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Allura Caviar Nail Set

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Brand: Allura / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2013 20:12
      Very helpful




      ~*~*~ Allura Caviar Nail Art ~*~*~

      ~ What is it? ~

      This is a bargain, that's what it is!
      This set consists of 12 bottles of miniture nail beads which make for nice nail art decoration.

      ~ Price & Availability ~

      I bought this set in Poundland and that is the only place I can see that sells these. So the price is £1.

      ~ What's in the set? ~

      The set comes in an easy to open blister pack, there's no need for scissors/knives/swearing! It is quite simple to pop open by simply prising the back and front away from each other. Inside the pack are 12 small bottles of beads. The colours are -

      Royal blue
      Pale pink
      Dark green

      In the back of the packet is a card sheet which on the front holds the product name and the directions for use are printed on the back. The directions are very clear and easy to follow.

      ~ Caviar? ~

      I suppose these little beads do look a little bit like fish eggs so the name - Caviar is quite fitting, it just doesn't seem to pleasant in my mind!

      I have previously reviewed MUA Nail Constelations and these are pretty much the same thing but I do think these are actually a little better as you can use one block colour or mix them as you would like so there are many options to choose from, you could mix two colours or you could even mix the twelve colours the choice is completely yours.

      ~ Using them ~

      Having used the MUA version of these I knew what I needed to do in order to apply these to my nails.

      You need to work on one nail at a time, for me this isn't a problem as I tend to only cover my ring finger on both hands anyway.

      You need to paint your nail in your chosen colour of nail polish, any colour is fine or even clear. I used a berry red on my nails and then a clear on my ring finger, followed by black nail caviar.

      Paint your nail, hold your finger over a bowl and sprinkle the beads over your nail, any beads that fall into the bowl can be trasferred back to the tube or you can press your finger into the fallen beads to get a better coverage. Once your nail is covered, gently press the beads to compact them and leave to dry for at least 15 minutes, you can then cover them in clear polish for extra protection or just leave them.

      I left them last time and they stuck really well.

      They can be romoved with nail polish remover or you can pick them off if your anything like me!

      ~ The effects ~

      I have passed upon this already. You can use these in one block colour which is what I like about these ones or you can mix the colours. It's up to you how you mix them. The MUA range comes already mixed but I like that with these you can choose the colours you wish to use.

      The effect you have on your nails is of a bumpy bead apperanced nail which I quite like the look of. It's something different to the usual painted nails.

      Nail effects are all the rage at the moment and these are a simple and easy way of getting a cool and trendy look.

      ~ 12 Tubes of colour ~

      The set comprises of 12 tubes of different coloured beads, having passed on that already I shall say no more! However the tubes are not particularly equal as some have a little more or little less than the other, not by much but I thought it was worth mentioning. The tubes are not very big at all and they are certainly a lot smaller than the MUA range tubes but each tube has enough beads for multiple uses rather than one and at a £1 for 12 it is still brilliant value.

      There is a small clear stopper in the top of each tube which keeps the beads securely in place when you are not using them.

      ~ Final Thoughts ~

      I will buy a few of these next time I am in town as I think they work just as they should. They are cheaper than the MUA ones and they do the same job. I have been very impressed with these, they have a good choice of colours and I am more than happy with them, especially for one pound!

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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