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Creative Nail Design Sea Rocks Soak

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Brand: Creative Nail Design / Type: Nail Care / Suitable for: Nails / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2008 12:15
      Very helpful



      A luxury foot soak with aromatherapeutic benefits for tired feet

      Who Are Creative?

      Since 1979, Creative Nail Design have developed professional products and services for the beauty industry, concentrating on products for hands, feet and nails. They are originally an American company, who are now just as popular all over the world, including the UK. They are one of the most popular and I must say the best brand of products for hands, feet and nails in the industry. If you go to salons quite regularly or are in the beauty industury, it is likely you will have heard or even used Creative Nail Design. I use their products for all things hands, feet and nails and will never use anything else as I know the standards of other products don't even come close.

      Creative Sea Rocks Soak

      Creative Sea Rocks Soak is an anti-inflammatory, aromatherapeutic footbath treatment. It cleanses and deodorises the feet with natural antiseptic oils. It has natural antiseptic properties and provides aromatherapeutic benfits due to the content of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil.

      Use & Effects

      Creative Sea Rocks Soak contains Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Rice Bran Oils, as well as Dead Sea Salts and Vitamin E. Euclyptus Oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and also has great healing and soothing properties. Tea Tree Oil is a natural astringent, so it has healing and antiseptic and antifungal properties for your skin. Which is great for the feet, as this is where fungal infections are most common. Dead Sea Salts have great healing properties and gently exfoliates and remineralises the skin, helping your skin regain smoothness and a radiant, healthy appearance, whilst also acting as a natural antiseptic. Rice bran oil is rich in Vitamin E and it ensures that your skin melanin production is also regulated and helps to ensure you have an even skin tone and pigment. Vitamin E has great healing and soothing properties. It is great for irritation and soothes whilst moisturising and hydrating your skin. Vitamin E also has anti-ageing properties in and helps to prevent cellular damage and maintains the elasticity and collagen production in your skin which helps to reduce visible signs of ageing.

      Creative Sea Rocks Soak should be used in a footbath whilst doing a pedicure, but can also be used in the bath for your whole body, or just dip your feet into the bath. It can be used alone, or aswell as Creative Sea Foaming Soak. Creative Sea Rocks Soak are crystals that are in Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils, which are absorbed into the crystals. You only need to use a small amount of crystals, about a teaspoons worth. The crystals should be placed into the footbath or bath and then hot water should be placed ontop, the hot water disintagrates the crystals, so they realise the oils into the water. If cold water is used, this won't happen, but when using hot water, make sure if has cooled enough before you put your feet in, so you don't burn yourself. The crystals dissappear within minutes. You should soak your feet for about 10 minutes, and I would recommend doing this once a week. This softens your feet, making it easier to exfoliate too and it will absorb moisture easier. Using this is a great start to a pedicure, but even if you use alone, its fantastic for if you have been on your feet all day.

      You can immediately smell the refreshing aroma of the Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils as soon as you open the pot, it smells lovely, as is fantastic if you have a cold as it unblocks you straight away - another little use for this product. Once you have placed the crystals into the footbath you can still smell the refreshing smell and throughout the treatment too. It is not overpowering at all, but makes you feel invigorated. It also leaves your feet smelling lovely too due to its cleansing and deodorising properties. If you use other products after this, such as creams, exfoliators and masks, then you probably won't smell this over them.

      When you put your feet in the footbath, they will automatically feel lighter and once they have been in for a few minutes you will feel any discomfort and swelling will have reduced. If you suffer from arthritis, then this is great for soothing, and as it is in warm water, it will get deeper into your body to heal faster. It won't cure it, but it will help soothe the symptoms. It is fantastic for people who are on their feet all day and who suffer from water retention and swollen feet and ankles. The crystals really soothe and heal your feet. Now, you can't beat a foot massage, but your feet are left feeling the same after being soaked in this. They will feel refreshed and slightly tingly, not in a bad way but due to the oils, it will make them feel refreshed tingly. Using this throughly cleans your feet, and if you do suffer from foot odour problems, this is great for deodorising them and it lasts. It is not irritating nor does it sting your feet, even if you have a little cut on your feet, instead it soothes them.

      The oils are absorbed into your feet, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Although it is moisturising to your feet, it is not enough not to need to moisturise afterwards. I would definately recommend exfoliating and using a foot file afterwards to remove the dead skin, for maximum smooth results.

      Creative Sea Rocks Soak comes in a lovely looking clear tub, enabling you to see the lovely rich green coloured crystals. They are full of natural oils which you can clearly see. The tub easily unscrews, but it can get a little clogged up around the rim when used frequently and in a rush, so I would recommend wiping this down after use when possible. I find that using the amount I said and at least 10 times a week, the pot lasts a year, so this is fantastic and really lasts.

      Price & Availability

      For an 18 fl. oz. (236 mL) bottle, you will be looking to pay just over £20. I found it at this price on www.twenga.co.uk. You can purchase it from any salon stocking Creative products or from various websites such as Amazon.com, where sometimes you can get a bargain.


      Creative Sea Rocks Soak is the perfect partner for Creative Foaming Sea Soak, it has aromatherapeutic benefits and relaxes your feet and soothes aches, pains and swelling whilst thoroughly cleaning your feet. It can also double as a bath soak for full body pampering.


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      An anti-inflammatory, aromatherapeutic footbath treatment that cleanses and deodorizes your feet /

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