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Asda Moisturising Handwash

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3 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Hand Wash / Subcategory: Moisturiser / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    3 Reviews
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      25.01.2009 12:56
      Very helpful



      A good handwash for little cost

      I'm a big fan of handwashes and always have one in the kitchen within easy reach whilst cooking and for general cleanliness.

      I suffered badly from a stomach bug many years ago and am convinced it was caused by bad hygiene (I had eaten at a friends house and her whole family had been ill a few days before) I now insist almost to the point of obsessiveness of washing hands before and after any kitchen activity, cooking or otherwise!

      I like to use Asda moisturising handwash, it's a bargain price at just 72p for a good sized 150ml bottle and does the job very well for half the price or less of more well known brands available.

      The bottle is very simple, it's clear plastic with a pump dispenser so you can use as little or as much as you need, helping to save money. The handwash is thick enough so it doesnt drip or dribble out of your hands and has a pleasant fresh fragrance that would be at home in any room of the house.

      A little of this handwash goes a long way, I've had the same bottle in our kitchen for a couple of months and there is still a little left.

      This handwash is a great buy, it's cleanses, freshens and leaves your hands feeling clean and soft, it's a bargain buy and well worth a go.


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        29.11.2008 18:05
        Very helpful



        cheap and cheerful

        I get though a fair lot of hand wash in my house. We have a pup so we are always washing our hands after a cuddle with her. I was in my local Asda store when I spotted their own brand of hand wash. It was such a bargain price I had to give it a go.

        It is packaged in a very basic way. It is in a see-through plastic bottle with the blue colour of the hand wash coming through. There is a blue droplet on the front of the soap. There is an easy to use pump dispenser on the top of the hand wash. The version I picked was fresh blue and it cost 72p for a 150ml bottle. It is described on the bottle as 'Moisturising, Gently cleanses and conditions hands, Helps leave skin fresh and soft, Fresh clean fragrance'

        The hand wash is a very nice consistency which I must say I was very surprised at given the cost of the product. It was nice and thick and did not drip between my fingers as I used it. The soap had a very nice fresh fragrance to it and was very pleasant. I only need to use a minimal amount to get a good lather. The soap cleans very well and eliminates odours from cooking. My hands did feel soft after using and felt soft and clean. I would certainly recommend giving this a try as it is a great price and does the job well. It is also lasts a very long time a little goes a long way.

        It is available only from Asda and they also do a flowery version of the soap which I think I am going to try for the bathroom.


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        03.01.2007 14:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great priced hand wash


        Having two young children, I seem to be forever washing my hands; be it before and after feeding, before and after changing Chloe’s nappy, to after painting, gluing etc with Gareth.

        I prefer to use a hand wash than a bar of soap, because I find it easier. I wanted something that was cheap, but would still be kind to my hands.


        I picked up this bottle of hand wash at my local Asda store.

        I paid 68 pence for this 500ml bottle. The fragrance I chose was Fresh Blue, but is also available in Citrus Yellow at the same price. There is also a Petal White available which costs slightly less at 59 pence.

        This hand wash is their own brand, but is not from their ‘Smart Price’ range.


        The bottle is made of clear plastic, so you can see the hand wash through it. I find this handy as you can see how much you have left, so you know when to next put it on your shopping list.

        The bottle has a clear plastic label on with the name of the product written in blue. It also has a large picture of a ‘drop’ on the front. I assume it is meant to be a drop of hand wash.

        The back of the bottle has instruction for use etc.


        The design of the bottle is similar to the design of most hand wash bottles. You turn the lid in the direction of the arrows and it lifts up. You then press down on the pump and the hand wash is dispensed.

        You don’t have to put any real force on the plunger in order to get the hand wash out, although saying this Gareth isn’t quite strong enough to push it down with just one hand, so I help him out.

        The only problem I have found is if you want to close the bottle. You have to turn the plunger in the opposite direction and push the lid back down. You can close if you want to, but you do lose a bit of hand wash in the process. I have had exactly the same problem with all hand washes I have used, regardless of the brand. As this one is kept on my kitchen windowsill, it is kept permanently open, so the difficulty in closing doesn’t bother me.

        Another good thing I note with using this is that when you take your hand off the plunger after using some of the hand wash, it immediately stops dispensing. There are none of those annoying drips to clean up that you sometimes get.


        As I dispense some onto my hands, I have a smell to see what it is like. I am pleasantly surprised by the smell. It is very nice. You can certainly smell it, but it isn’t too overpowering.

        It smells exactly what something called ‘Fresh Blue’ should smell like. It reminds me of the bubble baths, shower gels etc you get called things like ‘Ocean Breeze’, ‘Marine’ etc. I can’t describe the smell any better than this. It does smell really fresh.


        Again I dispense some onto my hands and rub it between my fingers. It feels nice and thick. It isn’t at all runny like I was expecting it to be, because of it being cheaper than other brands. It also feels slightly creamy, which is good.


        Yes it did. I found I only needed to dispense a small amount onto my hands after running some water on them. I also found that it lathered up really well and it removed all the dirt from my hands.

        After rinsing the soap off and drying my hands, I found that they felt quite soft and I could smell the hand wash on them.


        The bottle does give a list of ingredients, but I won’t add these in as there are quite a few. The one thing of note with the ingredients is that it states that it is suitable for vegetarians.

        Another thing to note is that it warns you to avoid contact with the eyes. Should this happen you need to rinse well with clean warm water.

        This hand wash is safe to use up to 24 months after opening (although it is not around for this long in our house).

        Just for additional information, Asda is against animal testing and funds research into alternatives.

        For more information you can contact Asda at;
        Asda UK Stores Limited
        LS11 5AD

        Or telephone 0845 300 1111

        Or via the website, which is www.asda.com

        MY OPINION

        I was unsure about using this to start with. I tend to suffer from dry skin on my hands, especially in winter time, so I am forever putting on some hand cream. I find that some products do aggravate my hands.

        Before using this for the first time I read the back of the bottle. It says, and I quote. ‘This product is;
        • Moisturising;
        • Gently cleanses and conditions hands;
        • Helps leave skin fresh and soft;
        • Fresh clean fragrance.’

        This reassured me so I tried it, and I am so glad that I did.

        My hands always feel clean after they have been washed in this. It also has a pleasant fragrance which lingers on my hands for a while after. This doesn’t aggravate my hands at all.

        So far this winter I haven’t had dry hands (touch wood!). My hands feel lovely and soft and smooth.

        The pump dispenser is very easy to use and doesn’t continue to drip once you have finished using it.

        You only need to use a small amount and this is enough to wash your hands well.


        Most definitely yes. This is a really good hand wash and a bargain at what it costs.

        I will be buying more of it in the future.

        Thanks for taking the time to read my review, Cath. xx


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