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Boots Refreshing Handwash

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Brand: Boots / Handwash / Type: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Refreshes,

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2013 16:55
      Very helpful



      A cheap and cheerful liquid hand wash product from Boots..

      During a recent trip to a local branch of Boots, I was stocking up on some household essentials when I remembered I was running out of liquid soap at home. I made a number of purchases from the Boots own-branded range of liquid soaps at this time, with this review discussing my experiences of using the "Boots Refreshing Hand Wash."

      The product feels very economical, mainly because it is presented in a rather generously-sized bottle, which is 500ml. This is larger than most of the other hand wash products that I buy on a regular basis, that are generally 250ml in size. The purchase price for the Refreshing Hand Wash is in the region of 70 pence, which is considerably less than the price of my most recent liquid soap purchases, which all cost at least double this amount.

      It is true to say that I approached the product with mild trepidation, mainly because I suffer with dry skin that will 'flare' aggressively if harsh or cheaply-branded cosmetics or toiletries are used. I was ever-so-slightly sceptical about the product's suitability for my own skin type, mainly due to the low purchase price, which left me questioning the product's quality. Previous experience has allowed me to gain a little trust in the Boots brand overall, however, so I decided to proceed and give the hand wash a try out.

      It's fair to say that I am very glad that I was not swayed from my purchasing decision, as having given the product a trial, I am more than pleased with the results obtained from its use.

      Firstly, I find that the large, circular, plastic bottle is very robust and suitable for purpose, as is the white-coloured plastic pump contained within the bottle. I have never experienced any problems with dispensing the liquid from the bottle, even though my hands are very weak at times, as a result of reduced mobility. In addition, I find that whilst the large bottle is slightly too large for my neat sink unit, I am able to dispense the liquid hand soap product quickly and neatly into a china dispenser, to be placed by the side of my sink. The remainder of the product in in the plastic bottle is plentiful enough in its quantity to serve at the side of my kitchen sink, where the appearance of such items is less of an issue. Taking all of these points into account, I have found the product's packaging is excellent.

      The liquid hand wash itself is a pretty colour, being a sort of pale lilac, with a 'pearl' like hue to it. This is quite attractive, without being overly feminine. I find too that the consistency of the liquid is slightly thinner than that of it's predecessors, but it is not so runny as to spill excessively when it is dispensed. There is no noticeable mess or 'dripping' evident during the use of the hand wash, and I find it's consistency is quite 'light', presumably because it is slightly thinner than I had expected. It is worth noting too, I think, that I don't feel the need to use any more of this 'thinner' soap than with any other hand wash product, finding that the 'usual' amount - i.e. one 'pump' from the bottle - is really more than ample for my own needs.

      The Boots Refreshing Hand Wash lathers quite easily, although I don't find it creates a generous helping of particularly foamy bubbles. This is an observation on my part, rather than being a criticism, as I do find that the lather produced, again, feels quite light and pleasant on my skin. I find that the liquid spreads easily over my skin, 'coating' it as it cleans, which makes the product lacking of any fuss or difficulty during use.

      I am able to detect the Hand Wash's scent almost as soon as it is dispensed into my open palm, and whilst I find this aspect of the product to be very pleasant, I can't say that I find it is the most "Refreshing" that I have ever used, leading me to question this aspect of the product's name. The soap's aroma is very pleasant, nevertheless, reminding me of a sort of 'earthy' floral scent that is reminiscent of the delicate scent of lavender at its core.

      I find too that there is something quite 'powder-like' within the overall aroma, which offers a subtle sweetness in the scent that allows the lavender to feel quite balanced, instead of being too 'floral' for my own tastes. The lavender-type scent in the product's fragrance allows for the product to feel considerably more expensive than it actually is, I think, as I usually associate the smell of lavender with more 'upmarket' toiletries than this rather 'everyday' hand wash item. I do feel that the word 'Refreshing' is perhaps not the best description that could have been used with this product's aroma in mind, thinking that maybe 'Relaxing' or 'Soothing' would have been a better 'fit.' Nevertheless, this grumble quickly subsides as the product smoothens over my skin, allowing its delicate aroma to feel quite calming and uplifting.

      After use, my hands are left spotlessly clean, with all traces of dirt or grime being removed completely, with my hands feeling quietly refreshed. I can detect a faint 'whiff' of the product's aroma on my skin, but it is not so strong that it feels over-powering, which would no doubt have me complaining about the soap's aroma interfering with the scent of my regular skincare products, such as scented body sprays or lotions. Instead, the aroma feels very subtle, and after a short while I am no longer able to detect it at all.

      As I mentioned earlier, I had been rather cautious concerning the product's suitability for my sensitive skin, but I can honestly say that I have suffered nothing in the way of irritation or sensitivity from using the product. Instead, my dry skin feels rather 'untouched' by the product, remaining in the same condition that it previously did. This result is on a par with most other hand wash products that I use regularly, that don't seem to do anything in the way of offering care or nourishment to my delicate skin, but neither do they feel overly 'harsh' when used, leaving my skin alone in its dry state. Taking these results into account, I do feel that the product is suitable for use by those consumers who, like me, suffer with dry or sensitive skin.

      In summary, I do feel the Boots Refreshing Hand Wash is a very worthwhile purchase, with the bottle proving to be a highly economical size that lasted well, for a very 'purse-friendly' sum. The product itself is rather lovely, with it feeling quietly soothing on my dry, sensitive skin without causing anything in the way of irritation. Taking everything into account, I don't have anything negative to report about the product and therefore feel full marks are more than deserving in the Dooyoo product rating score.

      The Boots Refreshing Hand Wash is available to buy in larger Boots stores, or online at their website @ www.boots.com, where postage costs do apply.


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