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Burt's Bees Hand Repair Kit

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Brand: Burt's Bees / Type: Hand Repair / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Repairs,

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    2 Reviews
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      14.01.2009 23:54
      Very helpful



      My hands look so much better thanks to this little kit

      I am always looking for different products to try to help maintain and repair my hands especially through the winter months when they suffer the most. I like to try different products to see if any are better, and it is always nice using something new.

      I have not long discovered Burt's bees, I had noticed the range of Burt's bees baby range in boots but I haven't seen any of the other product ranges whilst out shopping. When I was browsing through Amazon I stumbled upon the Burt's bees products that were available and I thought the hand repair kit would be good as it had a selection of goodies for me to try. I had always thought that Burt's bees was expensive which is why I haven't really looked for it in the past, but this hand kit is good value for money. I paid £12.50 for this kit and it is usually priced around £15.

      The hand kit comes in a clear drawstring bag with Burt's bees in black writing which is good to keep everything together. It all looks nice in the bag and it is presented very nicely.

      As soon as I opened the bag I was met which some lovely scents that were quite strong. In the bag there is a pair of cotton gloves that are in a card envelope, which I already use and have already reviewed the gloves that I use, so these were just perfect for me. They are not much different from the cotton gloves that I already have apart from the fact that they are covered in pictures of bees on both sides of the gloves. They fit my hands comfortably and they wash well.

      There is also a small tin of Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme (17g) with nourishing Vitamin E; it looks quite dense and you are hit with a lovely lemon scent as soon as you lift the lid off. This is to be applied at night, so it has time to work overnight while you sleep, only a small amount is needed to massage into each finger nail and cuticle. My nails are not well maintained, I'm not a girly girl and having 2 children I really don't get a lot of time to worry about little things like this. I have also been a nail biter since my teen years - not as much now unless I'm stressed. This cuticle crème has helped to strengthen my nails and has helped repair any damage on the cuticles. It is worth applying for the smell alone!

      You also get a generous sized jar of Beeswax and Banana hand Crème (57g) you can smell this without even opening the jar! You need to like the smell of bananas as this will not be any good for you. Luckily I love bananas although I did find it a bit unusual to have a hand crème that smelt heavily of banana, but I was excited to try it. This comes in a glass jar with a metal screw lid, the crème is a pale yellow colour and is quite thick so not much is needed, it is of a smooth consistency and is easy to massage into your hands. It does leave your hands feeling slightly greasy so some may not like to use this as a day crème but as you are getting a pair of cotton gloves you can always slip these on to give time for the crème to absorb into the skin, although it doesn't take long for it to absorb. I find this good to apply at night after I take a shower I massage this into my hands and slip on a pair of cotton gloves, when I wake in the morning the appearance of my hands are noticeably improved they feel much softer and any sore red areas or cracks on my skin are reduced or even completely gone! I have never had such brilliant results from any hand cream in the past and after just one application my hands are looking better than they ever did! I love this creme! It really does work. After a couple of weeks of daily application my hands are in a much better condition than they have been for a while! I now find that I don't need to moisturise my hands quite as frequently now since using this. I am really pleased with the results!

      My favourite product in this little goody bag has to be Burt's Shea butter hand Repair Creme (14g) with cocoa butter and sesame oil. This comes in a small tube and is easily dispensed onto my hand, only a small squeeze of this is needed. This crème is to be applied to the back of your hands where the skin is thin and where the hands usually have damage. This is quite an odd colour and consistency, it is a darkish yellow and it is quick thick it is heavily scented however I don't usually use scented crème's or beauty products. It massages and absorbs into the skin with ease and instantly leaves your hands looking and feeling better. This is a small size and I have almost finished using the tube in this time I have been using it! I have to admit though I think I use a little more than is needed as when I have used a smaller amount of the crème I have achieved the same results.

      There is also a small booklet that comes with this kit which reminds us of how our hands are overworked, and it gives lots of helpful information about how to look after our hands.

      This is a fabulous hand repair kit that provides you with the basics you need to maintain and care for your hands. It is great value for money and the crème's will last for quite a while as they are all very rich and you don't need to keep applying crème to your hands as much as you would with other hand creams, and the results are amazing, these crème's really have made a difference to my hands.

      I will definitely be buying more products from the Burt's bees range, and I plan on buying more of the hand crème's too.

      As with all Burt's bees products the ingredients are natural and are free from animal testing.

      If like me your hands suffer then this hand repair kit will definitely improve your hands. As long as you don't mind the heavy scents then you will loves this kit.


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        20.11.2008 23:14
        Very helpful



        A good idea for a gift and a great way to test out products. Thumbs up for Burt's Bees!

        I was delighted this year on my birthday when I received a Burt's Bees Hand Repair Kit. I had never used any of their products before, but had only heard good things about them. I have enjoyed testing out all the products in the set over the last few weeks.

        What's in the Kit?

        A healthy Hands booklet full of useful information on how to look after your hands. You are provided with 7 steps to Healthy Happy Hands and your Repair kit is their to help.

        A 2oz (57g) jar of Beeswax and Banana hand Creme (I have written a separate review of this product).

        A 0.6oz (17g) tin of Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme with nourishing Vitamin E.

        Burt's Shea butter hand Repair Creme with cocoa butter ans sesame oil - 0.49oz (14g)

        1 pair of Cotton Gloves.

        How to use the Kit...

        When I first opened this little 'goodie bag' I decided to read the information booklet first. I assumed it would just give me information about the product in the bag, but I was wrong. Firstly you are reminded of how we overwork our hands, how we neglect them and take them for granted. I am guilty on all counts! It is only now that I have reached a certain age that I have suddenly realised that I need to look after these precious tools. I feel that But's Bees may be able to help me, so I read on.

        MOISTURIZE - they suggest you moisturize your hands every time after you wash your hands , while they are still damp as this helps to lock in additional moisture.

        For this the kit has provided the Banana and Beeswax Creme. (See Dooyoo review Use Your Beeswax). This pale yellow, banana smelling creme, is not my favourite. It leaves my hands feeling greasy for too long, although after it has eventually soaked in. my hands feel softer and the skin looks 'younger'.

        The second Moisturizng creme in the kit is a delightful little purple tube of Shea butter hand repair creme. I like this as you can sqeeze a little of the creme directly into your palm. It has a thick smooth consistency, and feels 'rich'. Again it takes a while to feel as though it has soaked into my skin, but it doesn't feel as greasy as the Beeswax. The information suggests this is good for the soft thin skin on the back od your hands. It says that the cocoa butter and sesame oil protects this delicate area from weather, reduces wrinkle (yippee!!) and sooths chapped skin.

        WEAR GLOVES - not just out in the cold but for washing up too. A great tip - put hand creme (Beeswax?) on your hands before putting on rubber gloves. The heat of the water will intensify the activity of the moisturizer.

        LOOK AFTER YOUR NAILS - The kit contains a small yellow tin of lemon butter cuticle creme. This smells wonderfully of lemons - like a lemon tart! This is another beeswax product that claims to care for dry cuticle, brittle nails and chapped fingers. It suggests that you massage the product into your cuticles and nails nightly, which I have bee doing! It agian feels quite greasy, but my nails appear more healthy looking and shiny.

        WEAR GLOVES AT NIGHT - Oh YES! Burt's Bees suggest you creme up your hands and go to bed wearing a lovely pair of their cotton gloves! The gloves in the kit are very cute. Made obviously of white cotton and covered in a pattern of little yellow and black bees. The booklet says the gloves will protect your sheets and keep the creme on your hands. They also generate a bit of heat which helps the creme soak into your skin.

        Well what a laugh. My hubby did a double take when I sat in bed with my snazzy gloves on reading my book! He did ask if a hat and scarf would come next and was this a way of coping with the credit crunch, or was I trying to tell im something else?!! I have massaged hand reapir creme into the backs of my hand, banana creme onto my palms and lemon cuticle creme onto my nails! I have then put the gloves on dutifully for the last week. I must admit though that the gloves are taken off at some point during the night as I find my hands get too hot.

        The Results...

        My hands feel great. I feel as though I've had a luxury manicure, although my nails need shaping a bit! Each morning my hands feel silky soft - what joy! These products seem to really do the job and I love the gloves!

        I have only given the kit 4 stars as I'm not keen on the Banana Beeswax Creme, but that's my personal choice - this is still a quality product.


        I was given this item as a gift but I have seen it for £14.99 at www.bathandunwind.com.


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      • Product Details

        Kit contains: Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme; Beeswax & Banana Hand Creme; Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme; Bee Gloves; and an Instruction booklet /

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