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Avon Care Youth Restore Restorative Hand Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      31.07.2015 19:34
      Very helpful


      • Moisturising
      • Effective
      • Cheap


      Cheap and Effective! :D

      Having made a big purchase from Avon a few weeks ago, I put this in the family bathroom for everyone to use. This is the opinions from my family members that I received.
      Everyone loved the bottle and the application, as it's easy to open and has a neutral colour scheme. Applying the cream was made easy, but it did begin to develop a crust of excess cream around the edges of the application nozzle, so it needed cleaning off every five or six uses.
      The cream itself was thinner than I expected, a little watery but it didn't stop it from moisturising the hands. It spread easily over the skin and it absorbs very quickly, making it easy to get on with whatever you're doing. It also didn't leak out of the bottle, despite it's thickness.
      I felt that it worked effectively on the skin, making my hands smooth and soft after washing my hands. I didn't need very much to cover my whole hand (maybe a pea sized amount) and it easily moisturised the whole hand. This covered different hand sizes as well, from small to large. My sister found that it also helped to smooth out the dark patches on the backs of her hands and my mother said that it didn't weaken her already weak and brittle nails.
      Unlike the 'anti-aging' properties it advertised on the bottle, it's had some other major benefits instead.
      Overall, for a low price, you would be buying a very effective hand cream for a variety of different ages and skin types with a lot of benefits for the skin and nails.


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      06.06.2013 11:05
      Very helpful



      Reasonably priced effective hand cream

      ~*~The Product ~ 'gains the upper hand'!~*~

      The 100ml product comes in a smooth plastic container with co-ordinating white to pink hues. The front of the packaging includes the information 'with anti-aging complex'. I do not generally put too much faith in such hype but hopeful nevertheless! On the reverse side of the packaging the advertising continues 'helps reduce the signs of aging, improves skin's elasticity while providing 24 hour moisturisation'. There are very simple and concise instructions of 'Rub into hands'! The information is also provided in fifteen other languages. There is a twelve month shelf life on this product. The packaging is recyclable. The brochure stipulates that the hand cream contains 'vitamin A, and grape seed extract' and that it 'helps plump fine lines to leave skin feeling firmer and younger looking' ~ *Consumer Study, 75 people'.

      ~*~My Usage Experience ~ 'goes hand in hand'!~*~

      *Condition of my hands*

      Gone are the days when I had youthful looking soft hands! I now have definite signs of aging skin. My hands have loser skin, lacking elasticity. I have noticeable 'liver spots'. The very dry skin on my palms and upper hands show wrinkles and are callused in areas from years of industrious work! The skin is far from the soft feel they used to have but I am not too perturbed. These hands have held my babies and my grand-tots, gently holding their little faces and hands. I have tended many patients in my secular work. I have turned copious pages of profound reading material. I have made more meals than I care to recall, tended my garden, cleaned, and wiped away tears of sorrow and joy, my own and others, with these hands. They speak volumes! I admit to not giving these fundamental tools the care they deserve. It is only of late, rather like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted'; that I now look to ways of taking care of my hands.


      The cream is pure white and is particularly shiny. The moisturiser looks like a high quality product with its thick glistening texture. The packaging is bright and professional looking.


      I adore the fragrance to this cream. The aroma is instantly apparent when initially applying the cream. The scent has a wonderful floral summer fresh odour. Unfortunately, the bouquet settles after a short while to a more subtle bland balm. But, I am pleasantly surprised how long lasting the more subtle clean scent last despite it being only noticeable if my hands are close to my face.

      *The feel*

      The cream feels a little cool in application but soon warms to the temperature of my hands. The lotion feels very soft as I massage the cream into my skin. Within moments of application I am left with a rather disconcerting tacky feel to my hands. As the skin on my hands are so dry the cream takes only a very brief time to seep in and dissipate. Although the cream evaporates into my hands quickly, I am left with a damp feel on my skin for approximately twenty minutes before I feel I can touch fabrics and suchlike without fear of transference. For this reason, I tend to pop on the hand cream just before preparing breakfast and before retiring to bed. If my hands feel particularly dry after chores, I use the hand cream at lunch-time too.

      *Ease of use*

      The easy twist off lid affords ease of use. I simply squeeze the flexible tube and the cream comes out fluidly and in a gentle thin stream. I apply the hand cream as if I am washing my hands in liquid hand soap; around twenty pence sized blob of lotion covers both hands and wrist comfortably. The tube is slim and small enough to keep in my handbag so I can have it 'to hand' as it were throughout the day if needed.


      I feel the positive effects of this moisturiser instantly. My hands feel very soft to the touch and hydrated. The appearance of the skin looks lighter and cottony smooth. When I rub my hands together they feel more pliable, velvety and have a silk like softness. The effects of this cream last many hours. Although I will say that I need to reapply the cream after washing dishes or task involving water as the cream loses much of its efficiency against water, especially when using detergents. As for the claim of 'anti-aging' qualities I would have to say that hasn't been my experience so far. I have used the hand cream on many occasions over the last few months and although the cream has very positive results initially, they do not last. I need to re-apply the cream daily to feel the fine moisturising effects.

      Because the skin on my hands is particularly dry, the '24 hour moisturisation' effects do not prove accurate for me. I need to re-apply the cream each morning and evening, even at lunch-times if the tasks are particularly arduous! I will add that the claim of the hand cream's ability to help 'plump fine lines to leave skin feeling firmer and younger looking' is true to a degree but not lasting. I have found this to be the same experience with the statement that the cream 'improves skin's elasticity' also. The effects last only as long as I do not immerse my hands in water and that I reapply the hand cream up to three times a day; because application is quick and easy this isn't a problem.


      For those who have health concerns or sensitive skin I have noted the following ingredients that are in the hand cream:

      Aqua/Paraffinum Liquidum/Glycerine/Cetearyl
      Alcohol/Ethyhexl/Methoxycinnamate/Cetear​eth-20/Glycol Stearate/Imidazolidinyl urea/ Carbomer/Methylparaben/Triethanolamine/P​arfum/Choleth-24/Polysorbate 60/Dimethicone/Magnesium/Aluminium silicate/ Sodium Phosphate/Ceteth-24/Peg-150/Stearate/Ste​areth-20/Dipotassium Phosphate/Tetrasodium/Edta/Retinyl Palmitate/ Urea/Glucosamine HCI/Algae Extract/Faex Extract/Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract/Tocopherol

      ~*~Supplementary material on noteworthy Information~*~

      *The company's ethics*

      The company's ethical support in fundamental concerns and issues are widely advertised. 'The Avon Foundation for Women, the world's largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy focused on issues that matter most to women, was founded in 1955 to improve the lives of women. Avon global philanthropy has donated more than $910 million in more than 50 countries for causes most important to women. Today, Avon philanthropy focuses its funding on breast cancer research and access to care through the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, and efforts to reduce domestic and gender violence through its Speak out against Domestic Violence program. Avon also responds generously to provide support for relief and recovery efforts in times of major natural disasters and emergencies'.

      *Animal testing*

      Regarding the issue of animal testing, on 4th June 2013 a report on the Daily mail's website, http://www.dailymail.co.uk Avon-withdraws-animal-test-cla​ims states 'Avon has been forced to withdraw claims its cosmetics aren't tested on animals...According to its website, it stopped animal testing more than 20 years ago. Now, following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, it has removed all traces of the claim from its UK website. Dr Dan Lyons, of the animal welfare group Uncaged which made the complaint, accused the firm...of 'falsely trading on a cruelty-free image'. The ASA was alerted to this statement on Avon's UK website - 'In 1989, Avon was the first major beauty company to stop testing products and ingredients on animals. 'Avon does not test products or ingredients on animals, nor do we request others do so on our behalf.' However, the global or corporate version of its website plainly contradicts the statement, even detailing how many of its products are tested on animals. It states that Avon sells approximately 9,000 different products in over 100 countries and in 2011, under 0.3 per cent of these was tested on animals. While this equates to under 27 lotions and potions, the number of animal tests could run into thousands.

      Dr Lyons said: 'Given each product or ingredient could be tested for about 15 different types of toxicity, and just one of those tests can involve poisoning and killing over 1,000 animals, they must be causing a lot of unnecessary animal suffering.' Avon's global website goes on to state that the animal testing is only done 'when required by law' and its goal is to get the number to zero. It adds: 'The only reason a product is tested on animals is because some governments have yet to accept the use of scientifically valid alternative approaches to safety assessment.' Avon told the ASA that the claim had been removed when the website was updated several months earlier...A spokesman added that no products sold in the UK have undergone animal testing. However, in countries outside Europe, some governments will do their own safety testing of products.'


      Instant moisturization/Scent/Ease of use/Silky smooth and supple after-effects/Reasonably priced/


      Avon's Animal testing but not in the case with this hand cream in question/Parabins/Initial tacky feel/

      ~*~Would I Recommend? ~ 'hands-on'!~*~

      Yes I would certainly recommend this hand cream, particularly for those that suffer very dry skin on their hands. But, the hype of 'anti-aging' and '24 hour moisturisation' doesn't prove true in my experience. For an effective moisturiser for the hands, this product will not disappoint. I am unhappy about the use of parabins and animal testing. I was unaware of both until I purchased the product and read the newspaper article! 'No products sold in the UK have undergone animal testing'. I am reviewing the effects of the product and as such recommend it on this basis.

      The Avon Care range Renewing Moisture Hand Cream as advertised and available in April 2013 is now under the name 'Youth Restore' with the same packaging and information. Both title named products are also available on EBay and Amazon. The hand cream is available in June's Avon brochure on page 99 for £1.75 which is half the price the company normally charges. I managed to get the hand cream on an 'any three for £3' in April. Avon provides great offers on hand creams and customers are able to order from the previous campaign's brochure from the current one. Be sure to look on the company's website to ensure the best offer on over the two most recent brochures. http://www.avon.uk.com

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review on this 'handy' little cream :~)


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