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Butter London Horse Power Nail Fertilizer

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Brand: Butter London / strengthening product / Type: Nail Butter / Suitable for: Nails / What it does: Enricheses

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2011 20:49
      Very helpful



      A herb infused nail rejuvenator

      Its been about ten years now since I stopped biting my nails, I was one of those people who was constantly chewing on them, right down as far as I could and they would be sore, bleeding and really gross to look at. I mainly did it when I was nervous or stressed and going through my 'A' levels and then my degree didn't help much with the stress levels. However since completing all of my education I suddenly stopped biting my nails completely and now it annoys me when I see other people biting theirs, you know one of those annoying people who used to have a bad habit and now she doesn't, she hates to see other people with it, I mean it does look horrible doesn't it? So I had to do something to stop myself doing it.

      Anyway through the years of biting my nails and using any product that came onto the market which claimed I would stop doing so, my nails were a complete nightmare to grow and I sought some advice from a beautician friend of mine who had completed a course in nails and nail care and she came round to have a look at them and even though I hadn't bitten them for months they still refused to grow, so she suggested that I used a product that encouraged my nails to grow but also repaired them at the same time, you see further problems occurred when my nails did grow and that was that they were so weak they would split and peel making them useless and really unsightly.

      The product I was recommended is called Butter LONDON 3 Free Horse Power Nail Fertalizer made by a company called Butter London. I had never heard of them but the company was formed back in 2005 by a lady called Sasha Muir who lived in London and her idea behind the company was to research and combine hygienic and affordable nail services with high quality products that could be bought and tried on the everyday person that didn't cost the earth to use and purchase. Sasha then teamed with Nonie Crème who is a nail fashion expert and between them they have developed a company that sells a wide range of nail lacquers in a variety of highly fashionable colours as well as nail treatments, lotions, The Pedicure Collection and gift sets of their products. All of these products can be found online and right across the globe in numerous countries but not here in the UK, but you can buy it online through the official website or through places like Amazon and look fantastic.com and for a 15ml bottle you can expect to pay anything from £14-£18 a time for it.

      So Butter LONDON 3 Free Horse Power Nail Fertalizer is a nail rejuvenator and all of the products from this company are described as being "3 free" and this means that they contain NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluene, NO DBP which means they are non toxic. Instead this product contains a herbal ingredient called 'Horsetail'. Now not being au fait with such a herb I did look it up online to find it is actually used in a lot of products. Horsetail is often referred to as the multi-talented herb because it is not only good for hair, skin and nails, instead it is used to treat problems such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis because it helps combat painful inflammations. Horsetail is also rich in both silica and mineral salts. So with all of that in mind, within this product its main use is to rejuvenate and repair your nails and the Horsetail with its high content of silica which is easily absorbed into the skin and nails, is said to be highly effective at strengthening brittle nails.

      When it comes to using this product the instructions which accompany it state that you should:

      1) Apply one coat to clean, dry nails.
      2) Reapply every day (alone or under lacquer) for seven days then remove.
      3) Repeat for four weeks or until nails have reached desired strength
      4) A one month break is then recommended after the 4 week process

      The bottle is square shaped and has a black screw on and off lid. The bottle itself is glass and therefore see through and whilst there is a label on the bottle to tell you what the product is, the lacquer inside is also quite clear but is said to have a pearl finish to it, so it looks like a pearl in the light. Anyway as ever when it comes to applying something like this everyone I know applies nail varnishes and treatments differently, but I followed by friend Vikki's advice and started in the middle of my nail and used the brush to complete long strokes up and down the nail working towards one side of the nail and then the other until it was completely covered, giving an even finish to each nail and then once you have completed both hands you will notice that it has a really lovely shine, much like adding a clear varnish to your nails. Then as requested you need to re-apply this product to your nails every day for 7 days and then remove it all from your nail, preferably using a decent nail varnish remover. The removal from your nails is really easy to do and takes a matter of seconds, I use Boots Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover which contains nothing harmful to my nails.

      Once you have completed the cycle of applying, reapplying and then removing for one whole month you then have a one month break from using it and at this point should you need to complete this cycle again then do so. I first used this product over a year ago and have since completed the cycle of using this three times and at this moment in time don't feel the need to use it for the time being because my nails are now growing to a nice length with a naturally white tip, something my friend Vikki says I should be proud of because that's what most people want to achieve, a nice pink nail bed and a white tip to match, a bit like a French manicure without the polish. However, when I have finished at my allotment and have been busy at work I do often feel that my nails have been hard done by, but should I feel that they have become quite weak I can always opt to use this product again to prevent the same problems happening or I use another product from this company called 'Hardwear' which helps to protect my nails and again helps prevent them from splitting, peeling and breaking.

      As I said I first used this product voer a year ago due to a recommendation from a close friend of mine and for me it has been invaluable. I once had poor nails which would split and peel as soon as they grew to any sort of length and once this happened the temptation to bite them was always there. Now, having used this product and completed the cycles of using it I have nice manageable nails that I can take care of myself and not feel the need to bite them because they look nice. So if you have similar problems then I would recommend this product because it is brilliant and does exactly what it tells you it will do.


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