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Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Cream

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4 Reviews
  • creamy and thick
  • beautiful fragrance
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    4 Reviews
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      07.09.2014 23:01
      Very helpful


      • "beautiful fragrance"
      • "creamy and thick"


      Rich and creamy, roses in a tube

      This product is one of my favourite hand creams because it has a lovely thick, rich and creamy consistency making using it feel a luxurious experience. If you like rose- scented toiletries, you will love this hand cream as it has a pleasant old-fashioned rose fragrance. The subtle bouquet lasts nicely but is not too over-powering or sweet. The cream is non-greasy and absorbed into the hands easily leaving them feeling soft and well-nourished. The cream is also good to use on the tops of the arms if there is any excess left on the hands.The product is described as "ultra-moisturising hand therapy" and I fully agree. This is probably because it contains quality ingredients including shea butter. I think the hand cream fragrance compliments the rosewater eua de toilette well if you want to layer fragrances. I find that the product is long lasting and I therefore consider that it is good value for the price. I have been lucky enough to receive it as a gift but I also buy it for myself as necessary. In conclusion, I can thoroughly recommend Crabtree and Evelyn`s Rosewater hand therapy from their hand care collection. Once tried, I think you will find that it compares very favourably to similar brands in terms of creaminess, fragrance and effectiveness and it will soon become a firm favourite. It is a very traditional product and a real classic, which complements the rest of the Crabtree and Evelyn rosewater range such as the rosewater soap.


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      02.05.2012 12:21
      Very helpful



      Lovely feminine rose scented hand cream

      Crabtree and Evelyn are well known for producing good quality products and their hand therapy range lives up to this great standard.

      I have tried all of the different fragrances available and the Rosewater Hand cream is a lovely sweet smelling cream that I love.
      The cream currently retails at £14 for 100g on the Crabtree and Evelyn website, though they often have up to 40-50% sales so you can pick up a few at a time, which I do.

      The Rosewater hand therapy comes in a soft metal tube with a white screw lid that is easy to use and stays in place, if being carried around in your handbag. The tube is a lovely deep pink colour, with a picture of a rose on the front, which make the product look appealing and attractive. The tube also comes packaged in a white cardboard box, which is nicely presented.

      The hand cream contains shea butter, blended with soothing rosewater, which moisturizes and smoothes dry skin and leaves my hands feeling incredibly soft.
      The cream is easy to dispense from the tube and a little goes a long way, so although it is a little pricey, it last me for at least 4 months with several applications per day. It sinks into my skin, which is fairly dry, very well and my hands feel instantly nourished and protected, I also have sensitive skin and I have never had any issues of irritation from the cream, in fact if my hands are feeling a bit sore from too much washing up, it helps to sooth them. My nails have also benefited from using the product as they have a tendency to be dry and the hand therapy helps to nourish them and improve the condition of my cuticles.

      The overall scent of the product is rosewater; this gives a lovely floral scent and also a lightness, which overall makes the cream a pleasure to use. The scent lingers on the skin for quite sometime after it has been applied. I would recommend this hand cream to others as it really works wonders on dry skin.


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        02.03.2012 11:08
        Very helpful



        A great hand cream without the horrible greasy feeling after application

        ***Why I want the product?***
        Recently my hands were becoming more and drier to the point where they we're cracking and bleeding around my knuckles. Mostly due to the winter weather, central heating and washing my hands all day long, even with a moisturising hand wash. I recently ran out of my beloved OPI hand cream and I refuse to use other brands now as they just leave my hands in a greasy mess, which I hate so I was on the lookout for a new hand cream. I wanted a change from OPI to see what else was out there.

        I read loads and loads of reviews on hand cream and the one that kept popping up is Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream. Personally I have never heard of Crabtree and Evelyn before but was keen to find out more.

        ***About the brand***
        Crabtree and Evelyn has evolved from 1972 from a small family business who specialised in soaps. Now the company has over 500 stores worldwide.
        Now the brand delivers fragrances, gifts, skin care and more, they have also introduced products ranges with fruit, flower and plant essences.

        *** About the product***
        After a long decision on which hand cream I wanted from this brand I decided on Rosewater Hand Therapy 50g. Rosewater Hand Therapy is enriched with shea-butter blended with Rosewater, which is soothing with a lovely delicate fragrance. Fantastic for dry skin for all year round.

        ***What is Rosewater?***
        Rosewater is the left over liquid or hydrosol that is remaining when rose petals and water have been distilled together for the purpose of rose oil.

        ***What is Shea Butter?***
        Shea butter is a naturally creamy/white in colour and a solid texture at room temperature, but easily liquefies on the skin; it is made from nuts of Karite Nut Tree. These trees grow in West and Central Africa and can take up to 50 years to mature. Shea butter has been used for thousands of years to treat different things including: burns, sores, stretch marks, great moisturiser, promoting cell renewal and many more uses.

        The packaging I find it simple but luxurious to the point with a delicate feel. The beautiful white cardboard box, which has a picture of their Rosewater logo in the middle. Hand Therapy Collection is written at the top as is Hand Therapy at the bottom. The back of the box sees how to use the product, and list of ingredients.

        The product itself comes in a lovely delicate pink metal tube, which looks like an artist's tube of oil paint. The white screw off lid sets off the delicate pink perfectly.

        ***What does the product look and feel like?***
        Unscrewing the white plastic lid and gently squeezing a small amount to the back of my hand I am greeted with quite a thick white cream and immediately regret my purchase as I fear it is going to be like the rest that leaves my hands in a greasy mess. However, spreading the cream to the back of my hand I am surprised at how light the cream feels and actually sinks in pretty quickly leaving my skin with a velvet feel without any greasy residue left behind. From that very moment I knew I was going to love this hand cream.

        I find the rose scent is not in your face, instead I find is a delicate blend of scent that feels and smells feminine, I find the scent doesn't linger on the skin for very long.

        After the first application I could feel and see the moisture that has been replenished into my poor hands, they did not look so dull and grey. Instead I was left with hands that are softer to the touch without the uncomfortable dry feeling of parched hands that have been starved of moisture.
        After only two applications of Rosewater Hand Therapy I can all ready see a massive difference in my hands appearance. The cracks are starting to heal and are less sore.
        With small and frequent applications through the day, especially when I've been washing my hands or washed up I am able to keep dry hands a thing of the past. There has been a few times I did not apply frequent applications as I actually felt my hands did not need it due to the moisture levels in my hands and the fact I feel this hand cream applies a protective barrier on my hands that keep them moisturised all day. I can go through the day with two applications and my hands are very smooth, glowing without any dry patches what so ever, even with frequent hand washing.

        Even though I have a 50g tube, with frequent applications and the fact such a small amount of product is needed this tube is lasting me a long time and I cannot see me needing to purchase another for at least six months, maybe longer, which to me is fantastic value.

        ***Price and availability***
        You can purchase Rosewater Hand Therapy from http://www.crabtree-evelyn.co.uk . The product currently is available in three sizes, 50g for £9.00, 100g for £14.00 or 250g for £20.00. If you search on the internet you will be able to find these hand creams cheaper.

        ***What I think about it/do I like it?***
        To say I was undecided when I saw the product it has been one of those purchases that has left me presently surprised and I love a product find like that.
        I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry hands who hate the greasy feel that you get with regular hand creams.
        This product is a staple in my daily routine for hands that look and feel fantastic.


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          30.05.2011 21:47
          Very helpful



          Good but not perfect

          It is recommended to use a hand cream every time after washing hands however I always feels it makes my hands a little bit sticky for some time and therefore I don't. Instead, I make sure I apply hand cream every time before going to bed as I avoid the annoying sticky feeling and wake up with soft and nourished hands. This review discusses Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Cream that I received as birthday present and have been using every night for the past several weeks.

          The company
          I had never heard of Crabtree & Evelyn before and having done some research, I learnt that they are 'dedicated to creating products and gifts that transform the ordinary rituals of daily life into extraordinary pleasurable experiences'. The company has been around for almost fourty years (initially a small, family business that specialised in soaps). They offer a wide range of body care, fragrances and gourmet foods which are sold in their chain of shops around the world. The travel version of their body care is used by Hilton hotels (that I happily pinched as well!).

          Rosewater Collection
          Rosewater Collection is one of the newest collections at Crabtree & Evelyn in which we can find a shower gel, body lotion, body cream, body dust, soap, eau de toilette, home fragrance oil, hand cream, wash and cleanser, a candle and room spray. Moreover, some of these products (e.g. shower gel) also comes in travel version. For a rosewater fan it may be a bit overwhelming to choose from such a wide range of products but everyone can find something for themselves here.

          Rosewater Hand Cream
          This hand cream comes is packed in a white carton box which has a picture of rose at the front and the name. At the back there is information about he use (in English and in French) and the list of ingredients. Even if it is not very green, I really like the idea of packing a hand cream in a little carton box as it makes it seem somewhat luxurious and perhaps a bit posh. Inside the box there is a pink, metal tube with a white screw off lid at the top. Again, I really like the idea of hand cream tube being made from metal rather than plastic as it seems more luxurious to me (even if it's colder!). The tube contains 100g cream.

          As scent is my strongest sense, having unscrewed the lid, I smelled it. The producer describes it as 'captivating rosewater surrounded with light notes of violet, florals, and musk' and I completely agree with this description. The rosewater is the strongest note here but at the back you can scent some florals, musk and violet. It is a lovely scent; reasonably sweet (but not sickly), quite intense (but not overwhelming) and extremely pleasant. It doesn't seem to be artificial at all and disappears within a couple of hours.

          It is very easy to apply: just press the tube and spread the cream on the hands. Being used to hand creams in plastic containers, for the first couple of times I squeezed the tube too much and unfortunately, wasted some cream but eventually I learnt to delicately press the tube. The product has a great, creamy texture and in this case, a little really does go a long way. It is white which I found a bit surprising (for some reason, I thought it would be pink) and the skin absorbs it quite quickly (doesn't leave annoying sticky after feeling which is a great plus for me).

          The cream contains shea butter and rosewater. Crabtree & Evelyn state that it 'soothes and moisturises' and 'helps maintain softness'. Indeed, the hand cream makes my skin extremely soft, smooth and pleasant to touch. It is a very good moisturiser and my skin is visibly nourished. It did, however, disappoint me a little as when I went away for a couple of days (and forgot to take it with me), the condition of my hands rapidly deteriorated. I wouldn't think that stopping the use of the cream for literally three days would make such a big difference; my hands suddenly became very dry and rough. When I returned, I started using the cream again and their condition quickly improved.

          The hand cream can be bought in Crabtree & Evelyn stores and online. It currently costs £14.00 for 100g.

          It is not a perfect, but certainly a very good hand cream that smells lovely. Recommended.

          Thank you for reading my review.


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