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Avon Rich Moisture Face Hand & Body Cream

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Brand: Avon / & Body Cream / Type: Hand & Body Cream / Subcategory: Hand & Face Cream / Suitable for: Hand & Face / What it does: Moisturizes, Enriches,

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    4 Reviews
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      13.07.2012 15:59
      Very helpful



      A brilliant cream for problem dry skin that I will buy again..!

      Any regular readers of my reviews will be aware by now that I work part time as an Avon representative when my poor health allows. This means that I have great access to many of the great products and bargains that are often on offer within the Avon brochures.

      One such bargain that caught my eye in a recent brochure was for the "Avon Care Family Rich Moisture Cream - For Face, Hands & Body" which normally retails at £5.20 for the 400ml tub. On this occasion I was able to purchase the generously sized tub of cream for around £2, making it a great value for money purchase.

      The packaging for the product is fairly simplistic I must admit. Comprising of a large round tub made of thick robust plastic, there is a blue plastic screw-off lid on top of the tub which offers an airtight closure on the tub to keep the cream within free from dust and remaining fresh. I have noticed that the lid can be difficult to remove and replace at times when I have slightly slippery hands from applying the cream, although this could probably be said of most products supplied in similar packaging, so I won't be deducting any marks from the product rating for this.

      The product appealed to me as it seemed to be versatile, being suitable for hands and body as well as the face. Although I normally use a separate and high quality moisturiser for my delicate facial skin, I liked the fact that this lotion was suitable for use on this area if I wished. I liked too that the product was described as being suitable for sensitive skin as I do suffer terribly with dry skin and certain products seem to irritate it greatly, making it sore, tight and extremely uncomfortable.

      The cream itself is an off-white colour and looks quite thick in comparison to other lotions I use on a regular basis. It is fair to say that the consistency of the cream would not allow it to run or drip easily, due to the thick, slightly 'whipped' feel to it. The cream contains oat extract and chamomile which I thought sounded lovely and gave the product a slightly 'nourishing' quality about it.

      I wasn't sure if either of these ingredients contributed to the overall fragrance of the Avon Cream, I have to admit. I am unsure what either of the them smell like on their own so found it difficult to detect them within the scent and aroma of the product. Nevertheless, I found the scent of the cream was very pleasant, being slightly 'earthy' but with a sort of 'soap-like' edge. The smell also reminds me of baby lotion or baby soap too however, and I don't think there is anything particularly offensive about the overall smell that wouldn't appeal to most tastes. It just really has a sort of 'generic' body cream smell to it that is not at all over-powering or overly feminine.

      The smell of the product lingers delicately on the skin after the cream has been applied, but I didn't find it lasted particularly long afterwards. This isn't something that would deter me from re-purchasing the product again in the future however. I did find that the light aroma was noticeable for a couple of hours after application, but it soon died down to a mere whisper after this time - if not before, due to being overtaken by other fragranced products worn at the same time such as perfumed body sprays for example.

      The application process was quick and fairly fuss free. A small 'scoopful' of the thick cream on the end of my fingertips is more than enough to amply cover the arms and legs, and I do feel that any more than this would perhaps prevent the cream from being so easily absorbed. As it is, the small-ish amounts that I apply are easy to rub in and absorb into the skin quite quickly without much rubbing or effort required on my part. In my experience, cheap and more 'budget' body cream products take a lot longer than this to absorb, so this has led me to believe that the Avon Rich Cream is a product of a fairly high quality.

      I find this cream moisturises my skin excellently, with no dry patches being evident after application. The surface of the skin is softened beautifully and completely, and any 'problem' areas such as the small patches of dryness that appear from time to time have been smoothened and nourished. In addition, I am currently having problems with two small patches of eczema that have unhelpfully reappeared on my upper arms. This re-occurrence is most likely as a result of several recent stresses that I have had to deal with, and most other body cream or body lotion products that I have used to try and deal with these areas recently have done so in vain. Yes, most lotion and cream products will 'smooth' the troublesome areas over slightly, but none of them will actually provide enough 'oomph' to the irritated skin to actually feel as though they are dealing with it as such. I have also found that highly perfumed products, or products with a rich scent can irritate the delicate skin and worsen the problem.

      My experience with using the Avon Rich Cream has been quite the opposite and I feel I have found something of a saviour to treat my irritated skin. Not only does the cream provide a sort of 'cooling' feeling to the sore skin, but I feel it is quite soothing and slightly nourishing as the unpleasant 'tightness' around the troublesome eczema patches will start to diminish greatly, almost as soon as the cream is applied. When I am at home I will occasionally slather some of this cream across the little patches of eczema in a thin layer, so that it forms a sort of barrier on the tender skin. This acts beautifully at moisturising the skin over a short period of time. Not only that, but the patches of troublesome eczema often feel very hot and tight, similar to sunburn perhaps, and I find that carrying out this practice offers a refreshing 'cooling' effect on the skin, feeling as though the unpleasant 'sting' is being removed altogether.

      It is true to say that this product is not the most luxurious that I have ever purchased, nor is it the most attractive or the best looking. What I WOULD say however, is that it has been a long, long time since I have had such good results from an 'everyday' cream product in terms of dealing with my troublesome skin. In fact, I think the last time I achieved similar results was using a disgusting steroid cream prescribed by my doctor.

      In summary, I would highly recommend the Avon Care Rich Moisture Body Cream as a good all-round, basic every day cream that is suitable for use by the whole family. If you suffer from dry skin or eczema however, I would URGE you to try the cream immediately as it has been something of a godsend to me in recent times. I wouldn't hesitate to pay the full price of £5 - £6 for the large tub of cream as it has worked so well for my own needs, however the product is often available to buy at a discounted price from your local Avon Representative, or online at www.avonshop.co.uk.


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        10.07.2012 22:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        amazing body cream from Avon

        When browsing through one of my mums Avon brochures I found a great special deal on this Rich Moisture family cream - a steal at 99p for a 400ml tub! I quickly ordered 2, thinking I couldn't miss out on such a great bargain and may aswell stock up! I have a penchant for buying body lotions and potions, from the viewpoint that as long as I am living my skin will always need moisturising so you can never have too many! (Optimistic thinking, I am only 23 I got a good few years ahead before I kick the bucket I hope!)

        - Packaging-

        It comes in a simple white tub, with a cream label which has a picture of what looks to be oats (it contains oat extracts) and has a screw top deep blue lid. The lid is easy to open and secure, so no fuss about trying to get into it! I much prefer lotions in tubs, especially with the dimensions of this one as I am able to dip my whole hand in (not that I would need to) and get cream with ease. Tubs also mean you can use the cream in it's entirety and make sure the entire tub is completely finished whereas with tubes I always find myself endlessly squeezing as I know there is still some inside lurking I just can't get it to come out! Tubs can always be re-used for other things when finished and I know once this cream is finished I will recycle it and have some fun in arts and crafts with my little one.

        - The cream itself -

        It is for usage on face, hands and body so detailed to be very versatile. The label states it is suitable for sensitive skin (albeit not that it is designed for sensitive skin I feel I should add!) and is a blend of chamomile and oat extracts. It is a lightly whipped, white cream which smells slightly of chamomile (thinking of my chamomile tea!) and also has a slight smell of baby lotion to me!

        - My opinion -

        For 99p I really could not have asked for more from a body cream! I have always been fussy over what I put on my own skin having had eczema as a child and this has complimented my skin delightfully. It is soft, sensuous and absorbs into my skin beautifully! My partner has also been using it and as oblivious to most things as he is, he actually noticed I put this new cream in the bathroom and he likes it! (Feel to add I haven't been using it on my daughter as she has her own Johnson's cream I prefer to stick with) The smell is really subtle, and I have to say lingers well on the skin but just enough not to be overpowering and to conflict with any perfumes or body sprays I am wearing. If I use it after a shower before bed (when of course I do not use any perfumes or sprays) I can smell it on my skin, and it makes for a soothing feel and calming smell before dozing off!

        It is really light, not in any way greasy or sticky and leaves my skin feeling nourished. I definitely wouldn't say it leaves my skin glowing or shiny in any respect but is a amazing for an everyday moisturiser. Honestly not much is needed, I probably dip two fingers into the tub at a time to gather the moisturiser and put it in the palm of my hand which I use to apply everywhere and repeating this action perhaps 3 times, this is more than enough for my whole body. As I have a specific face cream I do not use this on my face, but for hands and body I am more than ecstatic and wish I bought more than 2 tubs!

        I do not have specifically dry skin in anyway, so using this once or occasionally twice a day is sufficient usage and even with me and my partner using this cream, this 400ml tub doesn't seem to be going down and we have been at it for a good couple weeks! It definitely has longevity and for 99p a cream which we can both use is definitely an advantage and a bargain by anyone's standards!

        I would definitely recommend this cream to those wanting a lovely smelling, and brilliant usage every day cream suitable for men and women. Buying this for 99p I cannot complain so look out for it in Avon on special offers! I have since seen it going in a brochure for around £5 which for the price I may not have been in such praisal in this review but for less than a pound I am smiles!


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          17.03.2012 12:33
          Very helpful



          Worth a try

          I managed to pick one of these up for just 99p from the Avon brochure.

          Rich Moisture face cream by Avon has been around for years and it's known as a multi purpose product as it can be used on the face, the hands and on the body. The cream is very thick and gooey. It smells quite nice with a subtle pleasant scent that smells fresh and feminine. The cream comes in a huge 400ml tub that would last you absolutely AGES. However, the whole family can use this so it may not last you as long as you would have hoped!

          The cream spreads easily onto the body. It's a great cream to use after shaving as it helps to soothe the skin after the irritation of shaving. The cream feels moisturising without feeling sticky and the moisturising effect is long lasting. The cream also makes a lovely hand lotion. The cream absorbs well into the skin and it doesn't leave a nasty residue on your skin after use either. The cream helps to soothe sore hands and it also helps to soften the cuticles too.

          As a face cream it is a little greasy for me so I tend to use it as a body lotion and a hand cream. I used this on my face a few times but it didn't seem to soak into my facial skin as my facial skin is rather oily as it is. Having this sitting on top of it made it even worse. However, for 99p I couldn't complain!

          Worth a try.


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          04.01.2012 18:39
          Very helpful



          Inexpensive basic cream for face and body.

          --AVON Face Hand & Body Cream--

          but the new improved version is now called 'Avon Care Family Comforting Moisture Multi-Purpose Cream' on the Avon website


          This comes in a huge 400 ml tub - light blue with a screw top lid.
          Also in the same Avon Care range is:
          Face Cream 100ml - £3.50
          Hand Wash 200ml - £2.50
          Body Wash 400ml - £3
          Body Lotion 400ml - £3
          Glycerine Hand Cream 100ml - £3.50
          Renewing Moisture Hand Cream 100ml - £3.50
          But if you get Avon catalogues or visit their website you will find that these items very are often on offer and if you are careful you may never have to pay full price.


          This cream is shown as being suitable for hands, face and body. It is white and creamy with a slight pleasant fragrance. The front of my tub states that it comtains 'botanical extracts and Vitamin E'.
          Avon website states 'Great value non-greasy cream for intense, all over moisture, from head to toe, for the whole family. Suitable for sensitive skin and children. 400ml'.
          This product is now made in Poland (as is much other of Avon's items) and the shelf life is shown as 12 months once opened.
          However the tub on the Avon website states in contains chamomile and oat extracts. Avon is continually 'improving' their products and altering their packaging, but the basic nature of the cream is the same.


          I have managed to pick quite a few of these tubs up for 99p from Avon when they have been on offer which I think is fantastic value.
          Currently Avon had this 'Multi Purpose Cream' on their website as £3.10 down from £5.20 but as a special offer if you buy any other Avon Care Family product you can get this cream for £1!

          --Why Buy--

          Originally I only got these as they were so cheap and intended using them for cheap handcream. only when I got then I found the cream so nice that I regularly use it on my face. The tube is huge and lasts absolutely ages even when used on a daily basis.
          Some reviews on the Avon website have mentioned that they have found it too thick and heavy to use on their faces but others disagree, as do I. I use it on my face in the morning and by the time I dress I can put make up on top no problem - so I do find it too greasy at all.
          The only reason I would buy another moisturiser would be in the summer months when I would prefer a cream with a sun factor element - but through the Spring/Autumn/Winter I find this basic cream is fine - and I do not want to block out whatever sun there may be as we do not seem to get enough sunlight in our lives as it is for our vitamin D to be sufficient.

          --My Opinions--

          If you are into using basic creams then you cannot go wrong with this one - it is great for face, hands and feet, moisturising them well and I always try and buy one when on offer with Avon so I have one or two in my store cupboard.
          Personally I do not want creams with lots of added ingredients that are supposedly anti aging etc - call me cynical but if they actually worked then all the rich and famous would be looking a lot younger!

          --How to Obtain--

          1. Either through your local Avon representative (if you are lucky enough to have one) or
          2. You can order direct through the Avon website www.avonshop.co.uk
          Standard delivery on the Avon website is £3.50.
          Also on the Avon homepage is a facility to find a local Avon Representative if you do not currently have one - or you may wish to become one yourself.

          ---Star Rating---

          5 stars as I cannot fault the product.

          ---Would I Recommend?---

          Yes definitely. A great basic everyday cream that can be used anywhere. Only remember to use a sun cream in bright sunlight.




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