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Derma Intensive Q10 Hand & Nail Cream

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3 Reviews
  • Do not need to use a lot
  • Nice smell
  • Can be greasy if too much applied
  • Contains parabens
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    3 Reviews
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      06.08.2015 15:47


      • "Dries quickly"
      • "Nice smell"
      • "Do not need to use a lot"
      • "Silky smooth application"
      • "Cheap as chips"


      • "Can be greasy if too much applied"

      Good little hand cream

      Our skin suffers constantly, we don't even have to leave the house and it is damaged by something. Wind, water, rain, sun, pollution, anything you can think of our skin is always under attack and that is why we need a good skin regime to battle against the attacks and moisturising is key to defending our skin.
      I like having a good handbag moisturiser and I picked up Derma Intensive Q10 Hand & Nail Cream from Tesco.

      > The Bottle <

      It is a sweet, small bottle and fits nicely in a bag without taking up too much room. The design is simplistic, getting right to the point of what the hand cream is all about. It has a screw lid which I don't like as I find it is difficult to screw it back on once you have moisturised and Derma is no exception.

      > The Cream <

      The cream is a lovely light pink colour. It is silky smooth and glides gracefully over your hands and nails. The cream is very light on the skin but it is watery so be careful when applying because it is likely to slip off.
      It contains shea butter and vitamin E and shea butter is good for our skin.
      It has a lovely sweet smell to it as well.
      As I do pole dancing my hands have become rough, dry and damaged. When I use Derma my hands feel nice and smooth again. My hands were in agony the other day after dancing and since I used it they have calmed down and the roughness has gone.
      I don't know whether it is intensively moisturising but it is working for me.

      > Application <

      With Derma Intensive Q10 Hand & Nail Cream you do not need a lot of cream on your hand. A pea sized amount is more than enough to completely cover the hand as the cream itself is very light. I used too much once and it left my hands feeling greasy, my words of wisdom here are less is more!

      The details on the back of the bottle say that it can be used to soothe dry skin patches on your body, however I have not used this on another other part of my body than my hands and nails.

      > Value <

      I bought mine for 75p in Tesco so even if you purchase it and you don't like it you haven't lost much. Rather that than £5 right?

      > Overall <

      For 75p you can't go wrong. I like Derma hand cream and it has been working well for me so far.


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      24.02.2013 23:13
      Very helpful



      An ok every day hand balm/lotion just don't expect miracles from it!

      I am not someone who has never felt the need really to use a hand cream or the likes hence me never really reviewing them over the years I have been here. My reason for this is quite simple and those reasons are because I bite my nails and I smoke!

      However when I got to my new flat the ex tenant had left a little basket with a few bits and pieces in it and one of the items within it was a new bottle of this which I thought was a lovely thought. She knew I was going to be there cleaning and decorating ready for me to move into and we got along like a house on fire so I was a bit touched by it and vowed to use it....which I didn't....

      Until after a couple of days of washing everything in sight and using plenty of chemicals to clean the flat with my hands became really dry in places and a bit tight. Taking a look at my hands I felt as I peered at them how old they looked and remembered the hand cream and that was the first time I used it!

      The Packaging:

      This 'balm' comes in a white and pink plastic tube with a bright pink cap/lid situated to the bottom of it which simply and easily twists on and off. On the front of the tube we are told that it is Q10 'Stimulate the skin to fight signs of ageing', Derma Intensive + Ultra Protecting Hand & Nail Balm 'All Skin Types' and that it contains Q10 and Glycerin and offers 24 hours moisturising and then on the back of the tube other information given includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, the ingredients are listed, the size is stated which is 75ml in this case, we are told that one we open it to use it up within 24 months and that's basically it no contact details for the manufacturer are listed. Nice enough, simple but rather cheap looking packaging this is but it is informative enough to be fair to it.

      Using It:

      Well the balm is white in colour and a lotion really in its consistency. You need only a really small amount of this one as it is quite greasy and a little really does go a very long way indeed, in fact the first time I used it I only used a really small blob of it and as I rubbed it it took on a white almost soapy appearance as I massaged it in and I ended up having to remove loads of it so now I just use a dot!

      The smell of this is, is awful in my humble opinion. Really old fashioned and strong and it smells musky and too sweet for me and that fragrance lingers badly for ages and I really don't like it, its far to Grannified for me!

      However this is ok as an every day sort of hand balm but nothing special at all. I am impressed i don't need alot of it, hate the smell of it and on that score it would score a big fat zero but that it does very gently moisturise my skin and for a good few hours too. For a while after application though my skin where I have applied it too does feel a a wee bit tacky and clammy but after about half an hour that feeling thankfully does wear off! After using this for a while now I don't think my skin looks younger for using it even though I use it 2/3 times a day sadly and I feel that if I had very dry skin this would be useless however at the moment this is working better than nothing for me.....I just wish it smelt better....it stinks!

      I have no idea where my tube was brought from of course but I have Googled it and I have found it currently on sale in Tesco for 75p a tube.


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        06.09.2012 18:26
        Very helpful



        A very disappointing hand cream, which failed to intensively moisturise

        Over the past few months I have gone through a considerable amount of hand cream, particularly as I've been carrying out various DIY tasks throughout my home. I generally suffer with problem skin, which becomes dry and cause the knuckles to split and subsequently bleed. I'm always on the look out for different beauty products and whilst I consider Dove to be one of my favourites, whilst shopping in Tesco one day I stumbled across Derma Intensive Q10 Hand and Nail Cream and this review discusses my experience with using it.

        In addition to the brightly coloured packaging, it was the 75p price tag of the 75 ml tube that captured my eager eye and I was keen to discover whether the product would live up to its intensive claim. I was disappointed that the lid is of the screw on variety, which I always find a little fiddly when my hands are covered in product and I end up losing the lid on the floor. When dispensing the cream I noticed that the plastic packaging was rather flimsy and whilst it did not have any effect on my use of the product, it gave me the impression of low quality. The pale pink product shot out of the tube with great force despite me only giving a gentle squeeze and I would argue with the claim by the manufacturer, namely Mellor and Russell, as it is described as a cream, but offers the consistency of a body lotion.

        The product was easily applied and spread over my skin and I favoured the initial delicate floral aroma although I'm unsure of its source, particularly as the product contents are shea butter and vitamin E. Despite the information contained on the reverse of the tube claiming that the product is fast absorbing, the cream lay on the surface of my skin for what seemed like a lifetime in addition to the fact that it offered a horrible tacky residue. As a result, I was prevented from using my hands for approximately fifteen minutes when it finally fully absorbed and the tackiness dispersed. I experienced a slight tightness to the backs of my hands and although it wasn't uncomfortable, it gave me the impression that the product would be ineffective. However, I pushed my negative thoughts to the side and continued to use the product several times over the following couple of days, but unfortunately, I experienced itching and tightness, which are the symptoms I suffer when I do not use hand creams.

        Consequently, I came to the conclusion that I received exactly what I had paid for and I cannot admit that I was surprised, particularly as the cream is marketed for all skin types as opposed to dry hands. I generally find hand creams containing shea butter and vitamin E of a high quality, but I'm of the opinion that there are very small proportions used in this product hence the disappointing results. I did not find the cream softening or moisturising for my poor skin and had I continued to use the product I'm sure I would have ended up with extremely dry and bleeding skin. Consequently, as soon as I have finished writing this review, the tube will be dropped into the bin!

        Due to the reasons discussed above, I cannot recommend Derma Intensive Q10 Hand and Nail Cream, which should be used within 24 months of opening and as a result, it receives only one star from me. If you are remotely interested in purchasing this product, it seems to only available at Tesco at 75p for 75 ml.


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