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The Body Shop Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil

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2 Reviews
  • Good applicator
  • unpleasant feel
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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2014 22:25
      Very helpful
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      • "Good applicator"


      • "unpleasant feel"

      Smells great, feels rotten

      I love the Body Shop rose hand cream and the rose hand butter so I thought it was pretty likely that I'd also love the hand oil. This just goes to show that we shouldn't make assumptions and that I should test stuff in the store before buying. Why? Because I think it's absolutely awful and I really don't know what I'm supposed to be doing with it.

      The rose scent of this range of hand products is excellent - a really classy, high quality rose - and the roller ball applicator makes it easy to apply in a targeted way. Though I'm still not really sure how or why I should be using it.

      What I most don't like is the thick, sticky texture. As an oil, I'd like it to be thinner and easier to spread. I find it hard to rub in and unpleasant. I've tried using it on my cuticles, figuring that the roller ball might mean that was what it's intended for, but it's still not very good. I guess if I had particularly dry patches of skin on my hands it would be a way to target those areas, but I don't have that problem and so I don't get any advantage from this product.

      I can't find this product on the Body Shop website any more which makes me suspect that I'm not the only person who didn't like it but also means I can't tell you what it cost. I know that at the time I thought it was pretty expensive and I hoped for a lot more than I got from this disappointing product.


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        01.06.2013 22:15
        Very helpful



        Great for improving your hands

        For Christmas I received a basket of various different toiletries from my parents, one item that was in the basket was The Body Shop Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil, to be honest this was something that I had never seem before, as I do suffer with dry skin on my hands especially around my finger joints I was sure that this would be an ideal product for me and would help my skin.  

        The Body Shop Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil comes in a small, thin bottle made from a clear yet slightly frosted plastic, the bottle has  a large clear plastic lid on the top which simply screws on and off.  Underneath the lid is a silver roller ball, a little like a deodorant ball in the way it works but this one is much smaller and made from metal.

         The bottle has a pale pink label which wraps all the way around it, this also overlaps itself and can be peeled back to reveal further information as well as the initial information that can be seen on the top layer of the label.  

        The top part of the label has The Body Shop logo and the name of the product "Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil" written on it in a dark pink which stands out against the pale pink background, there is also the silhouette of a rose in a darker pink next to this.

         Underneath the name is a small amount of information about the product, this is then all repeated in a second language.  When the label is peeled back you will then find the ingredients and further information about the product, again all repeated in a second language.  

        The Hand Oil
        The Body Shop Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil is basically a slightly yellow coloured oiled when viewed inside the bottle, however when applied to your skin the oil is clear, it is also slightly thick in consistency and does not run straight off of your skin.  Once on your skin the oil is slightly sticky and as you would imagine very greasy, this did concern me a little as I thought I would not be able to use the oil and go about my daily business, I had visions of me having to sit and wait for it to soak in, which could take a while with oil.

         Once applied to the area of effected skin and massaged in it did leave my skin a little greasy but this very quickly vanished and I was quite impressed at how quickly it absorbed into my skin, I did not have to sit for ages waiting for it to fully soak in, and there was no sticky residue left afterwards either.

         When I read the name of the hand oil I expected quite a flowery and floral fragrance, however this was not the case, the was a hint of rose fragrance which was an artificial flowery fragrance and also had a sweetness about it, however despite this the fragrance was not unpleasant at all, it just was not what I was expecting,  personally I found that after the oil had been on my hands for a couple of minutes the sweetness vanished and just the rose fragrance was left so all in all I did like the smell of this product.

         The idea of The Body Shop Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil is to moisturise and help improve the appearance of skin tone, it includes rosehip oil and Community Fair Trade Brazil Nut Oil which help to achieve this.

         The packaging states that this is for mature skin, however I personally would say that whilst it might be good for mature skin it is suited to anyone who suffers with dry skin on their hands.  

        Directions for Use
        When it comes to using They Body Shop Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil the directions are very simple, you apply the oil to the area of your hands that needs moisturising by rolling the roller ball at the top of the bottle over the area, once applied you then massage the oil in with your fingers.  As I have mentioned once massaged in the oil will quickly absorb and leave your hands feeling and looking smooth and soft.  

        Price and Availability
        This product is from The Body Shop and the 6ml tube costs £7.00, whilst this does seem a little expensive for such a small tube of the oil I do still think it is worth the money as you need such a small amount of the oil at a time that the bottle really will last a long while.  I have used my tube on numerous occasions since Christmas and still have over 3 quarters of the tube left so in the long run it works out economical and not too badly priced.  

        My Opinion
        I have been using The Body Shop Wild Rose Targeted Hand Oil for several months now and have been very pleased with the results.  As I have mentioned I do get quite dry skin around the joints of my fingers on the palms of my hands especially where my rings go, this oil allows me to easily moisturise this area, the small roller ball on the end of the bottle really allows you to easily apply the oil just where you need it.

         I was pleased to discover that the oil does not leave your hands really greasy or sticky, once massaged in the skin my hands really do look softer and smoother.  The fragrance of this product is pleasant, it is not too strong and over powering and is very delicate.

        Although the small bottle is quite expensive it is long lasting so works out reasonably priced in the long run and the fact that it works and does what it says it will do makes it worth the money.  

        The small bottle allows me to easily carry it around in my handbag meaning I can apply it as and when I need to.  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers with dry skin on their hands, this will really soften the skin and improve the appearance.  


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