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Cien Nail Polish Remover

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3 Reviews

Brand: Cien / Type: Nail Polish Remover

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    3 Reviews
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      23.01.2014 18:56
      Very helpful
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      Effective, inexpensive nail polish remover.

      My life is split between England and sunny southern California where we have our own solar heated swimming pool. I spend a lot of my time in lightweight, summer-style open-toed shoes. While I am not at all into fashion or maintaining a wonderful appearance (or even attaining such a look!), I do like to have regular pedicures. Unfortunately my foot spa attendances are often few and far between. This means that I am responsible for removing the nail polish from my toe nails before they start to look too tatty.

      ~+~ Cien acetone free nail polish remover ~+~

      This product is part of Lidl's bodycare range and therefore usually only available from that store.
      While being acetone free, this product is still considered a solvent. It comes in a 200ml plastic bottle. This can be recycled, however the pump and cap cannot usually be. The product is the same consistency as water, has a faint pink tone, and smells similar to regular "old style" polish removers.

      The "pump" I referred to is a fantastic mechanism that I'd not seen before in any similar product. The bottle cap has three parts: a base, a push-pump and a flip lid.

      ~+~ In use: my thoughts ~+~

      This item is very easy to use. Simply open the flip cap, place a piece of cotton wool, make up pad, tissue or fabric on top of the pump dispenser and then push down gently and carefully. Your chosen material absorbs the removing solution easily. Next clean your nails in the usual manner. I usually use one make up pad per foot, and find that I do not need to "top up" my make up pad with any more of this product between toe nails.
      The directions do suggest that you should clean the dispenser in order to avoid build up, but I don't do this and haven't had any problems.

      In my opinion, this dispensing style works well. The product's odour isn't too strong and quickly it dissipates. When it comes to removing nail polish, this product is similar to most others in that it works. My toe nails do seem a little dry for a couple of days after using this nail polish remover, but this isn't a huge problem for me as I simply apply my (somewhat irregularly used) foot cream more broadly.

      ~+~ Other comments ~+~

      At less than a pound, this is a good product with a nifty applicator. The solution does what I'd expect it to. Overall it exceeds my expectations. I love the fact that even when I lay the bottle on its side with the flip lid off, it doesn't leak, and that the chemical odour is very well contained in the bottle.

      ~+~ Recommended? ~+~

      I am happy to recommend this Cien acetone free nail polish remover.


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        16.01.2013 10:45
        Very helpful
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        A budget Nail Varnish Remover liquid that works very well.

        I generally do my household shopping in either Asda or Tesco, or online at their respective websites, but there are times when I only need to carry out a sort of 'top up' shop and for these lighter shopping trips I will usually decide to shop in either Lidl or Co-Op, both of which are considerably easier for me to utilise, as they are much smaller in size than their 'Superstore' rivals.

        It was during the summer of last year that I was stocking up on a few supplies in a local branch of Lidl's Supermarket that I was perusing their small range of toiletries and cosmetics. One purchase that I made at this time was the "Cien Nail Varnish Remover" which I believe cost me around the 80 pence mark at the time, although I have noticed that many of Lidl's prices will fluctuate from time to time, so please do keep this in mind if you wish to purchase the product. I believe that the product can only be purchased in branches of Lidl.

        The packaging, as with most items from the 'Cien' range, is pretty simple and rather plain. This doesn't necessarily put me off from buying a particular product, but it is fair to say that there is nothing particularly eye-catching or appealing about the slender design or the presentation of the plastic bottle in this instance. The Cien brand is presented in colours of navy blue, and there is a plastic lid on top of the bottle in the same shade. I have found this lid screws off quite easily from the top of the bottle, even though I suffer with limited mobility in my hands.

        Underneath this lid is a very small hole at the top of the bottle's spout, through which you can dispense the liquid Nail Varnish Remover. I have noticed that this design is extremely convenient, as it helps to 'control' the Remover liquid when I want to pour it from the bottle onto a cotton wool pad, for example. Other Remover products are packaged in bottles with a much more 'open' necked bottle and I find these can pour and spill easily from the bottle which makes an extremely unfortunate mess!

        The Cien Remover liquid itself is a pale pink colour and is of course very thin and runny in its consistency, being similar to that of water. I find the Remover carries a very strong smell that is very chemical in its fragrance, although this is the case with most - if not all - Nail Varnish Remover products that I use on a regular basis, as they are generally rather strongly-formulated solutions that contain alcohol and other chemicals. I find the smell of the solution is evident even as the lid is removed from the bottle, such is the strength of its scent.

        In terms of the Cien Remover being effective, I find that it works very well at removing nail polish from my fingertips and it does so quite quickly and with minimal effort which is absolutely ideal, as far as I am concerned. I find too that my much-loved dark red/wine, burgundy, plum, purple-ish types of shades of nail polish are removed much more easily with this particular Nail Varnish Remover than with my previous purchase which had been something of a chore to use with such dark-coloured shades, requiring lots of effort and continual wiping and soaking of the nail. The Cien product in comparison, removes these dark colours much quicker and with much less effort which is preferred when carrying out what is already a rather tedious task.

        I find the Cien Remover liquid works very well with those cotton wool pads that are available to purchase in most supermarkets and drugstores. One pad will quickly absorb the liquid Remover which can then be easily swept over the surface of the nail, lifting the colour up and absorbing it into the cotton wool's surface as it goes. One or two wipes of each nail is really all that is required with this product too, so I do feel it is really effective. Darker shades of polish and varnish may well require a little more liquid to remove stubborn staining, but again, this is something that could be said of most Nail Varnish Remover products that I use regularly, so I really have no complaints when considering the effectiveness of using the Cien Nail Varnish Remover in comparison to other products. I find it works well with removing coloured polish from my fingernails as well as my toenails, and there have been no issues with either task.

        The reverse of the bottle informs me that the Cien Nail Varnish Remover IS suitable for use with false nails, although I cannot comment on this further as I generally paint my own nails rather than choosing falsies.

        The bottle of Cien Varnish Remover has lasted for around two months of use, which I think proves it is an economical product and offers excellent value for money.

        In summary, I have nothing negative to report about the Cien Nail Varnish Remover at all, and think it performs very well, especially considering the value-for-money price tag. I'd have no hesitation in purchasing the product again for myself in the future, and I do feel the product is deserving of full marks in the product rating score, as a result.


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          16.12.2012 19:08
          Very helpful



          Cheap & Cheerful!

          Cien Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover

          Last year I began to really get into painting my nails more and because of this I also began to discover the different qualities, and prices, of different nail polish removers. During a trip to our local Lidl store I came across the Cien Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover and decided that for the price and size of the bottle it was worth a try.

          The Packaging
          Cien Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover comes in a 200ml bottle. The bottle is made of plastic and you can see the pink liquid inside. The design of the bottle is actually quite good as there is a flip top lid which when opened reveals a round pump action surface made of thin but quite strong plastic. The plastic has a slight curve to it which I find stops any excess liquid dripping off and making a mess. The bottle contains the manufacturer information on the reverse along with the usual safety instructions and list of ingredients.

          In Use
          When using nail polish remover I tend to do the standard process of absorbing some of the liquid onto a cotton wool ball or make up remover pad and simply wipe my nails until all the polish is removed and to be quite honest this is all you need to do with this liquid.

          To remove my nail varnish with the Cien remover I have been using mainly make up remover pads for the simple reason I keep forgetting to buy cotton wool balls. The part of the product which I think puts it above other nail polish removers I have used in the past is the pump action surface on the top of the bottle. I find that if I take the make up remover pad and place it on top of the surface I only need to press once on the pump for enough liquid to be dispensed and absorbed by the pad. It is at this point you will experience the extremely strong smell of the liquid, it really is one of those smells that is so strong you could probably clear your sinuses with it! I have noticed that the more I use this remover the less I notice the smell, but if I haven't used it for a while it does seem rather strong all over again.

          Once the remover is on the pad I then use small circular motions on each nail to gently remove the polish. I find that I can do all of my nails with one pad however I do need to add a bit more liquid to the pad after around 6 or 7 nails as it tends to dry up by this point and the almost dry pad against my nail begins to grind on my nerves like fingernails on a blackboard! I would say it takes no more than 5 minutes to completely remove all the polish from my nails, which is a pretty good job really as the smell of this product is extremely strong and I think if you are exposed to it for longer than 5 minutes you will think you are high!

          After using this Cien remover I sometimes find my nails to look a little dry but nothing too major or really worth complaining about so I just use some hand and nail cream and they are soon looking like normal again.
          The best part of this product for me, aside from it doing what it is supposed to, is the pump action surface. This is mainly because when I am removing nail varnish I have a habit of leaving the lid off the bottle which obviously increases the risk of spillage, however with the pump action surface I have noticed that if I leave the lid open and the bottle is knocked no liquid is lost other than a couple of drops which sometimes remain on the surface of the pump. For me this is excellent as I do have some rather clumsy moments and I did have an incident in the past involving spilt nail polish remover and a bedroom rug which ended up with a lovely large stain and eventually got thrown in the bin.

          Price & Availability
          I purchase my bottles of Cien Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover from my local Lidl here in Krakow for a price of 4.95zl (Polish Zloty) which works out at around £1 per bottle depending on the exchange rate. The product can be purchased at Lidl stores in the UK and a quick online search tells me it is currently retailing at around £1.29.

          I have been told that the Cien brand is exclusive to Lidl, I am not sure how true this is as you do seem to be able to buy everything everywhere these days, but I have only ever seen Cien products in Lidl.

          There is also a classic version of this remover available, it is blue in colour and contains acetone.

          I do recommend Cien Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover and I think after discovering this I will be tempted to try some more of the Cien range of products.

          The polish remover is sold at a very reasonable price in a decent sized bottle. I love the pump action lid as not only can I be lazy and simply push the top of the bottle to get the liquid out but it also seems to make the bottle less likely to leak if you knock it over without closing the cap.

          4 out of 5 stars from me, one is lost for the horrible smell!

          Thanks for reading :)


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