs, I couldn't grumble as I was given it by my Father nearly 30 years ago so when Tesco were doing a deal that you got double the money on your vouchers my husband decided to get a new Food processor and a mixer for me. There were cheap Tesco ones available but knowing Kenwood was a good name we went for the jazzy Chrome model, instead of white plastic that can discolour after a while.

        *Negative feelings first.*

        I can't make up my mind whether it looks classy or tacky! The chrome coloured plastic is quite shiny at present but when I have splashed it and wiped with a soapy cloth it needs a polish up to prevent looking streaky.
        It has a storage system for the beaters which seems a good idea but isn't really, as it is hard to fit the PVC clip and to take it out to use. The beaters tend to fall out whilst being stored.
        It weighs over 2lbs in weight - 981grams so is quite heavy to use.
        The normal beaters fit into either hole, but the kneading hooks are different and only fit in the correct hole. The beaters are hard to scrape and wash clean.
        The kneaders only deal with small quantities of dough.

        *Positive feelings*

        You may wonder after all the negative feelings if I have any positive feelings, but I can think of a few!
        It is fairly compact 17 x 18cm including the 2 sets of beaters but not including the cable and plug, I store mine in a drawer.
        It has 3 speeds and an off position and is fairly easy to alter the speed. It is 250 watts.
        It has 2 sets of stainless steel beaters and kneaders.
        The handle is curved for comfortable holding.
        It quickly mixes sponges and whisks cream and egg whites.
        Button to unlock beaters and kneaders is easy to use.
        Nice curvy shape. Shiny chrome look and black plastic underneath. Stands on base safely with mixers attached if you need to scrape down the bowl.


        I like the results when making sponges and whisking egg whites for meringues, but feel it struggles a bit when kneading dough, so prefer to use my breadmaker for doughs.
        Like all mixers it does make a noise but not too much to be annoying.
        A friend who is left handed said she didn't like the cable being on the right hand side as it made it awkward, it would have been better for her coming from a central point underneath the machine.

        As mentioned above we used our Tesco vouchers so it didn't cost anything, but currently is £21.97 at Tesco Direct.

        *Would I recommend it?*
        Possibly yes, but making sure people are aware of my negative feelings.


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          06.03.2011 19:00
          Very helpful



          A good value hand mixer, once you've used it you can't be without it.


          I never truly realised how much I used my electric hand whisk for till it broke, then when I came to make Yorkshire puddings, Milkshakes and mashed potato's I remembered how annoying it was to have to mix and mash everything by hand so off I went to purchase a new electric hand whisk.

          Having used my previous Kenwood hand whisk for many happy years I chose to purchase the same machine from Argos for £21.99 although currently available for £17.59.

          ~*~*~*The Product~*~*~*

          The Kenwood hand whisk is a rather attractive chrome finish and having had this item previously for a long time I can say that the chrome finish does not chip off or scratch and stays as good looking as the day it came out of the box.

          The hand whisk has a very powerful 250w motor which enables it to whisk, mix and beat pretty much anything you can throw at it.

          In the box there is the hand whisk itself and two sets of attachments. The balloon whisks can be used for whisking and mixing. The kneaders can be used for kneading bread dough, pastry dough etc.

          The attachments are easy to fit to the whisk you just push them into the two holes on the under side and to release the attachments you press the tool release button that is situated on the top of the whisk.

          The whisk has three speed settings and it is recommended to start whisking using the lowest setting and then up the speed as the cream/cake mix becomes thicker.

          To clean the whisk you switch it off, unplug it, remove the attachments and wash them by hand or in the dish washer, you can then wipe the body of the whisk with a damp cloth and then dry.

          The cable wraps neatly around the body of the whisk and has a cord clip on the wire to clip it together so it does not unravel in the cupboard. This model also comes with a grip to store the attachments away neatly; you push the grip into the holes on the underside of the whisk and then clip the attachments into this.

          ~*~*~*Handy hints~*~*~*

          When mixing cream or batters it is best to start slowly, starting at high speed will throw speckles of mixture all over the kitchen.

          When you have finished whisking allow the machine to stop fully before lifting it out of the bowel, if you lift it out of the bowl while it is still running you will throw cream, cake mix etc all over the kitchen.

          Do not put utensils or your fingers into the bowl while whisking as they could get caught in the moving parts.
          If you have long hair tie it back while using the whisk as it could get caught in the attachments.

          ~*~*~*Personal Opinion~*~*~*

          I thoroughly recommend this item, a lot of kitchen appliances have very limited uses but this one is very versatile and I would not be without it. It's brilliant for knocking up a quick cake, beating the lumps out of gravy, making ice cream milkshakes and making wonderfully fluffy mash. It's also easy to clean and store and fingers crossed it lives as long as my last one, and for the current price its well worth it.

          Thank you for taking the time to read X


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            16.01.2010 18:35
            Very helpful



            A great mixer, powerful and reliable

            When my supermarket own-brand mixer conked out on me last month, I decided to give this Kenwood one a go. At around £20, it was quite a bit more expensive than the others on the shelf, but I've always trusted the Kenwood brand, so I thought it might be a worthwhile investment. Besides, it was shiny and silver, and I love a bit of bling.

            It's a very smart model- mainly chrome, with a black plastic attachment at the front into which the two beaters and two kneaders slot neatly, making it compact for storage. At first I had some trouble figuring out where to insert the beaters, then I realised that this storage attachment actually covers the beater holes, and you have to pull it off to use the mixer. This can be a bit of a faff, so I usually don't bother using the attachment but just store the beaters directly in the mixer ready for use.

            The mixer is a bit heavier than the ones I've had before, but not uncomfortably so, and its weight makes it a bit sturdier and more stable. It's large, flat bottom also gives it stability, making it difficult to knock over.

            Now for its mixing abilities. I was a bit surprised to see it only had 3 speed settings- my last mixer had 5! But level 3 is every bit as powerful as level 5 was on my old one, and gets the job done quickly and efficiently. I rarely make normal bread (being on a gluten free diet), so I haven't tried out the kneading attachments yet, but they look very sturdy.

            Obviously I can't vouch for the durability of this product, but it certainly looks and feels like it will be with me for a long time to come! It feels really safe to use, because of its weight and the solidity of it. And despite having only 3 speed settings, it packs quite a punch and can mix even harder things like cold butter quite quickly. I've been very happy with my new mixer so far, and if it continues to do such a good job, I would say it's worth the cost.


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        • Product Details

          Compact and durable the HM326 Hand Mixer from Kenwood offers three dedicated speeds for folding mixing and whisking / It features a comfort-fit moulded handle full safety interlock and wraparound cable storage as well as Stainless Steel twin beaters and twin kneaders. / Short name: Kenwood HM326

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