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Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover

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Brand: Boots / polish remover / Type: Nail Polish Remover

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    2 Reviews
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      04.09.2013 19:52
      Very helpful
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      Removes polish really well.

      I have quite long nails and I use nail polish quite a lot and I get a little bored wearing the same colour after 4 days or so and so I just remove it and change the colour. I am not loyal to any brand and usually just buy one which takes my fancy at the time or one I haven't bought before. This one is one I hadn't tried so thought I would give it a go.

      It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a removable top. It appears a light orange kind of colour inside the bottle but when I poured it onto a cotton wool pad I couldn't detect the orange colour, it is just a clear colour and like water. It does also smell really nice too and I can detect an apricot fragrance and one which has a lasting smell after the polish has been removed, I really find the smell pleasant and different from most nail polish removers. The smell doesn't linger for too long or make the room smell unpleasant. It isn't one of those smells which lingers for too long but it does have a staying power for around 10 minutes or so.

      It contains pro vitamin 5 and apricot kernel. These natural ingredients are designed to condition the nails and leave them in tip top condition. I must admit to my nails staying in a good condition since using this one but not as much as I expected, they are about the same as when I use a branded nail polish remover, so I think this one is still good for conditioning them really nicely.

      I just pour a small amount onto a cotton pad or ball and place it over my nails and just leave it to soak into the polish so that it is easier to remove it from my nails without damaging them. it does remove all traces of my polish really quickly. If I find any remaining polish near to my skin around my nails, I just use another pad, ball or cotton bud to run along the area and it is completely removed. It only takes me a couple of minutes or so to remove all of my polish using this one. I do use 2 coats of polish and a base coat when I paint my nails and this one removes all of the coats really well. It dissolves through all of the coats in no time at all without still having to keep on rubbing the liquid onto the nails. Some people may think you need to use a lot of liquid to remove so many coats but that isn't the case if a remover is of a good quality and this one certainly is good quality and a little does go a very long way.

      I find the quality is a really good one and it dissolves all of the polish really quickly without having to keep on rubbing the nails. I find my nails feels really smooth too after they have dried. This remover is a gentle one for nails and not a harsh conditioner.

      I really like the way it performs and the way it helps my nails remain nice looking when I have no polish on them. I like the fact it contains natural ingredients which work well to condition the nails.

      It is really cheap to buy and only cost me £1.30 for a 150ml bottle, for this price I think it is well worth it for the way it removes polish. I think it is affordable for any budget and a nice one for anyone who likes to remove polish as I do on a regular basis and after a few days.

      If you like the smell of apricots, I think you would most definitely love this one, it is nice to smell apricots while removing your nail polish in my opinion. I love the smell of apricots and so this one is more than suitable for removing my polish.

      From Boots and I think this middle range is a good one to buy and it doesn't cost a lot of money.
      I will most definitely buy this one again in the future, it works well for removing nail polish and conditions at the same time.

      I highly do recommend it if you are looking for a good polish remover and I don't think you would be disappointed with the results.

      Also on Ciao under my username pinky50.

      I give this one 5 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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        06.09.2012 23:55
        Very helpful



        Nail polish remover

        Boots nail polish remover

        If possible I always like to buy nail polish remover which professes to condition my nails so that they don't become overly brittle.


        Being a nail polish remover this should clearly remove nail varnish but the bit I like is the fact that it contains apricot kernel and pro-vitamin 5 which will apparently keep my nails in top condition.

        The nail polish remover comes in a plastic 150ml bottle with a screw on/off lid and all of the instructions and information on the back. The packaging itself is fairly simple with only the name of the product on a label on the front of the bottle.
        The nail polish looks orange when I look at it through the bottle but when dispensed it is clear. It is advertised as highly flammable as with all removers and has the usual and expected acetone smell which I don't dislike but which I know some people hate. It is dispensed by simply tipping the bottle down and because the hols is quite large care should be taken so that not too much is dispensed.

        To remove nail polish, cotton wool should be moistened and then the nail wiped gently until all traces of nail varnish is removed. I find that with just one tip of the bottle I can get a lot of the product onto the cotton wool and my nail polish is easily removed, especially if I hold the moistened cotton wool over my nail for a couple of seconds before wiping the nail polish.

        The product is available online at www.boots.com or instore and costs £1.30 for 150ml.

        I find that when using this product I am able to remove nail polish effectively and easily without having to rub at my nails until all traces of polish are removed.
        It is reasonably priced and lasts a long time because a little does go a long way. It does seem to condition my nails and they don't feel as dry as they did before.
        A recommended product.
        Thanks for reading
        Daniela xx


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