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Barry M Cosmetics Nail Corrector Pen

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Brand: Barry M / Type: Pen / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2013 22:38
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      Barry M Nail Corrector Pen

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      The Product
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      The product I am reviewing is by Barry M and is a nail corrector pen. Sometimes when painting my nails I get some of the nail paint on the skin which sits next to my nail. I normally use a cotton bud dipped into some nail polish remover to tidy this up, how-ever after seeing this product I thought I would give it a go as it would probably be easier using this than it would be dipping a bud in remover all the time. The nail corrector was far more convenient. The product is acetone free and has a gorgeous melon scent to it. The pen is apparently easy to use and even comes with 2 replacement tips. The pen is a light blue colour and it clearly states on the side of the pen that it's by Barry M and what the product is. Please note that the pen should come sealed in a plastic wrapper. The main end of the pen has the corrector pen nib. There should be a white nib in place ready for it to use. You will notice that the pen rattles when moved so I presume you would need to shake this well before use. I pulled the cap off this end of the pen to look at the nib. The nib is a good shape with a rounded edge on one side and a flatter edge on the other. This enables you to ensure you can remove all traces of nail polish around your nails. As the pen apparently smells of melon I thought I would have a slight sniff of it. I personally didn't think this smelt like melon at all. It does have a scent to it but I still find it a strong smell and not that pleasant either. I replaced the cap tightly to ensure the nib didn't dry out. On the other end of the pen is a blue clear cap and you can clearly see the spare tips. These are white in colour and are quite long. It's really handy that the spare nibs are kept with the pen which means they can't get lost. You can replace the nibs simply by pulling the old one out gently and pushing in a new one.

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      I purchased the product from my local Boots store and it cost me £4.99 which I thought was reasonable as it comes with 2 replacement tips. You can also purchase this from the Barry M website for the same price and you may also be able to purchase this from Superdrug as well or anywhere else that stocks the Barry M range.

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      Using the Product
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      I painted my nails as normal and once they had dried I got ready to tidy them up a little. My nails weren't that messy anyway, and there were only small amounts of nail paint on the skin around the nails on just a few of the nails, not all of them. Although it doesn't tell you to, I shook the pen for a few seconds before use and then removed the cap ready to use it. I used the tip of the pen to gently remove the nail paint that was on the skin around my nails. I didn't really need to apply too much pressure to the pen. By going over the nail paint with the remover pen it started to come off and was removed within just a few seconds. The colour of the nail paint I was removing did transfer onto the nib on the pen how-ever when using the pen on a different nail the colour didn't transfer from the tip onto my skin. When using the pen, it did have a scent to it but it didn't smell like watermelon. Instead it still had the scent of nail polish remover, but wasn't as strong. I found the pen really easy to use and it removed any traces of nail paint around the nail very quickly. As the pen has a slight tip to it, it means you can remove any small traces of nail paint easily without the pen touching your nails. The nail pen didn't dry out or irritate my skin.

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      Overall Opinion
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      When I saw this pen, I thought it was a brilliant idea so had to purchase it to see what it was like. The pen sounded great and would be perfect for tidying up nails and removing the bits of nail paint that sometimes accidentally get onto the skin. The pen worked really well and it was quick and easy to remove the nail paint from my skin. The pen was light to hold and easy to grip between my fingers when using it. I'm unsure how long one of the tips last as I haven't had to change the tip yet, despite using it a few times. This means that I can't comment on how easy it is to change the tips either. In terms of value I think the product is very reasonable, especially as you get 2 spare tips with it which are stored in the end of the pen to stop them getting lost. Although you could remove nail paint from your skin by dipping cotton buds into nail polish remover, the pen is slightly easier to use and is also less fiddly as well. I would recommend this pen as I do think it's a great idea although I'm pretty sure a lot of people would carry on using the cotton buds dipped in nail polish remover as a cheaper alternative to remove nail paint from around the nails.

      (review also on ciao)


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