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Atrixo Intensive Protection Cream

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4 Reviews

Brand: Atrixo / Texture: Cream / Type: Hand Cream / What it does: Protects / Dermatologically tested: yes

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    4 Reviews
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      28.08.2011 01:49



      Great product for any type of skin and well worth a try

      This is one of those products that your granny will know about and one that the fashion magazines neglect to mention because of the many other products out there. But I put it to you that this is the best hand cream out there.

      I have really sensitive skin that has gotten better with age, when I was younger I had to use fragrance free everything, thank goodness this left when I hit my teens. I have use many other hand creams to try to combat the dry nature of my hands and that annoying, embarrassing snake skin look, but they have never given me long last results, only really working for a few hours and then I need to re-apply over and over again. But atrixo really is a little hidden gem that more people need to know about, it is fantastic. It keeps your hands moisturised for hours on end and it really is a delight to put on because your skin absorbs it so quickly and there is no need to sit there and wait for minutes for the thing to dry in like other creams out there. The smell is lovely, it is not too over powering or sickly, it is one of those creams that you can put on and the smell does not stay on your hands for eternity meaning that when you are eating a sandwich you are wondering why it smells like Lily of the Valley.

      It is also really good for housework hands, if you have been washing the dishes all day, mopping the floor and cleaning toilets, it combats these hard working hands in seconds and makes you feel like a princess again, or a prince again, it must be said that I do know men that use it and unashamedly produce their little tub of it during cocktail hour

      You can get a great small pot to fit into your handbag/pocket which is fantastic so you can moisturise on the move if needed. And one big plus is that it is not overally expensive compared to other beauty products, so go ahead and try it out, it will help with those hands come winter time. One big tip I can give is that if you start using it before winter, those frost bitter, wind battered hands that we all get will not appear or will be much less severe than normal, just keep using it before the winter and often during winter and you will notice a huge difference than last winter!


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      08.11.2007 17:59



      I Definetly reccomend this!

      I brought this cream because I have very dry hands. As a student nurse, and as a bit of a germaphobe, I wash my hands all the time & they are often sore and cracked.
      Atrixo claims to be an intensive protection cream.
      It comes in a nice-looking turquoise tub, with a screw-on lid. (I like that it's in a tub, but the lid is very hard to screw back on after use when your hands are all greasy!)
      It costs about four pounds and you can buy it from most large chemists.
      The cream is very thick and white & has a faint, pleasant smell.
      I used this cream before going to bed at night, and in the morning, my hands where significantly softer.
      After a few weeks of constant use, my hands are no longer cracked or sore, although I think they will always be abit dry due to the nature of my work. (But if you don't have to wash your hands or use harsh alcohol hand gel 1001 times a day it would probably sort out your skin in a few days)
      I would definetly recomend this product to people with very dry skin - it brings almost instant relief.
      I would also reccomend buying some cotton gloves and wearing them overnight after applying this product - it increases the effectivness alot.
      It soaks in well, and fast, but your hands are quite greasy for a few minutes.


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      13.05.2007 14:05
      Very helpful



      A good hand cream.

      This is another one of my 'must haves' for my very dry hands over the winter months.

      I suffer from very dry, chapped skin in between my fingers during the winter, which can be very painful and I have been using Atrixo Intensive Protection Cream for many years, well before other companies were bringing out their magic creams.

      ~ Price ~

      A 200ml tub currently costs £3.99 at Boots. This really isn't a bad price considering I have had my tub for 2 winters now and I'm still only half way through it!

      ~ Packaging ~

      This is a light green tub with a screw top lid. I'm not keen on the tub only because I'm not overly keen on the colour but that's a personal preference.

      I do however prefer tubs to tubes as you are guaranteed no waste as you can scrape the last remains of the cream from a tub.

      ~ Other Atrixo Products ~

      * Regenerating Cream
      * Enriched Moisturising Cream
      * Hand and Body Cream with Camomile

      ~ What is Atrixo Intensive Protection Cream? ~

      It's a specially enriched hand cream that provides intensive moisturising and protection for rough, dry hands.

      ~ Main Ingredients ~

      * Natural glycerine ~ balances the skin's moisture level
      * Pure silicones ~ help protect against damage

      ~ No artificial colourants
      ~ pH balanced with your skin
      ~ Derematologically approved

      ~ My experience ~

      This is a white, quite greasy cream with a great clean, fresh smell to it.

      It is very easy to rub in but be careful not to be tempted to put too much on as it can leave a greasy residue if too much is applied which makes it tricky to pick things up until a couple of minutes later.

      It really does work wonders with my dry, chapped skin. It gives instant relief to them and what were very dry, painful to move fingers because of the little cuts inbetween them are instantly moisturised and comfortable.

      This therefore does not sting when applied to slightly broken skin. Since I don't suffer from eczema etc I wouldn't like to say how this would react. It is quite highly perfumed so I can imagine that it wouldn't be great for people with extremely dry skin conditions.

      I think it would be helpful if the manufacturer's perhaps put on whether this cream is helpful for eczema or psoriasis or whether it should be avoided.

      Whilst it is slightly greasy, I much prefer the smell to that of The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector. It gives instant relief to dry hands but I find that I do need to re-apply it after an hour or so on particularly bad days.

      To the best of my knowledge this doesn't stain clothes, never has with any of mine but I can imagine it's not great to apply whilst wearing silk etc...


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        04.04.2007 10:08
        Very helpful



        Definitely not the best on the market

        Well I have really dry skin on my hands which are prone to become really dry, chapped and broken. Thanks to almost 4 years of nappy changes with 2 kids and the baths, washing dishes, etc; not to mention that I have eczema on my hands and cannot use the normal steroid creams for very long, I am constantly on the lookout for a low-cost method of keeping my hands moisturised and smooth.

        Whilst in Germany I saw some Atrixo Intensive Care hand cream (in Germany this is marketed as Atrix). It was quite reasonably priced at 1.99 euros which works out at roughly £1.40 for a 75 ml tube. To me this is not a bad price as a 75 ml tube can last a fair while with me, even though I use hand cream every day.

        The tube itself is a pale green in colour, with the atrixo logo at the top. The cap is a flip cap with the cream coming out of a small hole in the centre under the lid. This is handy as you can store the tube by standing it on the cap and this also enables an easy application of cream.

        The cream that I purchased also contains camomile, which of course is renowned for its soothing properties. This was another reason for my purchase, as I have found in the past that some creams can irritate and camomile has always been an ingredient that has soothed my hands.

        Back to the cream. When dispensed from the tube, it is squeezed out onto the palm of the hand. You do not need a lot of cream as it can be a little greasy.... The first time I used this I accidentally used too much cream and my hands felt really greasy for ages afterwards. Once I had established the right amount of cream for my hands, the greasy feeling only stayed a few minutes before my hands were nice and soft.

        The smell of the cream is very similar to that of vaseline cream but with a hint of camomile - making it quite a pleasant smell and not offensive at all.

        The cream does absord into the hands quite quickly, but on the down side I have found that I do have to reapply the cream after I have done the dishes or had my hands in water for any reason. This is quite a drawback for me as I am a busy person and would ideally like to be able to use the hand cream twice a day at most, but with this cream I have had to use it 3 or 4 times a day to keep my hands from becoming dry and chapped.

        Between that and the greasy feeling, I had to deliberate on whether or not to recommend this cream to others, but on the plus side my hands are looking rather lovely and not a crack in sight! So I will give this product a recommendation, based purely on the fact that it does moisturise and protect hands from normal daily living.

        Personally I use another hand cream now, which is slightly more expensive and doesn't need to be reapplied all the time. But I do still keep a tube of this in the cupboard for the times when I have run out of my normal cream or have trouble getting into town to buy it. It does work well as a standby.

        If you are looking for a cheaper hand cream, then this is a good one to try as it does moisturise and protect, even if only for a short time before it needs to be reapplied.

        I know that this isn't the longest review, but there's not a lot more I can really say about this cream.

        Thanks for reading xx


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      • Product Details

        200 ml / Atrixo Active Hand Care Intensive Protection Cream provides special care for hard-working hands / It is specially formulated with natural Glycerine to moisturise intensively, while pure silicates provide a protective barrier for your hands / No artificial colourants / pH balanced with your hands / Dermatologically approved /

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