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Astroplast Ultrazone Hand Sanitiser

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Brand: Astroplast / Type: Hand Sanitiser / Suitable for: Hand

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    2 Reviews
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      14.07.2012 16:53
      Very helpful



      A nice hand sanitiser for having around the home

      Astroplast - ULTRAZONE Hand Santiser

      We get this at work and at home so feel confident i can give a decent review of how i find the product.

      To start with we get the 500ml bottles with cost around £3 which for the size of the bottle i don't think is too shabby.

      What exactly are hand sanitisers I hear you hopefully asking , well nowadays obviously every bit of bacteria or dirt on your hands from handling everything from used money to worksurfaces is designed to render you helpless or even worse , so to combat this ever growing threat to society we have the 'Hand santiser' which contains all the right balance of chemicals to ensure any nasties are dealt with.

      The ingredients are as follows :
      Alcohol Denat (SD Alcohol 40-B)
      Aminomethyl Propenol

      The Glycerin evidently is to leave the hands nice and smooth so good for the Ladies as well.

      The one aspect which I do like is that Ultrazone like most of the Sanitisers doesn't require the use of soap and water , also it evaporates quite quickly so doesn't linger for too long on your skin.

      It comes Unperfumed as well so no after smells on your hands , the smell actually is the alcohol , it has that 'You shouldn't be sniffing this too long' kind of smell to it , not exactly unpleasant but you fear the damage to your nostrils.

      So your hooked now aren't you , and you would like me to explain a bit more on how you use the product? Ok the bottle itself comes in a clear plastic sort of oblong shaped bottle , the top has a screw on lid which has a tube connected , the tube goes down to the bottom of the bottle and up to the lid , on top of the lid there is a push down part , on pushing down it shoots the clear thick gungy liquid out onto hopefully your hands but more than likely the table top or the floor or your pants.

      If lucky enough to hit your hands you just rub them together so that all the hands are covered, then leave a few seconds and the hands are left with a slightly clammy feel to them but fully santised and ready to handle food stuffs or anything.

      Must admit the 500ml bottle does last a good while as you don't need to put too much on your hands for it to work.

      Once again on the front of my bottle is says 'New Formula' without actually telling us what's new in this that wasn't present before , extra Carbomer for e.g.? no idea but it's new and improved so a winner in my book.

      Astroplast is a famous name in this field , do a lot of things you find in first aid boxes so buying this your getting a good 'name' product.

      Well I simply can not find another thing to say about Hand Santisers and I have no intention of Googling what Aminomethyl Propanol does to extend this so will leave it at that , it's excellent at the job it's supposed to do I suppose as to be honest unless you have a Laboratory in your home you will never probaley know.


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        19.08.2011 10:20
        Very helpful
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        Small and mighty germ killer

        I am a little bit of a germ phobe and like to try and make sure that I wash my hands on a regular basis but this isn't always practical so I try and keep some hand sanitizer with me when I can. I especially like to use it when I have to get the bus and I am touching the hand grips that everyone else has also touched and I never know whether those people will have been as diligigent with their hygeine as I am.

        I always throw in a bottle of hand sanitizer when I'm doing my grocery shop and I usually just pick whatever one is the cheapest or on offer. I bought the Astroplast ultrazone hand sanitizer from Tesco and it cost me £2.65 for a 75ml bottle. To be honest I had mistaken the price and thought it was cheaper but it is a little bigger than the usual 50ml bottles I normally buy which are around the £1.50 mark.

        The Astroplast ultrazone hand sanitizer is a clear liquid that you just need to apply a small amount on to your hands and rub together to kill 99.9% of germs that may be on your skin. It works without the need of water and there is no need to rinse it off. I found that it absorbed into my skin really quickly and it didn't leave any kind of sticky residue and within about 10 seconds of applying it I would have been hard pressed to have noticed I had used anything.

        It does have quite a strong chemical smell when you first apply it but I found that this also disapeared within seconds and it left my hands scent free. The thing that I really liked about this hand sanitizer as opposed to others that I've used is that it didn't leave the skin on my hands looking red and it didn' dry them out. Apparently it contains glycerine but I didn't hold out much hope that it wouldn't be like all the others and strip my skin of moisture but it really did moisturise so I was impressed with that.

        The other thing I liked was just how long it lasted. With some other hand saitizers I have needed quite a lot of the liquid to be able to effectively cover both my hands and fingers and it has absorbed before I had had time to be able to make sure that I had covered every bit of my skin. This one I only needed a little and the time in which it took to absorb although quick was just right for me to be able to get all the skin covered.
        I always think using hand sanitizer is a must especially in winter to stop the spread of cold and flus and this one is a good if somewhat expensive one. Even though it costs a little more than the other ones I normally buy I would buy it again because I think it lasted longer so it ended up working out about the same price. I also like that it didn't leave my hands looking red raw afterwards which is also worth paying a little extra for.


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