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Creative Nail Design Crystal Activator

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Brand: Creative Nail Design / Type: Nail Care / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      25.06.2008 12:14
      Very helpful



      The perfect two stage exfoliation

      Who Are Creative?

      Since 1979, Creative Nail Design has developed professional products and services for the beauty industry, concentrating on products for hands, feet and nails. They are originally an American company, who are now just as popular all over the world, including the UK. They are one of the most popular and I must say the best brand of products for hands, feet and nails in the industry. If you go to salons quite regularly or are in the beauty industry, it is likely you will have heard or even used Creative Nail Design. I use their products for all things hands, feet and nails and will never use anything else as I know the standards of other products don't even come close.

      Just a small yet important point - Creative Nail Design do not endorse animal testing on any of their products.

      Crystal Activator

      Creative's Crystal Activator is the second stage of a two part hand exfoliation. The first stage is Creative's Exfoliating Crystals. Crystal Activator is an ultra moisturising cream serum which has been designed to activate the Exfoliating Crystals. Crystal Activator makes the crystals from Exfoliating Crystals dissolve - this allows for a deeper, more intensive exfoliation.

      Why exfoliate

      An essential step in a skin care program is exfoliation. Exfoliating smoothes away dead skin cells, prevents clogged pores and reveals a layer of fresh new cells. Regular exfoliating is the secret to a radiant and healthy complexion. Your hands are the part of your body that age the most, even though everyone thinks it's the face. Most people neglect their hands and don't treat them as well as they should. You take real care of your face, but you should be taking as much care of your hands as you do your face. Exfoliation is such an important part of youthful, radiant looking skin, that your hands really do need it.

      Use & Effects

      Creative Crystal Activator is part of a two stage exfoliation with Creative Exfoliating Crystals, these products have to be used together and won't work on their own.

      Creative Crystal Activator contains Aloe Vera to help the skin lock in the moisture that the exfoliation has given. The products together help protect your skin against environmental and sun damage with Vitamin E, replenishes the skin's natural reserve of essential Vitamin C as well as helping to reduce the visible signs of ageing. Vitamin E has great healing and soothing properties. It is great for irritation and soothes whilst moisturising and hydrating your skin. Vitamin E also has anti-ageing properties in and helps to prevent cellular damage and maintains the elasticity and collagen production in your skin which helps to reduce visible signs of ageing.

      It is a common misbelief that your face ages the quickest and most, it is actually your hands. I'm a beauty therapist and most people who come for hand treatments, such as manicures have problems and ageing with their hands due to washing their hands with just water, or soap and water and a handwash that strips the skin. Many handwashes and soap are alkaline based products. The skin has an acid pH so if alkaline products are used on it, the acid mantle will be disturbed. The acid mantle is the protective layer of goodness and oils on your skin and also discourages bacteria and fungi, so you don't want to remove this. It will take several hours for this protective film to be restored. If this is damaged your skin can be left dry, damaged or even irritated and sensitive. Your hands need as much care as you give your face. Crystal Activator and Exfoliating Crystals rebalance your pH level, preventing this from happening. The Vitamin E is these exfoliating crystals helps to prevent ageing and maintains the elasticity, reducing the signs of wrinkles. Hands are always dry and this removes the layer of dead skin cells and dry skin, and also leaves them feeling hydrated and moisturised after use.

      To use, you first have to apply Exfoliating Crystals, massage a dollop of the exfoliating crystals into the hands and forearms. Then follow with an equal amount of Crystal Activator and massage until the citric acid crystals have dissolved into the skin. Then wrap the hands in plastic baggies or clingfilm and if you can put into warm mitts or warm towels. Allow to penetrate for about 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes is up, unwrap the hands and wipe with a damp cloth. This works fantastically with paraffin wax too, this is for use in salons only however, dip the hands into a paraffin wax bath after they have been unwrapped. They will absorb the moisture a lot quicker, leaving them feeling even softer. By wrapping the hands in plastic baggies or clingfilm, you are keeping the area warm and allowing the heat to activate the product, thats why it does work better if you can put your hands into warm mitts or towels too.

      Where Creative Exfoliating Crystals feel like an exfoliator Crystal Activator feels like a soft moisturiser. It comes in a rich cream form, that feels like silk. Again, like Exfoliating Crystals this doesn't irriate your skin. I have ecezma and this doesn't irriate my skin at all. It actually soothes it and cools it, making it itch less and be less noticable. After using both products, your skin is left feeling perfectly soft and smooth, just like that of a babys. It also appears much healthier, as the exfoliation has brough the nutrients to your skin, giving it a healthy glow and much better colour. This thoroughly removes dead skin and softens the skin. As you have just revealed a new layer of skin it will be more sensitive, especially to the sun, so you must be careful and use sunscreen on the area. It is recommended to use this 2 or 3 times a week for optimum results and to prevent the build up of dead skin cells.

      It is annoying that both products have to be used together, because if you run out of one you can't use the other, it is paramount for these products to be used together for them to work, this also makes the process take a little longer than usual.

      Creative Crystal Activator comes in a 9.5 oz pump bottle (not the tub in the picture), this is easier to keep clean than the tub that the Exfoliating Crystals come in. It is see though and you can see the lovely rich cream inside, it is a pale yellow in colour, due to the citrus extracts. It doesn't look faded, it still looks vibrant and appealing. When you pump the cream out the bottle you are immediately greeted with a delicious and refreshing citrus aroma, it is a clean, crisp and fresh smell, which lasts on the hands for several hours after use, it is the same aroma as the Exfoliating Crystals have. I find with daily use this bottle will last about a year.

      Price & Availability

      A 9.5 oz./269 g bottle of Crystal Activator can be purchased for £9.99.It can be purhased from a salon stocking Creative products or from various websites. If you shop around you can usually get a bargain.


      This must be used in conjunction with Creative's Exfoliating Crystals to work, so this does make it more expensive but the products do last and work fantastically. They are certainly the best hand exfoliators I have found, and it is so important to take care of your hands that they are worth it. Your skin is left feeling and looking supersoft and the results last.


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      Reduce the visible signs of aging with a moisturizer that penetrates deep into the skin /

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