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Boots Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

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2 Reviews
  • lasts ages
  • thin and runny
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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2015 10:30


      • "lasts ages"


      • "thin and runny"

      Does the job

      This is a review of Boots Essentials Nail Polish Remover which I have been using for the last six months. I am amazed how long this bottle has lasted (and there's still 1/3 left) as I regularly polish nails and toes and always remove it when it gets chipped so usually get through a lot of remover. Perhaps I don't polish as often as I'd like with two kids now it can take me a few days to get round to doing it when I get a quiet evening!

      The nail polish remover is a lovely shade of purple and comes in a 250ml bottle which is frosted pearly colour so you can see through and see how much is left. The bottle is plastic and so you can recycle it. The lid is a white screw top and you just have to tip out a bit on cotton wool (it comes out fast though!) and I have had no problems with the bottle leaking despite me storing it on its side which is not advisable.

      A bottle of this is just £1 as it is from the Boot's Essentials range which is like a shop's own brand.

      In use
      I use cotton wool discs usually when removing nail varnish. I have also used dry wipes from Kleenex when going for it and trying to remove a stubborn glittery polish. Whilst this challenges any remover I have had no problems with light or dark colours or glitter polishes. I find a couple of soaked pads will do all ten nails with ease. I also use this remover with cotton buds to tidy up a polish job when I have touched the cuticle or skin next to my nails.

      My thoughts
      I find this an effective remover and also noted that it doesn't smell as bad as some of the removers I have used. Whilst it is from the basic range and doesn't offer any frills by way of conditioning nails etc I wouldn't really expect that of a nail varnish remover and will use nail oil or hand cream to do that job.

      Final word
      I am pleased with this nail polish remover and think it is good value for money. It doesn't smell as strong as other removers I have used and would be happy to repurchase it in the future. A 250ml bottle has lasted me six months and counting with regular use and a little bit obviously goes a long way. Highly recommended.


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      18.06.2012 15:34
      Very helpful



      A staple product

      Acetone is a solvent and can be used for removing nail polish, bu it is quite harsh and drying on the nail.
      Acetone-free nail varnish removers use different, less harsh chemicals to remove nail varnish; this is better for the nail.

      Boots acetone-free nail varnish remover costs £1.25 and is the cheapest nail varnish remover of its 150ml size in Boots - even compared to the acetone variety.

      The bottle is cylindrical and plain and simple in appearance, it says clearly what it is on the label, and I am not embarrassed about having this on my dressing table. In the bottle, the liquid is light green in appearance. When the screw top lid is removed, the polish has the usual, strong nail varnish remover smell.

      On the cotton pad, the liquid is clear and you just need to hold the damp pad over the nail for a 5 seconds and then wipe to remove nail polish. It is quick to remove nail polish, even bright colours, such as red; but thankfully the acetone free nature of this product means that nails don't feel dry and stripped of moisture after using this. My skin is not irritated when using this either.

      Overall, I prefer using this compared to cheaper removers that can be picked up from pound stores, it removes varnish just as well, is kinder on the nails and looks nice on the dresser.
      I recommend this to all.


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