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Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Hand Therapy Cream

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3 Reviews

Brand: Crabtree and Evelyn / Texture: Cream / Type: Hand Cream / Suitable for: Hand / Contents/Size: 100g / Parabene free: yes

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    3 Reviews
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      11.04.2012 13:44
      Very helpful
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      Excellent product that performs well

      Crabtree and Evelyn are well known for producing good quaility products and their hand therapy range lives up to this great standard.

      I have tried all of the different fragrances available and the Citron, Honey and Coriander is one of my favourites.

      The cream currently retails at £14 for 100g on the Crabtree and Evelyn website, though they often have up to 40-50% sales so you can pick up a few at a time, which I do.

      The Citron, Honey and Coriander hand therapy comes in a fairly soft metal tube with a white screw lid that is easy to use and stays in place, if being carried around in your handbag. The tube is a sage green colour, with a picture of lemon on, which makes the product look refreshing. The tube also comes packaged in a cardboard box, which is nicely presented.

      The product contains shea butter, which gives the product a lovely creamy and luxurious feel, and in addition it contains Ceramide 3 and 6 II, which are supposed to improve the skin's barrier function and and help reduce the loss of moisture throughout the day. The cream also contains extract of myrrh to help condition your nails and Hyaluaronic Acid to keep moisture close to the skin. Overall the hand therapy aims to hydrate your skin and condition your nails and cutilces. The product is paraben, lauryl sulfate, mineral oil and propylene glycol free.

      The cream is easy to dispense from the tube and a little goes a long way, so although it is a little pricey, it last me for at least 4 months with several applications per day. It sinks into my skin, which is fairly dry, very well and my hands feel instantly nourished and protected, I also have sensitive skin and I have never had any issues of irritation from the cream, in fact if my hands are feeling a bit sore from too much washing up, it helps to sooth them. My nails have also benefitted from using the product as they have a tendancy to be dry and the hand therapy helps to nourish them and improve the condition of my cuticles.

      The overall scent of the product is citron, this gives a fresh feeling and also a lightness, this is shortly followed by a more herby coriander scent and the soft sweetness of honey, which overall makes the cream a pleasure to use. I would recommend this hand cream to others as it really works wonders on dry skin.


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        23.03.2012 09:54
        Very helpful



        A great uplifting hand cream without the horrible greasy feeling after application

        ***Why I want the product?***
        With having purchased another hand therapy cream from Crabtree and Evelyn in Rosewater and adore, I wanted to explore a bit more of their range and purchase another hand therapy cream. After all a girl can never have too many hand creams as along side the eyes your hands are the first signs to show ageing.

        ***About the brand***
        Crabtree and Evelyn has evolved from 1972 from a small family business who specialised in soaps. Now the company has over 500 stores worldwide.
        Now the brand delivers fragrances, gifts, skin care and more, they have also introduced products ranges with fruit, flower and plant essences.

        *** About the product***
        Crabtree and Evelyn have a whole range of hand therapy creams in different sents for everyones taste. The range ranges from delicate Rosewater to Lavender, Iris, a delicate fresh Summer Hill and many more.

        I decided on Citron Honey and Coriander. This hand therapy is described as a vibrant lemon and fresh coriander with a touch of sweet honey, which to me sounds divine and sounds so uplifting.

        Citron Honey and Coriander is packed with shea butter with Ceramides 3 and 6 II, which improves your skin's barrier function that helps to reduce moisture loss in your hands. Hand therapy also contains myrrh extract, which is shown to condition nails, and Hyaluronic Acid, to hold moisture close to the skin.

        ***What is Ceramides 3 and 6 II?***
        Is a variety of ceramidxes that restores the protective barrier of the skin while enhancing skin's moisture levels in exchange for skins lipds to which enhanced moisturisation and protection levels are highter leading to less dry and sensitive skin.

        ***What is Shea Butter?***
        Shea butter is a naturally creamy/white in colour and a solid texture at room temperature, but easily liquefies on the skin; it is made from nuts of Karite Nut Tree. These trees grow in West and Central Africa and can take up to 50 years to mature. Shea butter has been used for thousands of years to treat different things including: burns, sores, stretch marks, great moisturiser, promoting cell renewal and many more uses.

        The packaging I find it simple but luxurious to the point with a delicate feel. The beautiful white cardboard box, which has a picture of a lemon with its leaves logo in the middle within a posh bubble that says Citron Honey and Coriander. Hand Therapy Collection is written at the top as is Hand Therapy at the bottom. The back of the box sees how to use the product, and list of ingredients.

        The product itself comes in a muddy green metal tube, which looks like an artist's tube of oil paint. The white screw off lid sets off the design perfectly that is not too fussy but delicate.

        ***What does the product look and feel like?***
        Unscrewing the white plastic lid and gently squeezing a small amount to the back of my hand I am greeted with a thick white cream just as Rosewater Hand Therapy, which is the same.
        Just like Rosewater spreading the cream to the back of my hand it still light yet creamy that sinks in quickly leaving my skin with a velvet feel without any greasy residue behind. If you find residue has been left behind, you have applied too much but this will still sink in.

        At first squeeze I actually couldn't detect a strong smell like I thought I would but as soon as I spread the cream into my hands and smelt my hand I could only then smell the beautiful scent. I would say the scent is quite strong with a distenctive smell of lemon, but not with a sour smell that is strong. The peppery coriander is not in your face either, all the scents within the hand therapy compliment each other very well giving you the most uplifting fragrance.

        After the first application I could feel and see the moisture that has been replenished into my hands, they did not look so dull and grey. Instead I was left with hands that are softer to the touch without the uncomfortable dry feeling of parched hands that have been starved of moisture.
        Just as my Rosewater Hand Therapy after only one application (depending on how dry your hands are) my hands looked and felt soft without a greasy feeling I hate and associate with hand creams.
        I found when the cream sunk into my hands the scent remained a little while longer, which I liked, but didn't last too long that the sent offended me.

        With small and frequent applications through the day, especially when I've been washing my hands or washed up I am able to keep dry hands a thing of the past. There has been a few times I did not apply frequent applications as I actually felt my hands did not need it due to the moisture levels in my hands and the fact I feel this hand cream applies a protective barrier on my hands that keep them moisturised all day. I can go through the day with two applications and my hands are very smooth, glowing without any dry patches what so ever, even with frequent hand washing.

        Even though I have a 50g tube, with frequent applications and the fact such a small amount of product is needed this tube is lasting me a long time and I cannot see me needing to purchase another for at least six months, maybe longer, which to me is fantastic value.

        ***Price and availability***
        You can purchase Citron Honey and Coriander Hand Therapy from http://www.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk. The product currently is available in three sizes, 50g for £9.00, 100g for £14.00 or 250g for £20.00. If you search on the internet you will be able to find these hand creams cheaper.

        ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
        With my first purchase and loving it I was hooked then I just wanted to expand my collection and I am glad I did. If you love uplifting citrus scents then this is the hand therapy for you.


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          31.03.2011 22:22
          Very helpful
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          A lovely little luxury - would make a wonderful mothers day gift

          Working with food, I spend a good portion of the day with my hands in the sink - either washing up pots or washing my hands to keep them clean. I also use rather a lot of cleaning products, and as a result the skin on my hands can become quite dry and damaged.

          Now, I'm not normally one for posh hand creams .Most of the time I'm happy with something basic and bog standard. (though I do like to use something nicely scented as an occasional treat). However, a local paper recently had a token collect offer on - collect three tokens from the paper, and swap them for a 50ml tube of handcream worth £8. As my workplace orders in three copies of this newspaper per day, so that customers have something to read with a coffee, it was a simple matter to snip out the coupons and score myself a posh little treat for free.

          This Citron, Honey and Coriander hand cream, part of the Hand Therapy collection from Crabtree and Evelyn comes very attractively packaged. It comes in a lovely cardboard box, rectangular at the front and sort of triangular along the sides, all in muted tones of cream and avocado. There is a lot of writing on the back of the pack, a good portion of it in French, and a very long list of ingredients.

          Thankfully, there is also a concise little blurb, in English, that simplifies things a little. It points out that this is an intensive conditioning hand cream, designed to leave your hands feeling softer each time you use it . It has macadamia nut oil, honey, and shea butter to help moisturise, and a blend of lemon and herbs to refresh and condition the skin .

          Inside the box, which is easy to open and can be resealed, the cream is in an avocado coloured squeezy tube with a white cap. Perfectly sized I feel for slipping into a handbag, it is classy and simple in appearance, although perhaps a little mature in style for my personal tastes . And I have to say, once these smart metal tubes have had a few squeezes and started to get wrinkled and cracked, they look a little sad and messy.

          The cream, which is pale white with a light mousse like texture, squeezes out of the tube easily. And it blends into the skin really easily in a matter of moments, leaving no greasy residue at all . It feels really luxurious and rich, and there is an immediate zingy awake feeling in my skin.

          The fragrance is amazing, sharp crisp lemony tones, underscored by the earthier scents of coriander, reosemary and thyme. The honey scent is also in there, but very mellow and subtle. Its a real nostril tingler of a scent, and it has great staying power, still being noticeable after a couple of hours.

          This cream moisturises my hands really well . The results were apparent right away, with my skin being a little softer after use. Longer use has really helped take away some of the dryness I always seem to have, and overall the skin on my hands looks and feels much fresher.

          I would certainly recommend this hand cream, although I think that if I had paid the £8 for my 50ml tube, I think I would probably regard it more as a luxury item than something for everyday use. I would certainly recommend this as perhaps a mothers day present - the packaging is lovely and classy in design, and the product absolutely oozes quality.

          I would certainly buy this again, although I am deducting one star as I think the price marks it as a luxury item in my eyes, and not as an everyday product for someone that needs that extra moisture .


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        • Product Details

          Shea butter-rich moisturiser with Ceramides 3 and 6 II improves skins barrier function to reduce moisture loss for extraordinary softness and hydration / Contains myrrh extract, shown to condition nails, and Hyaluronic Acid, to hold moisture close to the skin / Apply after cleansing or anytime throughout the day / Hydrates to improve softness  , Helps condition nails and cuticles , Free of parabens, lauryl sulfates, mineral oil, and propylene glycol, Scent: Vibrant lemon & fresh coriander with a touch of sweet honey

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