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Avon Senses Reflection Liquid Soap

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Brand: Avon Senses / Type Hand Soap / Type: Hand Soap / Subcategory: Soap

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    1 Review
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      14.12.2012 15:44
      Very helpful



      A lovely hand soap with a gorgeous aroma from the Avon Senses range..


      I am a big fan of most of the products from the 'Senses' range at Avon, which is a range containing various scented shower gel and bath products, as well as a co-ordinating range of liquid soaps. Having tried most of the liquid soap products from the range in the past, I have a few firm favourites, one of which is the "Reflection" soap.

      The Avon Senses Reflection Liquid Soap is only available in one size of bottle which is 300ml. The normal price for this product is around the £2 mark but there are frequent promotional offers to be found in the Avon Senses range, and I am able to regularly purchase the soap for less than this price, or buy several liquid soap products within the range for a reduced sum. There is a matching 'Reflection' shower gel product in the Avon Senses range, should you wish to co-ordinate your toiletries, and the normal price for this is £2 for a 250ml bottle.

      I actually bought several liquid hand wash products from Avon a while back, when the 300ml bottles were reduced in price to only £1.50 each, as I thought this price offered great value for money, particularly when you consider that the bottle is larger than most other hand wash products that I buy on a regular basis. I find the bottles of Avon Senses hand wash generally last for a good few weeks in my household, even though it is a product that is used every day, so I do feel the product is a fairly economical one.

      The Reflection hand soap is packaged in a clear plastic bottle, and there is a sturdy plastic 'pump' dispenser in an attractive purple colour on top of the bottle which requires the smallest of pushes to dispense the liquid into my palm. The plastic bottle has an attractive-looking label on the front which depicts an image of a sort of tranquil lake scene, displayed in shades of violet, lilac and purple, that ties in perfectly with the product's image overall. The descriptive words "Peaceful Oriental Orchid & Raspberry" are printed on the front of the label underneath the product name, and I thought all of this combined nicely with the product to give it a rather innovative image that is quite modern and attractive.

      * MY EXPERIENCE... *

      I have found that the pump dispenser on top of the product's bottle is adequate at dispensing just the right amount of product into my open palm. There is seldom any waste, which is something that can not be said of every similar product that I regularly use. I find also that the 'nozzle' on the pump causes nothing in the way of dribbling or mess after use, which is another little annoyance to be found with some rival brands.

      The Reflection Liquid Soap is an attractive purple colour, although the liquid is completely see through. I find that the liquid has a fairly thin consistency, although it doesn't spill or dribble excessively during the time the soap is being used. This is something I have found can often be the case with cheaply-branded hand wash products, so I do think the Avon Senses soap is superior to these other brands, being of a higher quality.

      I find the aroma of the Senses Reflection soap to be very pleasant, and I do find the scent changes as the product is being used, which is quite unusual where the Avon Senses range is concerned. When it is first dispensed onto my hands, I find the aroma to be quite floral and feminine, although it feels much 'lighter' than most floral scents which are generally not suited to my own tastes as a result of being too 'flowery' and rather old-fashioned. The Reflection soap, in comparison, has a sweet element in its scent that is much lighter than other floral fragrances, and this gives it a more contemporary feel.

      Once the soap has produced it's fine lather, I find the aroma changes slightly, and the backdrop of sweetness really comes through in the overall aroma. This sweetness in the fragrance is reminiscent of a 'berry-like' fragrance, that has a pleasant fruity feel to it and I find it to be quite delicious. I do think that I would struggle to pick out exactly what fruits were producing this lovely element to the product's scent, but I can't deny that it is quite refreshing and light, without the sweetness taking on any sort of unpleasant 'sickly' edge that I know I wouldn't like. The end result is a rather sweet floral scent with a fruit-like aroma at its core, and I do think it is quite an unusual fragrance that I haven't experienced before.

      I find that the addition of the fruity sweetness contained in the product really goes a long way to allowing the product to feel more contemporary than other floral-fragranced products as I touched on earlier, but I do also think that it makes it feel more 'unisex' than if the floral fragrance stood by itself. This makes the product feel more versatile than other hand wash products that I own that feel much more feminine than this one. As a result, I feel the Avon Senses Reflection Liquid Soap is a product that is perfectly suitable for use by the whole family.

      I find that the soap creates a soft lather quite easily, and this feels gentle to use on my sensitive skin. Certainly, I have experienced nothing in the way of aggravation or irritation to my sensitive skin, or my eczema which gives the product another huge advantage for me personally. I do find that a lot of hand wash products can be surprisingly 'drying' to my poor hands, but thankfully this has not been evident from using the Avon Reflection product.

      After using the Reflection hand wash, my hands are spotlessly clean, and free from any dirt or residue that may have been lingering. Food smells such as onions are easily and effectively removed by using the liquid on my hands, and the gentle aroma of the Reflection soap lingers pleasantly for a short time after use. I find too that the soap never leaves behind any sort of 'residue' or sticky matter, which is another sign to me that the product is one of a fairly high quality.

      I really don't have anything negative to report about the product at all, and I will continue to repurchase it for use in my household. As a result of my positive experiences, the Avon Senses Reflection Liquid Soap comes with my full recommendation, together with full marks in the product rating score from me.


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      Liquid hand wash from Avon Senses range

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