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Derma Intensive Q10 Ultra Protecting Hand & Nail Balm

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Brand: Derma Intensive / Balm / Type: Hand Balm / Subcategory: Nail & Hand Balm / Suitable for: Nails & Hand / What it does: Protects, regenerates,

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    2 Reviews
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      23.01.2011 08:30
      Very helpful



      A basic hand cream, for people who want to take care of their hands but don't want to spend loads.

      When it comes down to hand creams, I tend to go on the cheap side. Truth is I really don't care about all of these elaborate promises they make, I just want something that's going to moisturise my hands - plain and simple. These past winter months have played hell on my hands especially it seems, they were feeling very dry. I saw this product in my local Tesco store, I believe it was around 50p (47p I think), it was the cheapest of the hand creams by far and so being a sucker for bargains I stuck it into my basket. I haven't tried loads by this brand, I think I've tried the sensitive face wipes and a face cream once; it can't compete with any of your higher end brands naturally, but I think this brand is super on its value. I checked the website and this range can only be purchased at Tesco.

      The packaging:

      The packaging is rather nice for such a cheap product. There's a logo with the 'Derma' brand at the top of the bottle. There's a little illustration of one hand stroking another, which is quite sensual and appealing to the eyes; it conveys the image of a caring product. There's also a tab that says 'gentle action', and a few details about the product beneath the illustration. Its main ingredients are glycerin and Q10; glycerin being a standard moisturising agent, and Q10 supposedly helps skin 'repair' itself.

      This product is in a tube with a pink lid against a white body. The tube is easy enough to use, though you may find yourself squeezing too much out occasionally - not that this matters as the product is so cheap. The tube is very small, the top screws on tightly, so it's portable and handy on the go. There's 75ml of product inside this tube.

      The claims & my own experiences:

      One of the claims made by this product is 'instant relief'; I can vouch for that as I had dehydrated hands upon first use back in those winter months. They felt much softer and less tight and dry.
      Another claim is that it gives you '24 hour' moisturisation- it doesn't for me. I think you have to use it more frequently than once a day, but at such a low price it's not like it's going to break the bank. It does say you should 'apply as necessary' on the back of the tube though, which is correct.

      The Q10 in this is supposed to help your hands 'repair' themselves; I don't really know if the Q10 did this for my hands, really any moisturiser would have helped my dry hands so I can't confidently say that the Q10 was responsible for this. I do know that Q10 is in a lot of beauty products and it's especially good for mature skin, because people produce less of it as they age (which doesn't include me at the present). This may appeal to you.
      I'm not really a big fan of the scent of this one, it's not unbearable but I wouldn't want to cover myself in it. It smells like a low budget hand cream, I can't really isolate anything else it reminds me of.

      It doesn't really 'protect' my hands, if I go out with this on in the winter months - my hands can still get dry - they just don't get as dry. It requires a use of about 3 times a day to be effective I would say.

      To summarise:

      I don't have a breadth of knowledge when it comes down to hand creams, I've always bought the cheapest, because I find the results to be pretty much the same, my hands are moisturised. I don't really find I need anything more; my hands aren't a major concern to me as long as they're not dry. This hand cream is brilliant value and it moisturises just as well as any other hand cream I've tried. If you're on a tight budget, or just don't see your hands as your major priority then I say go for it. But if you if you want a product that's going to send you ecstatic then you should probably go opt for something a little more expensive. 10/10 for value, and I will repurchase this, as it fits nicely into my student budget.

      For more information on this brand or this product, here's their website www.mellorandrussell.com


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      10.01.2011 16:21
      Very helpful



      a cheap hand cream thatcovers the basic requirements but no more.

      I buy a lot of hand creams and I tend to vary from expensive to very cheap, depending on how I feel, what the product looks like and how much cash I have at the time.

      On one of those cheaper days, I spotted the derma intensive hand and nail balm in Tesco for just 99p. Now to be fair it was not just the price that attracted my attention but the fact that it states it has Q10 in it, Q10 helps the skin to repair itself.

      The plastic tube is white and it has a pink screw to lip. The lid is ok but I think a flip top one would have been much better and easier to put back on once you have moisturised your hands. The hole where the cream comes out of is quite large meaning that if not careful, you do end up with far to much cream which goes everywhere.

      The cream claims to be ultra protecting, give 24 hour moisturising and be suitable for all hand types.

      As previously said the product has Q10 co enzyme and so I was expecting it to help repair my frequent washed hands. It does make my hands feel much more comfortable as the wash I have to use at work is quite potent with non stop use. However, the feeling wore off quite quickly and I don't feel that in the long run it has been of huge benefit to my skin.

      With regards to the 24 hour moisture - no it doesn't I am sorry to say, about a few hours if you are lucky. It does soften my hands for a little while and is easily absorbed in under a minute, but I do feel I am constantly replacing it to get any great benefit, which to be honest at work I just don't have the time to do.

      The glycerine in the product is off about the right amount the cream is not overly greasy and doesn't leave a residue on your hands once it has soaked in.

      The smell is quite strange not like another hand cream I have used. It is not stating it is a particular fragrance but to me reminds me of Turkish delight!

      Overall, a cheap and cheerful hand cream but only just covers the basic requirements.


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