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Dove pro age Hand Cream

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    15 Reviews
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      28.05.2014 19:34
      Very helpful


      • "Quality and price"


      • "None "

      Not just for mature skin

      I adore Dove products and I specially adore them if I can manage to get them half price. Home Bargains has been selling Dove Pro Age products at reduced prices for a little while now, and whilst until fairly recently I had just been sampling their hair care range, I have now progressed onto the Po Age cream for hands. This is specifically designed for mature skin and whilst I am still in my thirties, I don't believe there is any harm at all in using a hand cream for more mature skin. In fact, I think this hand cream works better than the other Dove hand cream I was already over the moon with. I paid only just one pound eighty nine pence for this hand cream, which comes in a deep burgundy plastic tube, the packaging is very similar to all the Dove Po Age hair care products which are also available. This hand cream is packed full with vitamins and minerals which are designed to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin. It is white in colour and fairly thick in consistency, though that being said, it does absorb very quickly into the skin. It leave no feeling of stickiness behind after I have used it and I simply love the fresh light fragrance which seems to last for ages on my hands afterwards. I only ever need to use the smallest amount and a little really does go a long way. My hands feel softer and more hydrated since using this hand cream on a daily basis and I am over the moon with the results. I use this every evening without fail and I also use it to massage around the cuticle area and around the nail bed. I feel sure that my nails have improved since using this hand cream and they feel stronger. I cannot vouch for whether or not this cream eradicates or prevents age spots as I am not yet old enough to have experienced getting these yet, but I can vouch for the way it has improved the look, the feel and the tone of the skin on my hands. I would really recommend this - whatever your age.


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      21.05.2013 15:49
      Very helpful



      A good hand crean from Dove.

      We have been doing a serious deep clean of our apartment recently and this coupled with doing a lot of sewing , adapting old canvas varnish covers into patterns for new ones , has resulted in my hands needing a bit of extra care. In fact a lot of extra care!.

      Dove pro-age nourishment hand cream caught my eye whilst I was shopping in Morrisons and as it was on half price offer I thought I would give it a try. It is designed to nourish and help mature skin repair itself while reducing the appearance of age spots of which I have a few not so much on my hands but on my forearms due to working outside for many years in hot climates.

      The container is a simple rather fat tube of a burgundy colour which makes it stand out from others in the range. The top is a clear plastic flip up type with a satisfying click when it closes. On the front of the tube it says that it contains Deep Care complex and on the reverse amongst the ingredients in many languages we are told that it contains Deep Care complex with ntaural skin nutrients and rich essential oils. All good things, also it is dematologically tested.

      According to the Dove web site its " AHAs, Vitamin B3 and natural skin lipids, nourishes your skin and invigorates its natural renewal process deep down*.

      Using the cream.

      I try to apply hand cream every night but I have been using this more often due to my hands getting so very dry, mainly because of the canvas. The top flips up easily and the lovely fresh, almost fruity fragrance greets you. The cream is pure white and has quite a fluid nature, It is almost instantly absorbed into my skin and leaves them perfumed and without any stickiness. They instantly feel nourished and for the sake of this review I tried the cream on my face and neck a few times as well. I have to report that it did sting just a little but containing AHA I was not surprised by this but it did not irritate my hand at all.

      Do my hands look younger?

      I would love to say yes but that would be stretching the truth. The age marks may have faded a tiny bit but my arms are now a little browner than three weeks ago so it is hard to tell.

      My Opinion

      I t certainly is a nice hand cream but only for everyday use and the scent is fresh and yet comforting. I need something more hard working at the moment for very dry hands but normally I would be tempted towards this cream if it was on special offer. I am unsure about the claim for reducing age spots, don't hope for too much but just enjoy a rather luxurious hand cream with a lovely scent.

      4 out of 5 stars from me.

      My 75ml tube cost 1.75 pounds at half price from Morrisons.

      Thanks for reading, I also post on Ciao under splishsplash.


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      19.03.2011 22:15



      There are better hand creams to choose from.

      Having used the Pro-age body cream oil and the fact I love that product, I thought I'd try the hand cream too. I'm quite a fanatic about hand cream - I'm always reapplying it throughout the day both at work and at home, so I'm looking for a product that keeps my hands moisturised but doesn't leave them feeling greasy - nothing worse than applying hand cream and then trying to write but the pen keeps slipping through your fingers!

      Although I love the smell of this cream, I don't feel it delivers on my other requirements: yes, it does moisturise my hands to a degree, however that doesn't last for very long and the initial feeling is of greasiness. I have tried to massage it in thinking that maybe I haven't worked it into the skin well enough, but that doesn't seem to work.

      My recommendation is that if all you're looking for is a nicely fraganced hand cream, then this is great. But if you're after more of a skin moisturiser, there are better products out there.


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      03.05.2010 11:36
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      hand cream

      Dove pro age hand cream

      I was given some of this hand cream as part of a gift set and have been very pleased with it.


      The hand cream has been created to give skin faster cell turnover, lots of nourishment and protection, which is what i need given that my hands seem to be so often in water at the moment. It will also apparently improve the appearance of age spots 9i assume this means diminish because how can they be improved?) and also reduce wrinkles.


      The hand cream contains active ingredients including: AHA to get rid of dead skin cells and help to activate new ones; Glycerin to add moisture; Olive oil to add nutrients; SPF to help prevent skin damage. The information on the back of the tube gives me the percentage of these ingredients and given that they add up to only 7% I wonder what the rest of the ingredients are.


      The hand cream comes in a75ml burgundy kind of colour tube with a flip up, close down lid. All of the information and instructions are on the back of the tube.

      I give the tube a bit of a squeeze and out comes the hand cream. Instantly I like the smell. I don't know what it is but it's a bit floral but not overly so, rather just a faint and very pleasant smell which even when applied on my skin, lingers leaving a faint scent. The cream itself is white and nice and creamy. It is absorbed easily into my skin and although it is a relatively thick cream, it doesn't sit on my skin, and is very easily rubbed in; thankfully I am not rubbing and rubbing at my hands to get the cream into my skin. The cream is not greasy and when rubbed into my hands there is no sticky residue and my hands aren't slippy as has happened after the application of some other creams.


      The hand cream is widely available in supermarkets, chemists and online. I have seen it at various prices but it seems to be just under £2.00. This, for me is great value, since a little does go a long way and it seems to lat for ages, even the way I use it, which is often.


      I really like this hand cream. It really moisturises my hands without making them feel greasy, and because I use it several times a day, my hands heva really softened, and even though they are frequently in water, they have stayed soft and supple. I don't have any age spots so I can' t comment on whether or not it works for these nor can I comment on the reduction of wrinkles, but the tone of my skin has definitely improved and all little cuts and dry bits have gone.

      A highly recommended product for anyone wanting a reasonably priced and very effective hand cream

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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        23.04.2010 16:08
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a brill hand cream

        ==Dove Pro Age Hand Cream==

        I have to admit to being a bit of a hand cream fanatic and that is purely because my hands get terribly dry and old looking if I don't apply hand cream at several points throughout the day. Therefore it was only a matter of time before I ended up purchasing this Dove Pro Age Hand Cream.

        ==The Product==

        Dove Pro Age Hand Cream states on the tube that it is "created to give your skin back what it needs right now: faster cell turnover, plenty of rich nourishment and protection." Which all in all sounds like it sound be a pretty amazing product. The tube of hand cream of course has the recognisable dove logo on the front and the colouring of the tube is a burgundy one giving it a slightly more mature and elegant feel that a lot of the other Dove Products. There is a flip top lid which the tube stands on so that all the cream runs down into this giving an easy and simple design to using the hand cream.

        The packaging of this hand cream also states that it is good to "improve even tone and texture" and "improve the appearance of age spots and wrinkles". Now I haven't got age spots or really any wrinkles but I was trying this in the hope of preventing all these things and thought that it was surely suitable for any age or any hand type.

        I paid 32.99p for this tube of Dove Hand Cream and I felt that for a 75ml bottle that this was a fairly reasonable price when compared to all the other hand creams that are on offer to choose from. Dove is a reputable name and the fact that it had all these wonderful claims on the tube really sealed the deal for me to buy it. Plus because I purchased it in Boots I was able to get my usual 10% discount which again made this product even more appealing. I will say that I have seen this for sale in a lot of other places including Tesco's and Morrison's so I really don't think it is hard to find.

        ==General Use==

        Because of the great design of the bottle, getting some of the hand cream out of the tube was easy and mess free. I can't stand the hand creams that have screw top lids which make it nearly impossible to get the threads in the right position and the lid back on once the greasy hand cream has been applied but I didn't have that problem at all with this Dove product.

        The pure white cream flowed from the tube with only the smallest squeezes needed to get a 5pence sized amount onto my palm. Straight away the first thing I noticed was the lovely clean and fresh smell that came off of the hand cream. It did seem to have a similar fragrance that a lot of Dove products have although with something just slightly different giving it a much deeper aroma. The smell I really liked and although strong at first does soon disappear into a rather mild and just soap like smell.

        I have found that really a small 5 pence piece amount of this Dove Hand Cream really will do the job and do it well. If too much of the product is applied to the hands it then becomes difficult to massage in and takes far longer for the cream to soak into the skin. With the right amount used the cream works well at getting rid of all traces of dry or chapped skin. The cream soaks in well and at a fast rate though not too quick that you have to re-apply it within a short space of time.

        ==My Opinion==

        Overall I found this cream to be really good at sorting out my tired and basically old looking hands. I may only be in my mid 20's but my "hard working hands" look a lot older. I found that this cream worked so well with my hands that I have even gone out and purchased a second tube ready for when the first one finally is all used up. The cream smells really nice which is an added bonus for me and of course was at a relatively cheap price.

        The main reason I like this product however has got to be for the pure and simple fact that it really does work and work really well at that! My hands are a lot of the time noticeably dry and with use one use of this are looking far more revitalised and younger looking all day. The cream seems to not only moisturise my hands but also protect them for what ever else they are going to have to tackle before the day is out. The fact that the cream soaks in and does not leave any greasy feel to the hands is very good as I am fed up with a greasy looking computer keyboard! Instead of the usual greasy sheen, this hand cream seems to leave a sort of silicone layer which not only keeps my hands looking and feeling good but as I say does seem to be some what of a protective layer.

        The general condition of my hands when using this hand cream I have got to say is far better than when I have used the dozens of other hand creams by different companies. This has got to be the best one I have used to date and although I will probably keep trying others out because I do like new things, I will always make sure I have a tube of this somewhere in my possession.

        I don't think it is a product just for people who are that bit older, I do think this is a great product that should be used by anyone who suffers with dry hands. I can't give this product anything but a 5 out of 5 star rating and a totally high recommendation. I think even men would get away with buying a tube as the packaging is not overly girly!

        Go and buy a tube today!!!

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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          07.04.2010 12:43
          Very helpful



          A really good hand cream from Dove! ~ 4/5 stars from me.

          Dove Pro-Age Hand Cream.

          Hubby and I have recently moved into a new house and my hands have really taken a battering with all the cleaning and washing that I have had to do. The harsh chemicals in the cleaning products have left my hands very rough and sore and starting to split around my knuckles.

          So my first port of call with the unpacking had to be to dig out my tried and trusted hand cream from Dove, the Pro-Age range. I have been using this cream for a few years now and it really has never let me down.

          ~~~ Packaging ~~~
          This cream comes in a small, deep plum coloured tube, that is about 4" in height with Dove in white bold lettering across the front. It has a flip top opaque plastic lid which is on the base of the tube so that the tube sits upside down on its lid.

          ~~~ The Contents ~~~
          The cream itself is of a lovely consistency. It is not too runny so that it pours out of the tube but isn't too thick either so that you have to squeeze too hard to get the product out. It feels soft and creamy to the touch without being at all greasy or sticky.

          This cream does have quite a strong fragrance which is actually quite nice but does last a long time on the hands once applied. It isn't a distinctive smell so it isn't one that I can easily describe though it isn't at all unpleasant just quite strong.

          The cream contains AHA's to get rid of dead skin cells and help the skin activate new cell growth. It also contains 2% glycerin for hydrating the skin to improve its cell turnover and olive oil to provide additional nutrients. It has an SPF of 5 to help prevent more damage from the elements particularly the sun. The cream claims to improve the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.

          ~~~ To Use ~~~
          I simply use a small pea-sized amount of this cream every time my hands have been in water. It is particularly useful after gardening, in very cold weather, in centrally heated houses and also after being out in the sun. In fact it is best to use every day and very regularly each day. A small amount of this will replenishes all the lost moisture from my hands after massaging it in. It takes a few minutes to really rub into my skin and I feel so nourished after.

          ~~~ Results ~~~
          Once thoroughly massaged in this cream leaves my skin soft, smooth and feeling very nourished again. It has no greasy feel to it and gets rid of that horrible orange peel look that dry skin can give you. I can rub my hands together without having the sound of two sheets of sand paper being scraped together.

          ~~~ Cost and Availability ~~~
          This cream is available in most good supermarkets and chemists at a cost of around £2.50 for 75ml. This in my opinion is a good price because you only need to use a very small amount so it does tend to last quite a long time. It is also available at a cheaper price on Amazon but you may have to weigh up the postage costs first.

          ~~~ Opinion ~~~
          All in all a very good hand cream, that if you choose to try it, will leave you satisfied with the results.

          For more products and information visit: www.dove.com

          Thank you for reading my review!


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          12.02.2010 18:32
          Very helpful



          Great smells, Great product and quickly soaked into the skin!

          Want amazing hands? This is defiantly your product then!

          I decided to give this ago as I suffer from really dry sensitive hands and because I have to be careful what I use as I am allergic to some creams, so when I tried this and was fine I brought it and never looked back!

          Pro Age leaves your hands very moisurised, and soaks into the skin incredibly quick! Plus you do not need much either as a small pea sized amount covers both hands for great skin!

          Pro Age is designed for older people but as a teenager I swear by it! who says young people can not use it? Because it is meant for older people it means that it will be so much kinder to your skin and have a real postive after effect!

          It is advised to be used reguarly thoughout the day especailly after having your hands in soapy water as this can damage the skin so moisture needs to be replaced quickly and effiantly!

          It is small enough to fit perfectly anywhere from your kitchen side to your handbag! Well worth having!

          It costs £2.50 for a 75ml bottle, but lasts such a long time! so you do not have to keep replacing the bottle! Plus it is such a great cream with a lovely soft fragrance that once you try this hand cream you will not want to use any other!


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          15.11.2009 06:24
          Very helpful



          A good general use hand-cream but dont expect miracles!

          My hands resemble crocodiles, as I seem to wash them so often and the combination of washing them and central heating plus getting tanned in the summer and cold in the winter seems to have stripped them of all their natural oils.

          I amonly 27, so I dont really need an ant-ageing handcream such as the dove pro-age, but I thought that a product for mature skin would probably be more moistursing.

          I bought the hand cream in Tesco for about £2, not that cheap but a small blob does seem to go quite a long way so it should last for a while.

          The cream contains several "active" ingredients to help make your skin look more even and supposedly younger. AHA (4%) which helps to get rid of dead skin cells, Glycerin (2%) which is highly moistursing and Olive Oil (1%) which also helps hydrate and smooth your skin. It also contains a sunscreen - SP5 which helps to protect your skin from the ageing effects of UV light.

          I find the cream is easy to rub into my skin, although my hands are so dry that they would probably absorb anything I put on them! They feel instantly moisturised and more comfortable after I have applied the cream, and continue to feel moisturised for a good couple of hours or until I next wash my hands.

          I havnt noticed my hands looking more even textured or "younger" but that may be because they arent too bad anyway, just very dry.

          I would recommend the dove pro-age as a good, moisturising hand cream but Im not convinced about its anti-ageing effects.

          It has a pleasant, lightly floral scent which reminds me of after-sun.


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          31.03.2009 14:59
          Very helpful



          An adequate performer but don't believe all the claims

          I tried a tube of this Dove Pro-Age Hand Cream last year, when my hands were looking very much the worse for wear following a lot of gardening!

          I had a browse around for a bargain, and this was on offer in Tesco at only £1.00 for a 75 g tube.

          I am not sure that I fall into the category that the Pro-Age range is aimed at (soon maybe, but not quite yet!) however I thought that it could only be better if it contained extra moisturising properties. Added to this was my prior knowledge of Dove products, which I have always found really good.

          According to the blurb on the label, this cream contains olive oil, aha's (which stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which are supposed to gently reveal newer skin under the surface) and a sun protection factor of 5.

          It has a flip top lid, and a deep shiny burgundy tube so it looks really smart on display. Only a small amount is needed, especially if applied when the hands are still slightly damp as this makes the cream spread better.

          I was surprised to discover that it is quite heavily perfumed: I was expecting the usual 'Dove ' smell, which is quite light and fresh, and I found the scent of this hand cream was more like a heavier perfume.

          It's not unpleasant, but I personally prefer the lighter version - This is like a very heavy floral. The cream spreads well, and sinks in quite quickly without being overly greasy. It does the job well enough, although I wouldn't say it made my hands look younger or fresher, to be honest.

          I have used the tube up now and I do not think I will buy any more: the offer price of £1.00 made it worth a try, but as I am not over keen on the fragrance, I dont want to buy it again for the full price of around £3.00. It did the job that it is designed for, that is to moisturise the hands, but I would only describe it as an average performer, and there are many other hand creams just as good, or better, at a better price.


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          18.03.2009 15:51
          Very helpful



          worth a try if you've got ageing hands?

          A couple of weeks ago I was taking a photo of an item I was selling on ebay when I inadvertently took a pic with my hand on it & I honestly didn't recognise this wrinkled & age-spotted part of my anatomy - yikes!

          I went out the next day on the hunt for some hand cream & looked at dozens before I chose this Pro Age one by Dove which cost £2.99 for a 75ml tube.

          Why Dove? - well I was impressed by their recent TV ads for us 'more mature' ladies & I've always been pleased with their soaps & shampoos plus this hand cream to 'show an improvement in the appearance of age spots & wrinkles'.

          The tube is very stylish & stands out from the other handcreams because of the colour &, of course, the dove. Although 15ml doesn't sound a lot the tube looks quite generous & as you only need use a little at a time it should last me a good few weeks.

          It has a flip-open plastic lid & a decent-sized hole so, with care, you can squeeze as much or as little as you need. I'm saying 'with care' because the first time I used it I used far too much as I squeezed the tube too hard & had to wipe most o it away as I found it didn't absorb into the skin as quickly or as easily as other hand creams.

          I'm not keen on the smell as, in my opinion, it's far too strong. It's not unpleasant but to me it smells rather like a strong fake tan. The smell is still there in the mornings though & turns to a much more subtle fragrance which is fine.

          I've been using it twice a day now & have noticed that my hands feel much softer & possibly the wrinkles have diminished a little. The 2 age spots I have on my hands also seem to have faded somewhat in the short time I've been using the cream - so fingers crossed eh?

          All the ingredients are listed on the reverse of the tube. I don't recognise most of them & there are a lot. Just to give you an idea -
          - AHA (4%) 'to get rid of dead skin cells & help activate the new ones'
          - Glycerin(2%) 'to add critical hydrating nourishment so the skin improves its cell turnover'.
          - Olive oil (1%) 'to provide additional nutrients to the skin'.
          - SPF5 'to help prevent sun damage.'

          Obviously I can't scientifically prove the above but I can honestly say it must be doing something because the appearance of my mitts is slightly better - all I need now is a good manicure & a couple of coats of nice nail varnish...

          - takes me a good few minutes to work the cream into my hands.
          - the smell is much too strong for my taste.
          - it DOES seem to work on age spots & wrinkles.
          - needs to be applied when you know you're not going to be using your hands too much afterwards (especially last thing at night).
          - worth a try?


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            12.03.2009 22:10
            Very helpful



            A lot of cream for your money.

            Take a tour around the Internet and I am sure that it will not be very long before you come across a Dove product being promoted.
            I have the greatest admiration for Dove and their products, the message that they are trying to convey to their public is one that is full of good and sensible advice.
            Dove have been running the Pro Age Campaign, The Campaign for Real Beauty and The Self Esteem fund.
            The message behind these imaginative and innovative campaigns is strong yet simple, we as women come in all ages, shapes and sizes and there is no one shape, size or age that is considered as correct!
            Over the past few years the world has become an incredibly shallow place to be, if you are above 20 or a size 10 and you are not worthy of owning a portfolio of glamorous photographs then many write you off as an inferior member of the Human Race!
            How hollow this all sounds, what is wrong with being a normal woman with average looks but a smile that can light up the dullest of days.
            Does cellulite set you apart from the rest of society?
            Of course it doesn't! Cellulite , laughter lines, wrinkles and crinkles are character making and Dove themselves have recognised the need to put paid to the idea that the ageing process is something that we ought to be ashamed of.
            Dove are actively encouraging women from all age groups to be proud of their bodies, irrespective of what size or shape they are, I for one take my hat off to them!
            We all want to look our best but the media spends far too much time focussing on the `perfect woman` with the ideal shape.
            If you take a look on You tube the Dove Pro Age Campaign video is on there, apparently it was banned in America, the Americans thought that the advertisement showed a bit too much flesh!
            I think that the advert portrays the ages woman beautifully and makes a point of letting everyone know that women can be stunning at any stage of their life.

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
            The Dove Pro Age range comes packed in an elegant shade of plum colour, the rich mature colour sets it apart from other Dove ranges and has been designed to look good if it is on display in the bedroom or the bathroom.
            Unilever gave a contract to VIP Packaging to produce the plastic hand cream tubes, VIP worked to the specified design and the end result is an eye catching and sophisticated recyclable plastic tube.
            The plum coloured tube has a clear plastic flip top that lifts easily, if needs be you can open the tube single handedly. Dove have chosen to use clear white lettering on the product packaging, at the top of the tube the word Dove is written in clear, fluid handwriting and of course the small white Dove symbol appears directly underneath the makers name.

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

            The 75 ml tube costs£2.29, the tube is an ideal size, it fits into any handbag perfectly.
            Dove Pro Age Hand Cream has a thick rich texture, so when you squeeze the tube gently it only allows a small amount of the pure white rich cream to fall into the palm of your hand.
            The hand cream has a unique fragrance and it appears that some users have found the rich almost fruity smell overpowering. Personally I love the smell of the cream, when you first apply it it appears strong but that initial strength fades within minutes, dulling down to a subtle and acceptable level.
            There are many hand creams that leave you with that sticky feeling, no matter what your fingers remain well coated in cream. Dove Pro Age doesn't work in this way, the skin is able to absorb the hand cream and there are no outward sign of uncomfortable `stickiness`.
            After you have applied Pro Age hand cream the skin does look nourished, it is far better to apply the hand cream at times when you know that you are not going to submerse you hands in water for a while again.

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

            Dove Pro Age hand cream is meant to offer help to mature skin, as we age we often notice those little brown spots appearing on the backs of our hands and as the skin loses its elasticity we develop wrinkly hands too.
            I don't think for one minute that any hand cream is going to stop that happening, the ageing process cannot be halted but it can be helped.
            If we keep the skin on our hands well nourished then that is half of the battle.
            A good manicure, a coat of nail polish and regular meetings with a good tube of hand cream can work wonders.
            If you love to wear rings then all the more important that your hands look their best.

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

            The Key ingredients are clearly listed on the tube of Dove Pro Age hand cream.
            2% Glycerin nourishes and hydrates the skin, this process improves the surface skin cell turn over.
            1% Olive Oil also helps nourish the skin a step further.
            4% AHA Solutions help to rid the skin of unwanted dead skin cells and endeavour to reduce the signs of age spots and wrinkles.

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

            Dove products have a Worldwide market.
            Most people will have bought one or another of their high quality products.
            The Dove Pro Age hand cream comes in a small tube but given that you only use a tiny amount each time the tube lasts ages.
            It is worth looking after our skin and Dove try hard to help us the best they can.
            Dove products are available in most supermarkets and leading chemists.
            If you have access to the Internet then Dove has a website which is full of useful information.
            I use the Dove Pro Age hand cream and I intend to keep on using it, I can find plenty of Pro`s but I struggle to find Con`s !


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            29.01.2009 19:56
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great cream which would be amazing if it wasn't for the smell.

            Being a barmaid my poor hands go through a lot, the constant washing with antibacterial soap, getting covered in beer, heaving kegs and trays of cans about. Whilst standard moisturisers make them feel nice for a few hours they don't seem to make any real difference.

            It was my mum who purchased this hand cream for me whilst on offer at £1 in Tesco. The package promises to 'give your skin back what it needs right now.' Although designed for those 'more advanced in years' than myself the claims of 'rich nourishment and protection' sounded like exactly what my poor hands were needing.

            The packaging itself is very typical of the Dove range, an almost burgundy red tube with the Dove logo's and fonts detailing the benefits of using this product. On the back of the tube it details how the cream works and why certain ingredients are included, I really liked this as I've often wondered which ingredients are actually needed in certain products.

            The keen gardeners amongst us will probably appreciate this product more as there is an SPF built in to compliment the intensive moisturising.

            The cream is white and strongly scented. It's not an unpleasant smell but could probably be described as 'heavy & flowery' just not to my taste I think. The smell does linger for a while after application which is great if you love the smell.

            You only need a small drop to moisturise both hands. It is quite thick and needs to be rubbed in well. It feels greasy at first but it is absorbed very quickly by your skin leaving your hands feeling clean (there is no sticky after feeling that I have associated with some hand creams) and soft.

            This product is currently selling for £1.99 in our local Bodycare which is very affordable for a hand cream that gives such great result.

            Over the long term, I have noticed no change in tone (maybe this hasn't affected me yet at 23) but there has been a definite change in texture, my hands are naturally softer and my nails seem to be much healthier growing faster than they have in a long time. I would definitely recommend it.

            To those with sensitive skin - this product does not state anywhere that it is suitable for sensitive skin and from past experience if you use this cream on your hands, be very careful about touching your face afterwards or any other areas of skin that could be affected. The cream, although rubbed in well, is very strong and that simple act of touching your face could cause a reaction.


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              28.12.2007 19:59
              Very helpful



              For any age, particulary someone more mature than I !

              Recently I came across this product in Wilkinson's on offer. Not one to walk past a bargain (whether I need it or not) I purchased it!. Now I do own a few hand creams but I'm not the type of the woman to be seen lathering it up at any given opportunity and I'm not type of woman who likes to use lip balm either however I thought I shall try to remember to use it!

              My hands are really rather dry. I smoke and my hands feel grubby a lot of the time making gross roll ups lol I bite my nails and I bite my skin to the point I rarely have any fingerprints and the pads of my fingers are actually shiny!. In fact my hands are in really bad shape and when I bought this I thought maybe this is a good start to a hand care regime.

              The Packaging:

              Its a dark red 75ml recyclable plastic tube with a clear plastic lid that is placed at the bottom. On the front of the tube it clearly states that it is indeed Dove Pro- Age Hand Cream which is created to give your skin back what it needs right now. Faster cell turnover plenty of rich nourishment and protection.
              On the back of the tube it tells you what it offers and what benefits it an give, lists the ingredients and gives contact details for Unilever (the manufacturer of the product).

              What The Product Promises:

              For improvement in the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.

              How It Works:

              By combining active ingredients at the levels that will make skin look and feel better.
              AHA (4%) to get rid of dead skin cells and help the skin activate new ones.
              Glycerin (2%) to add critical hydrating nourishment, so the skin improves its cell turnover.
              Olive Oil (1%) to provide additional nutrients to your skin.
              SPF 5 to help prevent sun damage.

              My Experience With Using It:

              This comes out of the tube really easily. It is a good consistency its not too runny and its not really thick its just right. The cream is white has a fruity-buttery smell and at first feels quite greasy. You really don't need too much, less is more and it lasts ages in the tube and ages on your hands! It goes on easily and it's absorbed quickly as I said it feels greasy but only for minute or two until its sunk in. The feeling on your skin is very velvety and silky and hands feel very supple and nourished. You can use this as often as you like.

              The claims of reducing age spots I'm not sure about. I mean I'm 33 so don't know if I'm meant to have any or if I've managed to prevent them or not lol My hands feel very soft and I've noticed that my dry, problem areas around my knuckles that have arrived during this wintry cold weather have disappeared completely. I do suffer with dry hands on the back and that can look a bit pink and a bit wrinkly. Again that's stopped happening to me and hands as I said before look great. Where I bite and nibble looks less sore. I mean on them areas my fingers can be quite open and raw so I have to be careful what I put near them areas but this doesn't aggravate it at all. It's a pleasant long lasting smell and I use it a lot!

              One of the great tricks I have found is that I have a pair of gloves that came with a gift set that are meant to be put on over night with a hand-cream. So if you can't be bothered to apply it through the day its a really good way of giving yourself an overnight treatment. I lather it on, pop on my gloves and leave it to penetrate overnight. The result has been amazing! Do give that trick a go with any hand-cream of your choice!

              £2.99 in all good chemists, do look out for offers in Boots and remember to use your advantage card thingy!

              This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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                19.08.2007 20:27
                Very helpful



                A new range from Dove.

                As I suffer from very dry, chapped skin in between my fingers during the winter and cold weather spells, I am always on the look out for effective hand creams to combat the effects of the harsh weather on my hands.

                - Price and Availability -
                I have seen the Dove Pro-Age products in Boots, Superdrug and a number of large supermarkets.
                Current prices for the 75ml tube:
                Tesco ~ £2.29
                Boots ~ £2.99
                I should also point out that Tesco currently have BOGOF offers on a few of the pro-age range but not the hand cream!

                - Packaging -

                This hand cream comes in a very deep, deep burgundy coloured tube. The tube, like most sits on the lid, which is flip top. On opening the top there is, unsurprisingly a small hole from which the cream is easily dispensed.

                I do however prefer tubs to tubes as you are guaranteed no waste, i.e. you can scrape the last remains of the cream from a tub, more difficult from a tube!

                - What is Dove Pro-Age Hand Cream? -

                The info in this section is taken from the packaging:
                ~ aimed at improving the appearance of age spots and wrinkles.
                ~ contains AHA to get rid of dead skin cells and help the skin activate new ones.
                ~ the glycerin offers hydrating nourishment
                ~ contains olive oil offering additional nutrients to your skin
                ~ SPF 5 preventing sun damage.

                - My experience -

                My hands do get quite a raw deal, immersed in very hot water with cleaning products that really aren’t that great for your skin and since I don’t wear rubber gloves to protect them it isn’t just during the winter months that my hands need some pampering!

                This is a white, slightly greasy cream with quite a strong perfume based scent so stay away from it if you aren’t partial to scented creams. It definitely wouldn’t smell manly on a bloke! The smell lasts for up to an hour after application.

                It is very easy to rub in but be careful not to be tempted to put too much on as it is quite greasy when first applied. The ‘greasy’ feel does however go within a few minutes. Your hands are left feeling extremely soft.

                This does not sting when applied to slightly broken skin but since I don't suffer from eczema etc I wouldn't like to say how this would react with that skin condition. It is quite highly perfumed so I can imagine that it wouldn't be great for people with extremely dry skin conditions. For that reason, I think it would be helpful if the manufacturer's perhaps put on whether this cream is helpful for eczema or psoriasis or whether it should be avoided.

                Fortunately I don’t have any age spots so can’t comment on whether it improves them. My Mum however is acquiring a few age spots and she swears by this cream!

                To the best of my knowledge this doesn't stain clothes, never has with any of mine but I can imagine it's not great to apply whilst wearing silk etc...

                - Conclusion -

                ~ Offers moisturising relief to dry skin.
                ~ A little goes a long way.
                ~ Makes my skin feel very soft and supple.

                I’m pleased with the way in which this cream moisturises my dry hands.
                I have given it a 4 star rating based on it's effectiveness for treating my dry hands but it is a little pricey. I will only be replenishing it during promotional price offers.


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                  12.03.2007 19:26
                  Very helpful



                  The best hand cream I've ever used

                  I love my new hand cream!

                  Dove Pro-age is a new product range from, unsurprisingly, Dove. It is part of a series of body products for women “in their later years”. Never mind that, my mum always told me that I had to look after my hands so I don’t think it’s too early for me to start using this cream in spite of it clearly being marketed to somebody quite a bit older than me.

                  Dove’s website promises that the hand cream will help with faster cell turnover, nourishment and UVB protection. I can’t vouch for any of this but it has certainly helped to keep my hands soft, smooth and nice smelling!

                  The tube is quite attractive; it’s a dark red, like the other products in the range, with silver and white writing on it. The cream itself is white and smells absolutely amazing. It is a sort of flowery scent but not overpoweringly sweet or “old” smelling at all. The scent stays on your skin for a good 30-60 minutes after you have applied the cream and this is partly why I really like this cream.

                  The cream itself is nice and thick. A small blob goes a long way and it seems to be absorbed easily by my dry skin. I like the fact that it’s not runny and you don’t end up with white, sticky hands like you so often do with other hand creams. It does seem to instantly soften my skin and I tend to only use it after I have washed my hands which actually seems to be enough at the moment.

                  There is quite a helpful little list of the active ingredients on the Dove website, these are:

                  AHA solution which supposedly eliminates dead skin cells, less important to me, will reduce age spots
                  Glycerin to help nourish and improve surface cell turnover.
                  Olive Oil to give (unspecified) nourishment and
                  SPF 5 to help protect skin from sun damage

                  Of course there are also the usual ingredients that you’d find in a cream of this sort. If you’re allergic to anything specific I’d suggest that you go have a look on www.doveproage.co.uk where you’ll be able to find the specific ingredients for this particular cream.

                  I bought my hand cream from Boots for £3 something but I just had a look at the Boots website and it is now selling for a bargain £1.99 – definitely worth it!

                  The only suggestion I may have for improvement would be that I’d like a higher SPF in the product as your hands are always in the sun (when there is sun of course…). I think SPF 15 would be suitable for a product such as this but then again, I guess not everybody would agree and would unwittingly end up with white hands and a tanned body.

                  I would thoroughly recommend this hand cream to anybody who wants to look after their hands and make them look their best.


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