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City Chick Square Short Artificial Nail

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Brand: City Chick / Type: Hand / Nail Care / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2010 16:15
      Very helpful



      A Decent Packet Of Bare Falsies

      I have just suggested quite a few of these false nail packs as products and as they have been accepted so quickly I thought I would try and get them done today while I'm on a bit of a roll review wise. Now even though I do wear false nails quite a bit for some reason it never occurred to me to get plain ones that I could paint any colour I wanted until a few weeks ago when my mom suggested it to me and it was like a revelation. I am very into changing the colour of my nails depending on what I'm wearing that day so it just seemed logical to paint nails in different colours and apply them as and when so I went out and bought these ones "City Chick Square Short Artificial Nails" as I have used the City Chick range a lot in the past and always been really impressed. I felt ever so slightly let down by these ones though although they are still pretty good.

      Useful Information:
      Price: Around 99 - £1.99
      Stockists: Bodycare & Amazon
      Each Pack Contains: 20 Assorted Size Nails, Nail Glue & Instructions. I'm pretty sure the packet I bought did have a nail file contained in it but that may vary depending on the seller.

      These nails again are super easy to apply as long as you know how check out my previous review for the way I personally apply mine and that should get you off to a good start. Practice definitely makes perfect when learning to apply falsies. Ive actually read that some people just apply these bare nails and that's it they don't paint a colour or french manicure them which seems a bit odd as they do look so weird when they are bare on your nails. I definitely recommend painting these rather than wearing them bare or at least doing them french manicure if you want a more natural look.

      The one reason I did feel let down by these is they were a lot longer than I had imagined they would be. Sure they were square at the top but they were by no means short in fact they were much too long for me too use so I had to spend ages cutting and filing them down to an appropriate length. I simply wouldn't have been able to function with nails that long and unless you wear very long nails all the time you will have trouble with these and you will need to cut them down to size which obviously takes quite a while. They do look really good once you have done that but I felt a bit cheated - I personally wouldn't have bought them had I known how long they were. So there is a warning for the rest of you. The size is easily altered though so I guess it isn't too much of an issue.

      Once you have cut and filed them down to size they are very easy to paint. Now the instructions suggest painting them BEFORE application but having tried it both ways I think applying them and then painting them is much easier and a lot less messy. Ive tried them with quite a few different colours on and I don't think you really need more than one coat to cover the whole nail evenly in block colour. As the nail is totally smooth the varnish goes on much easier and coats the nail better so you don't need as much and it dries SO much quicker as well. Overall it does look much better than applying nail varnish to broken, bitten down nails like I normally do but on me it doesn't look as natural as I would like.

      I'm not sure whether it will be different for different people but these nails don't look as natural on me as others I have tried. That doesn't bother me too much as long as they look good and last ages which they do but sometimes I do prefer a more toned down natural approach. Every now and then though especially for nights out these are brilliant and I do fully recommend them. They last about a week before they start to feel a little loose and usually by them the colour has started to chip which isn't really the fault of the actual nail but it does look pretty grotty nonetheless but a weeks worth of nails for 99p isn't too bad at all.

      I do recommend them if you don't mind having to work at it a bit when you first apply them as if your looking for something quick and simple then go somewhere else for your falsies. With patience and great application though these can look really fantastic so I do recommend them although I am knocking off a star!

      (See Previous Review For Application Instructions!!) Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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