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Clarins Hands Age-Control Hand Lotion SPF15

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Brand: Clarins / Contents: 75ml / UV Protection Factor: SPF 15 / Type: Lotion / What it does: Smoothes, Protects

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    2 Reviews
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      03.06.2011 16:58
      Very helpful



      A much better product than I gave it credit for.

      Thanks to my aunty (who gets mentioned in any Clarins or Clinique review I write) I have extensively used far more Clarins products than I realised. I have a few more products to review, this being one of them. I never bothered before, as other things that I considered 'better' were on the same amount of Dooyoo miles. In a purely cynical fiduciary move I bumped these Clarins 'to write' reviews to the top of my list. However while using up what I have left of the products (which had been languishing in a bag in my fridge for a few months) so at freshen my memory and be accurate in my opinions I have been pleasantly surprised. Clarins seems to suit the older me far more than it did before I hit my late forties, so I'm glad I made the decision to write on them for other reasons too.

      Clarins have been manufacturing since1954; to me the brand has a slightly old fashioned, 'genteel' personality which if you try really hard could be taken for sophistication. They use no animal products in their ranges, and say that "sustainable plants are at the heart of the Clarins brand" in 1987 they were the first French company to give up animal testing which is a huge plus.

      Clarins has a very nice website which gives lots of details of their approach, plus the usual gift ideas, products to purchase etc of course. Some of the wording of the blurb is a bit schmaltzy for example "by creating charitable programmes that advance social responsibility, environmental preservation, and medical research, Clarins has taken leadership in setting an example for others to follow". I've been pretty much sucked in by it, schmaltz and all, and look at Clarins as a brand in a more positive light for visiting the site. The address of the site if you are interested is uk.clarins.com

      The packaging is the standard Clarins white and red, boxed with a usage leaflet in many different languages. The tube itself is an easy to use basic recyclable plastic tube with a ergonomic fat screw top lid. What I like about this basic packaging is that when you can't whack any more product out of the tube you can just cut it open and scoop out any remaining product collected on the 'ledge' around the dispensing area, and any nestled in corners, or coating the inside of the tube. Because of the silky lotion texture of this 'treatment' not much remains inside the tube. So unlike with some thicker products you'll probably only get enough for one or two further uses by doing this, but worth the minor effort none the less.

      The product has a classically Clarins scent, subtly fragrant with a fresh feel to it. It has lotion like in consistency, and a sort of ivory colour. It sinks into the skin instantly and leaves a very subtle hydrated shimmer for a little while. This may be the effect of the sunscreen, or simply the look your skin takes on when well hydrated.

      When using a treatment product not simply a moisturising one I don't bother rubbing the product between my palms and over my hands, as it if pretty much wasted here. Apply to the backs of the hands and rub in by rubbing the backs of the hands over one another, using palms for any further spreading and to massage the product around cuticles and over nails. Your palms should receive enough moisture by applying in this way. If using a purely moisturising cream I will always put it on my palms too as they can get a bit dry feeling. This may seem a bit fiddly or pointlessly fussy but it is very easy to do and really helps the more expensive products go further while targeting the areas that will respond to and benefit from it most; while using more basic products for comfort elsewhere.

      The hydrated feel remains for quite some time without any greasiness at all, but this product isn't as deeply hydrating as some more specialist products for this effect, and I keep a cheaper simple moisturising hand cream for when I need a real deep quenching. This product doesn't claim to have any specific beneficial effect on nails and I haven't noticed any difference to mine. My cuticles have never been a problem but they did remain soft and supple, with no tendency to peel while using this.

      What I love about this Clarins age control lotion is that it already contains a sunscreen. Having veered between chubby and plain fat for most of my life I have taken great pains to try and look after the bits of my body that are not so shabby, such as my fairly petite hands and smiley gormless face. I'm not a sun worshiper and being aware of the damage that the warming rays can have I have always used a highish factor sun screen particularly on hands, chest and face so this is a nice point for me. It's not good to be over obsessive about sun protection though as you do need some sunshine to help your body to manufacture certain vital substances, such as vitamin D, moderation as with most things I suppose is the key.

      The sun protection in this product is only a factor 15, but if I don't have time to or forget to put a separate high factor sunscreen I feel confident that this will be sufficient for normal everyday exposure (I do apply hand cream a few times a day so the protection is naturally maintained). The sunscreen in the product in combination with the other ingredients - which include amongst other things Japanese Mulberry extract, (an ingredient used by many companies to minimise existing 'age spots') does seem to keep the worst of the ravages of time at bay.

      The emphasis with this product is keeping the skin looking young rather than specifically hydration and most of its active ingredients revolve around 'lightening' to even out skin tone, reduce any existing age related discolouration and prevent further uneven pigmentation. Touch wood at the age of nearly 49 I don't have any incipient dark age marks. I'm sure it's not entirely down to this product because as already mentioned I do use other sun protection too, but I'm convinced it's helped and lived up to its claims admirably.

      Clarins seem to fit a niche of intermediate/high pricing, they are not close in price to supermarket brands on the lower scale, nor are they up there with Crem da la Mere, and Perricone etc in the upper strata

      The Clarins website sells this for £18.50 for 75mls

      Feel unique £16.65 free postage and packaging

      It is only £11.95 at cheap smells but I'm not sure what the postage is at the moment sorry.


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        22.02.2009 09:59
        Very helpful



        A fantastic addition to your hand care routine.

        I am a sucker for Clarins, I've got to admit. And anything that promises to keep time at bay seems to somehow end up on my dressing table. This product was no exception.

        I've got an obsession with my hands. They are becoming dryer and more prone to sun spots, there's no doubt. I don't look after them enough either if truth be told. So I thought this little 75ml bottle would do the trick.

        It's not cheap, as anyone who buys Clarins knows. I paid £16.50 for mine at Debenhams, which is a couple of pounds more expensive than the ordinary Hand and Nail treatment, but this promises something more. Age-control.

        It comes in the usual secure packaging as with all Clarins products. Sometimes I think it could just be sold in the buff and save on cardboard, but there is a useful instruction leaflet along with the 'how to contact Clarins for all your beauty needs' leaflet inside the box.

        The actual bottle is in classic Clarins livery, white with red writing and gorgeous gold trim. The tube is inverted and flat with an equally flat twist off cap. This proved to be the major weakness of the product actually, because when I left it in my handbag, the cap would somehow twist itself off, leaving expensive handcream everywhere. I only did this twice, then realised I had to leave it at home. Because it's a twist off cap, it's fiddly to replace if your hands are full of cream. It's best left off until you've finished.

        When you stand the bottle upside down, as it's meant to stand, you find that there's a lot of the cream in the lid and because it's got a more pointed nozzle there's a lot of space inside the lid, which means you do lose some of the hand cream in there too. So, I keep mine flat in a drawer where it can't wriggle it's way out of the lid or suffer the effects of gravity!

        The bottle is a pain, but the product is sheer heavenly pleasure. It's quite runny compared to the ordinary hand and nail treatment, but because of that, it just glides over your problem bits and you get the pleasure of massaging it in for a while longer. It absorbs easily but by then you know you've shared a wonderful experience with your hand cream. It leaves your hands silky, shiny, more hydrated and after a couple of applications your sunspots are also less obvious. As it's got the added benefit of having SPF 15 you know you can use it to protect your hands -to a certain extent- in the sunshine too.

        The aroma is wonderfully rich, but at the same time delicate and very feminine and everyone comments on the fragrance whenever I use it, whether this is at home or at work. The good thing is, it lasts because you don't actually need a lot of it. Clarins have come up with the goods again.

        Some minor adjustments with the bottle wouldn't go amiss though.


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    • Product Details

      Minimise existing age spots and brighten tired hands with this lightweight super-concentrated formula of plant extracts and sun filters / Lightens existing pigmentation marks through gentle exfoliation and prevents more appearing by slowing down the production of melanin / Helps protect against the drying effects of external factors (cold, harsh water, etc.) and against the skin-ageing effects of UV rays / Rapidly absorbed, it moisturises, softens and smoothes skin / Strengthens nails / Prevents Age Spots, Evens Skin Tone, Softens Hands;

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