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Moulinex Spiralio 3 DDJ241

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Brand: Kenwood / Type: Hand / Speed Settings: 1 Speed / Power Output: 300 Watts / Bowl Size: 0.85 quart (0.8 liter) / Height: 35 cm

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    1 Review
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      28.06.2010 13:08
      Very helpful



      Not all blenders are big and bulky

      In my kitchen I have many handy 'tools' which help me prepare and cook a perfect meal, (yes I said perfect because that is what they are... IMO).
      Anyway, it is these 'tools' that makes life in the kitchen a lot easier and a whole lot more fun, in a way. Giving you more time to relax and saving on you passing out in the searing heat of any good kitchen.

      When I chose an item for my kitchen equipment collection I tend to opt for the ones that are easiest to use, and even better is if you can use them with the one hand, but finding one at a good price that would last longer than the sell by date of the food you were preparing was a task in its self.

      Then, after a bit of a search, I came across a well known 'blending/mixing' tools which would suit my needs and had a very reasonable price tag attached to it.
      The 'mixer' I was looking at then, and now have in my kitchen, is from Moulinex and has been given a rather catchy name...wait for it.... It's the Moulinex Spiralio 3... (you've got to love the name).

      ** SPECS...

      * White plastic casing
      * Mains powered
      * Hand mixer
      * 350mm long
      * 300 watts
      * Single speed setting

      ** MY OPINION...

      I remember using the industrial size types of this, (not made by Moulinex), when working in hotel kitchens, many years ago now, and thinking what a cracking invention they were, giving you the ability to mix anything up where it stood, (ingredients wise of course). But those industrial size ones were a bit on the heavy side and, to be honest, would probably take up half your kitchen cupboard when stored away.
      So when I first saw the smaller sized ones I knew that I had to get one just to make life in the kitchen that little bit easier as I knew it's abilities and how versatile it would be, with such tasks as making things like home made soup as I can add some of the ingredients directly into the pan whilst this mixer mashes everything into pulp.
      And now, out of all the mixing tools I have in my kitchen I think this is the one I use the most when preparing, and even cooking, a meal, (apart from a whisk maybe).

      There are many types of this 'mixers/blenders' on the market and the price range is so vast, with some famous supermarkets selling their own type for a few pounds, but, as I have used a few 'cheaper' versions I have found them to be, well, let's say, not as sturdy as the enclosed leaflet states. Soon realising that some of the cheaper model motors can begin to 'burn out' when constantly used, say for more than a few minute bursts at a time. But this moulinex model must have a rolls Royce engine inside as it can go for minutes on end when needs be with out even a stutter or a groan, and no smell of impending motor failure either.

      It is so versatile and can be used in any pan/container without scraping the side due to its brilliant design, with the actual mixing 'blades' hidden beneath a solid plastic dome at the base of the unit to not only protect your fingers from any damage, but to protect the blades from making contact with any metal pans or plastic containers your mixing your ingredients in. And the four cut out sections around the dome allow your ingredients' to flow through to the 'blades' so as to mix properly.

      It's so easy to use that even my kids use it when they're mixing something in the kitchen, (although they have never got the hang of tidying up after themselves as yet). It is just a matter of holding the main body, placing the covered mixing blades into the mixture, and pressing the button with your finger, you'll then see you ingredients begin to swirl about as the this 'mixer' gets to work... simple as that.
      The design is well thought out, giving you a good grip, which is very important, whilst still being able manoeuvre the 'mixer' around the mixture.
      It weighs as mush as an old fashioned wooden rolling pin, (the ones you'll often see Andy Capp's wife holding in the cartoon strips).

      I know it only has one speed but that is all you need for that quick mix, although this one speed setting isn't entirely true...
      Allow me to explain...
      If you gently press the button the 'mixer' will start slowly at first, then, when you press the button harder, it speeds up to its full throttle, so really, once you get the hang of the pressure the button requires, there are two speeds you can get.

      If I'm cleaning in between mixes then I simply 'blast' the blades in a jug of warm soapy water, then in clean water, this tends to clean the blades well enough to stop 'cross contamination'.
      But, for a full clean, the blades do detach from the 'mixer' and then can be cleaned thoroughly and safely. The blades are made of stainless steal and therefore shouldn't rust, but to be sure just dry them off properly before storing the mixer away.
      Cleaning any equipment with blades attached is sometimes a little dangerous so do be careful, but cleaning this is a breeze.

      This little beauty can be used for many things, ( mixing wise as I wouldn't use it for washing the car), from finely chopping onions to pureeing fruits, and more, even chopping and mixing your home made soup contents as it gently simmers in a pan.

      In all, a cracking little piece of kitchen equipment which all budding chefs should have. It takes up very little space yet has the capabilities of a Sous Chef and power of a well trained Kitchen Assistant. A versatile all rounder it has to be said.

      If you want to get your hands on this remarkable kitchen aid then you can get one from around £25.00 to a whopping £60.00... So do shop around.

      My opinion about the price to quality ratio... well, for £25.00 to £40.00 your getting a nice bargain indeed for the job that it does, but if you have to pay any higher than £40.00 then I recommend opting for another hand held mixer or continue to shop around as I don't believe paying over £40.00 for this is a good deal, no matter how much I like it.


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    Short name: Moulinex DDJ241

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