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Boots Royal Jelly Hand & Nail Cream

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5 Reviews
  • Soothing
  • Smooths dry skin
  • Can be sickly
  • Unpleasant fragrance
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    5 Reviews
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      03.11.2015 14:46
      Very helpful


      • "Soothing "
      • "Smooths dry skin"
      • "Nice smell"
      • Cheap


      • "Can be sickly"

      Definitely works for dry, rough hands

      I never use to have a problem with my hands, however since I started doing pole fitness my lovely, smooth hands have become a distant memory. I have tried a fair few hand creams to try and get them back to the way that were and Boots Royal Honey hand and nail cream has been amazing in getting them back to how they were.
      I had horrible calluses but since I started using the this hand cream they have basically disappeared. My hands are left feeling smooth and with a lovely fragrance. Being a smoker as well it covers up the smell of smoke on my hands which is always a plus in my books.
      The hand cream has extracts of pure honey which I think accounts for the smell, sometimes it does get a little bit sickly because it is very sweet and very strong, but for me the sickly, strong smell only lasts a small while. The smell is long lasting as well. I put my cream on first thing when I come into work and by lunch time I can still smell it on my hands.
      It states that it is a protecting hand and nail cream. My nails do look healthier since using it and as I have said it is definitely working for my hands.
      I would recommend this product for anyone who is suffering from dry hands.
      It comes in various sizes, the one I have is a pump bottle 250ml which is only a few pound.
      It's cheap and it definitely works.


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      01.12.2014 12:54
      Very helpful



      A Royal handshake

      For Christmas I received an organza bag with three pots of Boots Royal Jelly products.

      There was a pot of Royal Jelly face cream, a pot of Royal Jelly body lotion and this pot of Royal Jelly Protecting Hand and Nail Cream with extracts of Pure Honey.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      The hand and nail cream is usually available in a tube and can be purchased from Boots for £2.09 for 100ml, which I think is very good value.

      ~ In use ~
      The hand cream is quite thin in consistency and you don’t need to use much of it to cover your hands adequately.
      The scent of the hand cream isn’t too strong. I can smell the honey, which is quite bitter, but it isn’t offensive and overpowering like I found the body lotion was.
      It is actually a light, pleasant scent, which I like.
      The cream makes my hands feel soft and moisturised. There is no sticky residue left on my skin. My nails also feel moisturised and slightly conditioned.
      The cream is easy to rub into my skin and it sinks in quickly leaving no greasiness and restoring the moisture in my skin.
      I have been impressed with how much I like this hand and nail cream, especially as I wasn’t too keen on the body lotion, finding the scent too harsh.
      I can’t fault this hand and nail cream. It makes my hands feel soft, hydrated and renewed and it has a pleasant scent, which is quite subtle and doesn’t linger on my skin for too long after application.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      I have been impressed by this hand and nail cream. I love the little pot that it comes in.
      You don’t need to use a lot of it to get a good coverage on your hands and it leaves your hands and nails soft and hydrated. It is very easily rubbed in and absorbed into your skin and there is no sticky residue left on your hands.
      It is lightly scent and the scent is pleasant and not too harsh.
      I was also impressed to find that this costs just £2.09 for 100ml, which is great value.
      I would definitely buy this hand and nail cream again in the future. It is a lovely product to use.


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      12.11.2014 23:26
      Very helpful


      • "Hydrates and soothes"


      • "Unpleasant fragrance"

      Shame about the pong

      ~~Boots Royal Jelly hand & nail cream~~

      According to the blurb on the back of the tube “This easily absorbed protecting hand & nail cream contains natural Royal Jelly honey which are well known for their hydrating and soothing properties. It contains pro-vitamin B5 to condition and protect your hand and nails leaving them feeling smooth and soft.”

      Royal jelly is a milky secretion produced by worker honey bees to nurture the queen. It’s about 60-70% water with the a mix of proteins, sugar, fats, vitamins, salts and amino acids making up the rest. It’s exact composition depends on where it comes from. This Boots hand cream is produced in Thailand. Royal jelly is known for its healing properties although this is contested. It is however supposed to have anti-ageing qualities.

      ~~So what is really like?~~
      This hand cream comes in a fairly plain 100ml tube and at £2.09 is reasonably well priced. A creamy colour, the lotion is of medium consistency. It’s not runny but it’s not particularly thick. I’ve found that it can come out in a bit of rush and I end up with far too much on my hands. That said, it does absorb relatively well. It’s not the fastest but even when I think that there’s no way that such a large quantity will soak in, it somehow does. So yes, it moisturises well and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

      So far so good. However, for me that’s where it ends. I really hate the smell of this hand cream. To add insult to injury, the smell lingers for ages too. The first time I used the handcream, I found the smell almost overpowering. Whether the strength of the fragrance has reduced, or whether I’ve just got used to it, it’s not quite so bad now but it’s definitely not my favourite. The fragrance reminds me of creams that contain cocoa butter. Perhaps with a hint of beeswax and honey but that may be my imagination!

      A difficult one. It does what is promises – it hydrates and soothes dry skin leaving hands looking and feeling smooth. I may be alone in finding the fragrance unpleasant but for me, it’s a really a turn off and I won’t buy this hand cream again. Therefore I can only give it 3 stars.


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      29.10.2013 16:23
      Very helpful



      A great cream but can take a while to get rid of palm residue.

      The boots royal jelly hand cream with honey is usually £2.09 for a 100ml tube but it can sometimes be gotten on offer.

      The packaging:
      The packaging is fairly simple and typical of what you'd expect of a reasonably price product - it's not fancy but it's clean, looks fairly elegant and doesn't look too cheap. It comes in a simple squirty tube as pictures which means very little waste, a flip cap it stands on so the product is always ready to come out and it's not messy.
      It has a simple label on the front stating Boots royal jelly, with extracts of pure honey. Protecting hand & nail cream.
      On the back are the claims, directions, ingredients, warnings, size, where it's made and recycling information.

      The claim:
      The back makes claims of easily absorbed, protecting, hydrating and soothing, smooth and soft - wrapped up in a nice few sentences.

      Is it true?

      I've been using this as my staple cream for months and have found the claims to be largely true. It does absorb very easily, it works well on my dry skin and has helped prevent chapping. It is protective and does make my skin feel lovely.

      It isn't always quite strong enough in winter when my hands chap, not an uncommon issue for me sadly, so I have looked around for better winter options. It smells lovely though and is really, really lovely to use.

      My only downside for this cream, and it is a problem for me when I need to use it during the daytime, is it leaves my palms greasy, no matter what I do - I usually wipe any excess creams off on other dry areas of my body that can just absorb it, yet even doing that, I find this cream sits on my palms for ages, which is obviously not ideal in day to day life. Due to this I've ended up only using it at night, and have now found a new cream for throughout the day. A heavier layer than normal at night can do wonders though.

      It's not stopped me buying a new bottle as it is a lovely handcream, but it does have that one issue that other creams manage to avoid. This may be an issue only for certain skin types, but is is a minor problem.


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      06.06.2013 20:00
      Very helpful



      Overall a nice hand and nail cream

      From time to time especially in the winter months I get dry skin on my hands so I like to keep a few hand creams in the house and am always pleased to give new products a try. For Christmas I received a few Boots Royal Jelly Pure Honey toiletries, one of which was the Boots Royal Jelly Pure Honey Protecting Hand and Nail Cream. I had tried some of the other products in this range and was pleased with them so I was sure that this item would be the same. 

      The Boots Royal Jelly Pure Honey Protecting Hand and Nail Cream comes in a small clear plastic tube allowing you to see the hand and nail cream inside. The top of the tube is wider towards the top and has a gold coloured lid on the other end which doubles up as the base. The lid simply screws on and off the tube.

      On the front of the tube is a small square silver label, this has the Boots logo towards the top with the words Royal Jelly written in the middle, just beneath this in slightly smaller writing are the words Pure Honey Protecting Hand and Nail Cream, all of this is written in black and gold writing.

      On the back of the bottle all of the product information is written directly on the back of the tube in black writing, this includes facts about the cream, directions for use and warnings, all of this is clearly written and easy to follow. 

      The Hand and Nail Cream
      This hand cream is a very light yellowy colour, it is of a thick consistency and has almost a bubbly appearance inside the bottle. When I first smelt the Boots Pure Honey Hand and Nail Cream I really liked it, inside the bottle it really did smell of honey as I expected, once applied to my skin this did fade a little and the cream had sweetness to it but not the actual honey scent it had within the bottle.

      Boots Royal Jelly Hydrating Hand and Nail Cream contains Royal Jelly and Honey which are both known for their hydrating and smoothing properties, this hand and nail cream also contains pro vitamin B5 which protects the condition of your hands leaving them soft. 

      Directions of Use
      The directions for use are standard for this product and state that you massage the cream into your hands and nails to maintain the moisture balance of your skin. 

      Again these are standard for this type of product and includes
      Avoid contact with your eyes, if this occurs rinse thoroughly 
      Do not leave in direct sunlight

      Price and Availability
      This product is available from Boots, I have a 50ml tube and as it was part if a gift I'm not sure the exact price for this size tube, however I have seen it in my local Boots in a 100ml tube for £2.09 which personally I think I good value for money. 

      My Opinion
      I have been using Boots Royal Jelly Pure Honey Protecting Hand and Nail Cream for a while now and have been pleased with the results. I find that I only need a small amount of the hand cream at once meaning it is economical and long lasting.

      I really like the fragrance of this cream it has a fresh smell to it which lingers on your skin without being too strong or overpowering.

      When I have used this cream my skin really does look smooth and soft and feels hydrated, I can't say I have noticed a difference in my nails but the cream definitely improves the condition of my skin.

      I personally would not use this hand and nail cream if my skin was extremely dry and cracked as it just isn't greasy enough for this, I would say this is more suited if your hands are just feeling a bit dry and in need of a moisturise.

      The hand cream soaks in very fast and leaves no greasy residue afterwards. This product is also very reasonably priced and in my opinion worth the money. Overall I would recommend the Boots Royal Jelly Pure Honey Protecting Hand and Nail Cream. 


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