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Deepclenz Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

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Brand: Deepclenz / Type: Hand Gel / Suitable for: Hand

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2011 08:27
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      an easy way to clean your hands on the move

      Washing hands is a health and safety issue and something we've had drummed into us since we were children. Many people who work in careers such as catering, care, health workers etc. also have the importance of hand washing drummed into them.

      As I used to work as a carer through an agency I got used to carrying round some alcohol anti-bacterial gel. Despite no longer doing this job it's become such a habit for me that I feel lost without a bottle of this to hand. I've tried many brands of alcohol gel but the one I am currently using is this Deepclenz gel.

      The idea of this is that you squeeze a small blob onto your hands and then rub them together. The gel dries immediately killing (according to the bottle) 99.9% of bacteria. The company claims that this will sanitize your hands without the need for soap and water and that it is non-tacky and dries in seconds.

      Whilst a bottle of this doesn't really sound like something you'll use, after all there are sinks wherever there are bathrooms, in your home and work place and wherever else it's important to wash your hands so why on earth would you need a little bottle allowing you to wash your hands wherever you happen to be? Well the only thing I can say to that is that until you have one you don't realise how much you need it. One example off the top of my head is that not all fast food outlets have bathrooms where you can wash your hands (Subway springs to mind!) and if you're out and about who knows what you've touched before? Or even just those times you need a bit of reassurance that your hands are clean.

      The lid is slightly stiff but shouldn't cause a problem to open, it just ensures that it won't accidentally open if knocked in your bag or pocket and the bottle is easy to squeeze. The hole is larger then I would expect given the size of the bottle but the gel is fairly thick so despite the size of the hole there's no wastage. I find that an amount about the size of a penny piece is enough to do both my hands. I simply dispense this onto the palm of one hand then rub my hands together. The gel dries almost immediately as soon as I rub my hands together and leaves no residue unless I use too much - if I have then it just doesn't seem to dry properly leaving my hands slightly damp.

      The gel itself (despite having perfume listed as an ingredient) smells quite strongly of alcohol - although not as strongly as some other gels I have used. Although this isn't exactly the most pleasant of scents it doesn't linger on your skin at all so shouldn't cause a problem.

      As I keep saying in reviews like this, claims such as killing 99.9% of germs is difficult to quantify exactly but, as with other products like this, I have no reason to disbelieve this claim.

      The bottle holds 60ml so is small enough to be carried in either your bag or a pocket without taking up any room at all and the shelf life is 24months although it's never even lasted a few months with me let alone 2 years!

      The only problem I can find is just me being a hygiene freak and is true of all alcohol gels not just this brand. It is that when you wash your hands with soap and water you wash the bugs away. With this, although you kill the bugs until you get to a sink to wash them away you have a collection of dead bugs on your hands! As I said however this isn't really avoidable and is nothing more then me being picky.

      I bought my bottle from poundland costing (no prizes for guessing) £1! For this measly pound you get three 60ml bottles meaning each bottle costs just 33p. For this price I really can't fault it and it's getting 5 out of 5 from me.


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