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Russell Hobbs 14070

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Manufacturer: Russell Hobbs / Type: Hand / Speed Settings: 16 Speeds / Power Output: 300 Watts

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2011 11:56
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      more useful than what a DJ uses

      I don't know if you know but I tend to like to do a bit in the kitchen, cooking that is, (although...!! ), so I like to have things in there that make my cooking like a little bit easier.
      One particular thing I like is have is a good old fashioned hand mixer, well when I say old fashioned I don't really mean that old fashioned.
      Anyway, I have had a few mixers in my time, some being quite good at what they are supposed to do whilst others being as useful as glass hammer, but the latest one I have been using is in fact one of the better ones that I have ever owned.
      The one I am going to tell you about is from the well known company called Russsell Hobbs, who no doubt every one has heard of, possibly owning a product of theirs so you know the build quality, with this particular hand mixer being called... wait for it... the Russell Hobbs 'Desire' hand mixer... yes, it's really called the 'Desire', instead of a bland name like the Russell Hobbs 2435tb4. (I love a good name).

      Anyway, back to the mixer, I'll get the basics out of the way with first.

      It has a five speed setting, plus a turbo setting, which is therefore 6 speeds in all, with the maximum speed giving 300 watts of power. It's lightweight at a mere 1kg and measures a one handed size of 272mm high by 180mm long and 85mm wide.
      It comes with two sets of stainless steel attachments, those being the normal beaters and also what they call 'dough hooks', and as it has an 'eject' button these attachments can be released at the touch of a button.
      And with it's black plastic casing having a few splatters of a lovely red colouring it will not look out of place in many modern kitchens.
      Plus, with the 135mm mains cord there no worries about having to be stuck to the nearest mains socket in your kitchen.

      * My opinion

      When I first took this out of the box I was pretty, well, pretty stunned by how small it looked, thinking that this tiny machine, even with the Russell Hobbs name on it, looked as though it would fall apart on the first use.
      But once I set it up and started using it I soon realised that it was in fact another cracking little machine from the chaps at Russell Hobbs, doing exactly what it said it would do with such ease.
      The plastic body is pretty strong and doesn't 'crumble' when the motor gets a little warms after a few minutes of use, and the lovely black and red colouring really does sit nicely in my kitchen, although it may not sit nicely in a cottage style kitchen, but there's always a cupboard.

      The speed selection switch slides across, being numbered from 1 to 5, with 1 being the slowest speed, which, as I tend to prefer to do things at a slow and steady pace, (easy now ladies), I find the be quite adequate for most mixing tasks.
      But for those that want that quick burst of speed there the turbo button which is set slightly back from the speed select switch and, when pressed, gives you a good boost of speed, which I find is nice to use sometimes, but not too often, (keep it on the right track).

      The attachments are all made from stainless steel and all slot into place, being gripped pretty well so they don't fall out when they start to spin. And with the eject button, which is situated just in front of the speed selection switch, the fittings drop out with no trouble at all.
      As for the attachments themselves, well they are pretty sturdy and have managed to help me mix many things, from flour and eggs to more stodgy mixes such as dough, which is made easier by using the supplied 'dough mixing' attachment.
      These dough attachments may look a bit like someone's taken a metal pole and twisted it around a little, but those little bends actually do a cracking job in helping 'knead' the dough, although I do recommend using the slower speeds to do this as those tend to work a lot better. (remember, slow and steady is sometimes best).

      Once you've finished using these attachments it then down to cleaning them, which is so easy to do, just give them a quick dunk in a bowl of hot water and a quick rub down with a sponges, or, for less stubborn mixes, simply run under a hot water tap... but before cleaning do make sure that you have detached them from the machine itself as water and electricity don't really mix well.
      This cleaning method is made a little easier I find due to the fact that the eject button allows me to simply 'eject' the attachments straight into a bowl of water without having to fiddle about trying to grab the stick mess on them. God bless the eject button...!!!

      In all, if you've decorated your kitchen in a black, red or even modern style then this is certainly worth looking at if you're shopping for a small, convenient yet powerful enough hand mixer. But even if you've stuck with the not so modern look in the kitchen then this is still worth a look as it is nice and small enough to fit into the smallest of cupboards.

      As for the price, well this sells for around the £20.00 region, with some places selling it for a lot more may I add, (steer clear of those places as it can be found for around £20.00), which is great value for money.


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