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Ahava Cuticle Cream

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2 Reviews

Brand: Ahava / Hand Care / Type: Nail Cream / Suitable for: Cuticles

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    2 Reviews
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      30.09.2012 23:07
      Very helpful



      good quality nail cream

      I like to look after my hands and care for them with various products, I love Ahava products because they are natural and really good quality. This is a cuticle cream which I use to soften and ultimately remove my cuticles so that I have a lovely manicured hand. Removing cuticles has a neat look to it and it makes the nails easier to paint.


      This is an expensive, luxury treatment and it costs £15.00 for a 15 ml tube. That works out at 1 pound for every millilitre! Yikes, do not tell the hubby.


      The cream is easy to use, firstly I like to wash my hands with warm water and dry them. I then like to apply the cream to the nail base and I rub this in, giving myself a little bit of a massage as I do it. I then allow it soak in so that it can soften and condition the nail base. The cream softens the skin that forms around the nail. I then use a cuticle stick to gently push back the cuticle which makes it look nicer and well presented. It also prevents it getting too long and coming off.
      It contains a mixture of minerals to help nails grow hard and strong. The liquid has a very pleasant scent that is fresh and light. The liquid is dispensed out of a very small hole so you can direct it onto the nail base with ease.

      ==LOVELY NAILS==

      My nails are always well looked after but as I get older they are more brittle and snap much more easily so that looking after them becomes all the more pertinent. I like this cream as it really conditions and makes my nails feel looked after but it also makes the cuticle much softer to manipulate. I have been known to get really thick cuticles that split and then the skin peels. As a picker, I end up pulling the skin off which is horrible and it is quite painful. The new skin underneath is really sore and it looks so red that it is really not attractive! The cream helps me to care for the cuticle and keeps it full and fresh looking rather than old tired dead skin.

      I think it is important to promote healthy nail growth so for this reason I think the cream is really good as it work deep down in the nail bed. I have long nails and despite the odd ones snapping, they are quite healthy with natural white tips. I believe that the cream is partly responsible for the health of the nails so I think that £15.00 is a small price to pay. Besides, it is a good excuse to take 10 minutes out of the busy day and have a little bit of me time.


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      26.04.2009 19:44
      Very helpful
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      Not worth the money for the mediocre results.

      I had never heard of this brand until I took part in some testing for the Beauty Bible (you don't get the products for free but you don't pay full price either). This was one of the products I received to test. Ahava is a brand from Israel and their 'thing' is that they contain Dead Sea extracts. In the UK it's a premium brand but according to the reviews of other Dooyooers, it's far more reasonably priced in Israel.

      Product description
      Ahava cuticle cream contains something called 'Mineral Skin Osmoter' to 'nourish and rejuvenate the skin from within' - now I suspect this is a bit of technobabble nonsense, although keeping fish has taught me that relative concentrations of salts in the water can affect whether fish retain water in their bodies or not, although how this translates to your cuticles I don't know.

      The cream is in a tube which is further protected by a box. Both are a pale aqua colour reminiscent of the sea, with a bronze coloured stripe. I don't think the design is particularly exciting but it does have a sort of retro quality to it. The tube is plastic with a screw cap and precision nozzle which makes it easy to squeeze the right amount onto your cuticles. The tube is opaque so you can't see how much you've used so points off for that.

      The cream has no fragrance to speak of. If you get right up close to it there is a slight medicinal scent, like a plain aqueous cream you might get from the chemists.

      The instructions tell you to use twice a day, rather than some cuticle creams which are to be used during a manicure. You only need a tiny drop of this on each cuticle. I smooth it in at night and when I remember during the day. It absorbs very quickly and leaves no residue. I found it immediately made any dry bits disappear, however this only lasts till you wash your hands. I haven't noticed any difference in my cuticles long-term - I still get ragged cuticles and this cream hasn't made it any easier to push them back. To be honest I've had better results from creams costing a couple of quid.

      And this cream certainly costs more than a couple of quid. Around £10 in the UK though fragranceX seems to have it for £7.90 right now.

      Value for money
      It's hard to work out the price per use as I can't see how much I've used. However I've been using it for five months and it shows no signs of running out. However I think any cheap cream from Boots would last as long.

      Would I buy again?
      Definitely not - too expensive and most importantly the results have been hardly dramatic.


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