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Dove Handcare Cream Wash

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4 Reviews

Brand: Dove / Type: Hand Wash / Subcategory: Hand Cream / Suitable for: Hand

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    4 Reviews
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      06.09.2011 15:29
      Very helpful



      The original Dove cream wash, still going strong.

      Well maybe that,s not very flattering, to Dove any way! Dove seem to have been bringing out many different types of skin and hair care recently and as a newly converted "Dove-ite" it is all very exciting but I was a little worried recently that I could no longer find my favourite, and I think one of the first Dove products, Beauty Cream Wash for hands amongst the multi various Dove products. I thought "Just when you discover something, however late, they take it off the market" But, dear reader, I was wrong and in the chemists along the road there was my old friend Dove cooing amongst the shelves, panic averted.

      In full plumage.

      Dove hand wash comes in it's well known white and blue plumage.( The picture that accompanies this review is not of Dove Cream hand Wash) The plastic , white oval shaped bottle is very is very simple in appearance bearing the "Dove" name, underneath there flies the little gold dove. Beneath this is stated Beauty Cream Hand Wash , healthy and protected hands. Towards the base of the bottle is the success secret and, in my opinion, the strentgh of Dove, the gold teardrop with 1/4 inside it and moisturising cream written along side it indicating that it contains 25% moisturising cream. Who doesn't want clean hands and moisturiser at the same time. On the reverse appear on my bottles, (strangely I have now three all slightly different having been bought in different places!) , the ingredients , in many languages and that Dove protects the natural level of hydration of your skin due to it's neutral ph level. It gives your skin a touch of hydration and leaves them soft and healthy.. It is also gentle enough to be used on your face, which I have done to no ill effect at all. On the top of the bottle is a blue, easy to use pump which dispenses a sensible amount of the creamy liquid, neither too much or too little.

      In my Dovecote.

      To use the handwash , first I wet my hands and then , using the pump, which is very easy to use, squish a little onto my palm. It is nice and thick with a white creamy consistency. and has that lovely Dove scent, sort of soft, soapy and comforting. It lathers up quite well when given a good rub of the hands together and then rinses off easily leaving a faint scent. As the scent is nice but neutral it can be used, in my opinion, by roughty toughty men without them smelling like a fruit shop or a bunch of flowers. Altogether it is a nice handwash experience and as a little goes a long way , good value too.

      My opinion.

      I think that it is a classic and I hope that it stays available and does not get overtaken by all the new Doves on the block. I find that it leaves my hands in good condition and particularly like to use it when I am sewing canvas things for the boats as the material seems to soak up all the moisture from my hands. I do use a moisturiser on my hands as well but I would use this just for the delightful"Dovey" scent and the feel of soft, clean hands.

      5 stars from me.

      Widely available in supermarkets and chemists. I paid 2.60p for my last bottle of 250ml but I know this was expensive as it was an out of the way chemist. Refill bottles are also available, just unscrew the pump and swith it over to the new bottle.

      Made by Unilever. The contents last 12 months once open and the bottle is recyclable. Rinse with water if you get it in your eyes.

      Thanks for reading. This review may also be posted on Ciao under splishsplash.


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      25.03.2009 20:32
      Very helpful



      Smells great and leaves you feeling clean.

      There's not many Dove products i can use due to my very weird and sensitive skin but this one i can get away with. My mum introduced me to Dove last year. I tried out the Dove Silk Glow Cream Wash and i absolutely adore it. Dove Silk Cream Wash is normally around 1.80 in superdrugs and also in a 250ml white bottle with the picture of a Gold Dove on it.

      The cream wash is a pale creamy liquid and when you apply to your hands you get quite a good lather. I really love the smell of it too. Very light and sensitive kinda. It feels so nice and soft on our hands making them very smooth. And i also noticed you can actually use it for your facial cleansing, although i have never done this as my face is way too sensitive for Dove.

      I would stock up on this product again and anyone who wants and loves soft, smooth, silky clean hands (and maybe face too) i reccomend this Cream to you.


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      26.03.2007 13:01
      Very helpful



      Excellent product !

      I have been using dove products for years now, i love trying out new products especially bubble baths and pampering products lol.

      I noticed this on the shelf in superdrug when i was in their stocking up on shampoo etc lol.

      I have to say i bought it because it was on a special offer of 1.11 ,there was so much off the normal price i think its normally about 1.70 in superdug.

      I prefer liquid hand soaps as i think they are more hygenic than normal hand saop , and i hate the mess you sometimes get with normal soap.

      Dove silk glow cream wash, comes in a 250ml white bottle with dove silk cream wash on the front,and a picture of a gold dove.
      Its a dispenser you just press it down and the soap comes out.

      You can also use this on your face , i have never done this so i can,t comment .
      I always stick to my origins products on my face .

      ~ My opinion ~

      I,ve been quite impressed with this hand wash , its white in colour and you get a good lather on your hands with it .

      It feels so soft on your hands when you are using it and you get a nice whiff of a light perfume , but its also a nice fresh smell , its not overpowering and you will still be able to smell it for a while after you wash your hands.

      In my household we suffer from sensitive skin and we have all used it and had no problems with it , its made our hands really clean, soft and moisturised.

      I would definately buy again , although i do think its pricey if its not on offer.

      Thanks for reading x


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      02.11.2006 20:36
      Very helpful



      A great handwash, lovely smell and hands feel so clean!

      Having been a long time user of Dove bar soap, I'm amazed that I have never bought their liquid soap before. My lovely Palmolive liquid soap ran out a couple of weeks ago so during the 'hated' weekly shop I was perusing the toiletries section in the supermarket when I came across the BOGOF offer, hence this review is about two of the different smells in the Dove Cream Wash range.

      - Price -

      Morrisons were having a BOGOF offer on Dove liquid soaps so I got two 250ml bottles for only 1.66

      - The bottle -

      Depending on what smell you opt for they are different colours, e.g. the Fresh Touch bottle is a pale green whereas the Silk Touch bottle is a very pale beige colour.

      Each comes with a push down nozzle at the top to dispense the soap from which for the first few 'push downs' is quite stiff!

      - Dove Fresh Touch Cream Wash -

      This has a large red label on it saying 'NEW' since it is a new range which Dove have brought out. I have had the Body Wash in this scent before and was delighted with it so this was one of the smelss that I chose.

      The Fresh Touch range is made up of cucumber extract and skin calming green tea. The smell is lovely, very fresh and goes particularly well with Summer time, or what's left of it.

      The bottle states that it delicately cleanses your hands with a special formulation that helps protect your skin's natural moisture level.

      I don't have sensitive skin or suffer from dry hands in the warm weather, only in the winter months. This really does make your hands feel and smell very clean and fresh and unlike some liquid hand washes it doesn't dry your skin out. So what they promise on the bottle is correct!

      - Dove Silk Cream Wash -

      This, like the other cream wash is a very pale cream liquid. I have to say that I much prefer the smell of the Fresh Touch wash. This one smells slightly more perfumed and heavier although I certainly can't fault it in terms of cleaning your hands and not drying them out.

      This one does differ from the Fresh Touch as the Dove Silk has a label on it saying that it is also suitable for Face Cleansing, although in terms of smell I would rather use the Fresh Touch.

      - Dove Products -

      Dove have a wide range of products available, e.g. body lotions, body wash, deodorants and soap etc...
      For more information on their products and how they care for your skin then it's well worth a visit to their website at www.dove.com where you can find exactly what you need for your particular skin type.

      The hand washes are available in many forms:
      * Purifying Nourishing Handwash
      * Cool Moisture Nourishing Handwash
      * Deep Moisture Handwash etc....

      - My Verdict -

      I am yet to be disappointed by any Dove product in terms of looking after your skin etc.
      If I had to choose I would go for Fresh Touch every time, over and above the Silk cream wash, in fact I may have to stock up on them while the BOGOF offer is still on.

      A great buy for me and any of you who favour Dove products at a cut-down price!!


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    • Product Details

      Refreshing hand wash, with moisturising abilities

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