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Dove Supreme Fine Silk Beauty Cream Wash

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Brand: Dove / Type: Hand Wash / Texture: Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      08.04.2011 13:19
      Very helpful



      Stick to the tablet of soap version for soft & smooth skin.

      Just before Christmas when shopping at my local Morrisons I couldn't believe the amount of bargains on display in terms of household cleaning chemicals, body accessories and hand wash products. Amongst the supermarket B-O-G-O-F/"Buy-One-Get-One-Free," products, I spied Dove products on a nearby shelf going for the same offer - for £3 I could buy three "large 250ml" different product hand washes under the Dove brand and following my mum's love for the original body wash, decided on two of the white originals and one of the "Dove Supreme Fine Silk White Orchid Beauty Cream Wash." Normally however one bottle of this product is priced around £2 singularly and upwards (Superdrug sell it for £2.03).

      Oh how easy it is to forget a certain sub-brand name. The last time I purchased Dove Fine Silk was when I tried the body wash and it was absolutely horrific in terms of scent. Has Dove changed?

      For a company like Unilever to change the ways of soap washing forever, when Dove first appeared in the UK, it must have heralded a new change to those who wanted a cream bar that have a similar effect to a hand cream moisturiser. Many moons later the market now has so many different hand lotions and hand washes, buyers can tap into so many different brands, it's a wonder Dove haven't brought out a sub-brand following the success of their hand soaps and washes. "Dove Supreme Fine Silk White Orchid Beauty Cream Wash." is very similar to the body wash and by name alone, challenges you to think about quality premium hand creams against basic names that only usually make up three to create a sentence matched by back to basics bottle. Yes you can imagine the fun I'd have proposing this to Dooyoo! Here, you get loads of sub-sentences in different colours and borders whilst the bottle is covered in a creamy beige and gold glossy tactile coating similar to those kinds of powdered milk bottles you can buy and Dove have wasted no money on the colour contrasts with contrasting browns here and there, a picture of what is supposed to be brown silk wriggling in the wind and by the end of it all, a look that wouldn't look out of place in a gold and beige luxury bathroom suite! There's even a frosted beige dispersal push tap at the top which looks well made (smacks of design robbed from Radox though) and logically defying thanks to its flatter top where you'd naturally put your hand to push the cream out.

      When it is used, Dove's "Supreme Fine Silk," as I will now refer to, comes out of the tap, smooth and slowly dispersing in a white and thick tactile consistency that looks very much like condensed milk when it drips out of a tin. To the eye then, it certainly looks luxurious and there's even a certain glossy shine that comes off the cream too. To my nose however, the promise of an "elegant fragrance," doesn't entice me much to use the cream over a longer period and certainly not for anything else. Sadly for Dove, "Supreme Fine Silk" still smells like a bit of Blossom flowers mixed in with tone-downed human vomit. Dove claims "White Orchid Fragrance," which is written in small white lettering at the bottom of the bottle at the front and the top scent is that of flowers but the bottom scent doesn't smell like a flower to me! Dove haven't bothered changing the scent here in more than a year when I bought the similar body wash, although the vomit smell isn't as apparent as the body wash.

      The biggest disappointment for this hand wash cream isn't just a fragrance that reminds me of human waste. The biggest shock is that the bottle claims to be mild enough to be used as a facial wash as well as a hand wash and then you find that the product warns you not to use it near your eyes. Kind of difficult to do when it claims the product can be used as a facial wash. Still, I don't want the smell of vomit lingering around my neck and cheeks, even if the scent dies off early!

      The second disappointment and biggest shock is that in use, and under the soft waters from Scotland (maybe it changes in hard water areas - but I doubt it) my hands lather up into a luxuriously creamy feeling and the fingers slide about so easily into the webs of my other hand and whilst the dirt of the day comes off, my skin feels really rough and dry afterwards. Moisturised? Soft like silk? More like sandpaper! There is no softness after this cream is rinsed off and when it makes a claim that it can be used as a facial wash, I begin to wonder who this product was created for... an elephant perhaps?

      All in all "Supreme Fine Silk" has turned out to be ever-so disappointing and not luxurious for all that the cream looks enticing to use. The bottle is about the best thing going for it and for the very reason of leaving skin rough; it means a return to the original formula and hand soap. Dove can do better than this than glorifying a product with one of the longest product titles I've ever seen! Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2011



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        19.12.2010 09:28
        Very helpful



        A fantastic moisturising hand wash from Dove

        As you are no doubt aware, I absolutely adore my toiletries and I have to confess that I have three huge carrier bags hidden at the back of my wardrobe (away from hubby's prying eyes!) containing an array of different coloured bottles and tubes! I'm the type of person who cannot resist trying something new and if I discover that I like the product I will return to the store and stock up, particularly if I've managed to obtain it on special offer. A range that I find extremely favourable is that belonging to Dove, which is manufactured by Unilever as in my opinion the Dove range are considerably gentle and caring for the skin. The product I am reviewing today is their Supreme Fine Silk Beauty Cream Wash and it's a shame that Dooyoo haven't provided a photograph, as from its' name you would be mistaken in thinking that this is a body wash. However, I would advise that it is actually a hand wash and this review discusses my experiences of using the product.


        If you are familiar with the Dove range you will be aware that the appearance of their products are somewhat luxurious and very appealing to the eye. We are presented with 250 ml of beautiful hand wash in a calming light beige coloured sturdy plastic curved container with an extremely easy to operate pump dispenser. In combination with the neutral coloured container and the small image of a water drop, which is located on the front, we are given the impression of peace and tranquillity. On the front of the container is the familiar blue Dove logo, together with their trademark image of a dove, which is golden coloured.


        For those of you who regularly follow my reviews you will be aware that I suffer major problems with my hands, which was first diagnosed eleven years ago. I went through an extremely difficult period in my life and my GP diagnosed that I was suffering from stress-related eczema. Consequently, at that time I was prescribed a rather strong steroid cream; the instructions of which directed me to wash my hands after use!? Great - a hand cream where you are advised to wash hands after using - where was the logic in that? However, I ceased using the prescription item after a short while due to the fact that steroid creams can thin the skin and I resorted to the run-of-the mill products that I could obtain from the supermarket and chemist shelves. The condition with the skin on my hands tends to yo-yo and is considerably exacerbated during the cold weather where I am constantly plastering good quality creams all over my hands. Fortunately, I seem to be okay at the moment, but a few weeks ago I carefully considered the different hand washes I had been using, particularly due to the amount of times we tend to wash our hands during the day.

        After carefully scouring the shelves in our nearby Tesco Extra I decided upon Dove Supreme Fine Silk Beauty Cream wash; the decision of which was based on a number of reasons. Firstly, Dove products are well known for their caring products, secondly, the hand wash contains sheer silkening moisturiser and finally, Dove advise that this product is so mild that it can be used on the face. Okay, I'm somewhat of a push over when it comes to toiletries and the attractive container ended up in my supermarket trolley and I couldn't wait to get home and see if it lived up to its' claims.


        As with all dispenser type products a slight anti-clockwise twist is needed to "unlock" the unit and you're ready to go. Only one short press is sufficient to release an adequate amount of the gorgeous fairly thick and creamy hand wash, which is off-white in colour. Whilst its' fragrance is mild I have to say that it is absolutely stunning and just as I suspected, extremely luxurious. I'm not even going to attempt to explain its' aroma as I honestly do not have a clue, so please take my word for it when I say it's stunning. However, I can state that it is not flowery, so is suited for use by both men and women. I gently rub my hands together under the warm running water and within seconds I am able to witness a plentiful lather. This, by far, has to be the most luxurious and creamy hand wash that I have ever used, as it is extremely soft and very smooth. The wash is easily rinsed without leaving any sticky traces of residue and I towel dry my hands, which always feel as though I have applied a good quality hand cream, but this is not the case.


        This is an absolutely superior and high quality product from an extremely reputable company. As previously stated, this has to be the best hand wash I have ever used, particularly as my hands genuinely feel as if I have applied a good hand cream. My skin is left feeling silky soft and smooth and totally moisturised. The worst effected areas of my hands tend to be my knuckles, which tend to crack and subsequently bleed. Saying that though, I have to be honest when I state that I still apply my favourite hand cream just before going to bed, but it's wonderful not having to carry out this chore at least a dozen times throughout the day. I also attempted to use this on my face, particularly as Dove claim the product to be mild and I have to admit that once again it was perfect. I experienced no dry patches or irritation and I think I have now found the number one hand wash, as my face was left feeling wonderfully soft and smooth.


        There is a long list of ingredients presented to us on the reverse of the bottle, which for obvious reasons I do not intend listing in this review. As with all products of this nature, care should be taken not to get into the eyes and should contact occur you should rinse immediately with water. The hand wash should be used within 12 months of opening and can be recycled once empty.


        Dove products are available in most supermarkets, chemists and I have frequently found them in pound stores. To enable me to provide you with an up-to-date price I have checked Tesco website and would advise that at the time of writing (19 December 2010) you can purchase Dove Supreme Fine Silk Beauty Cream Wash for £1.84 for a 250 ml container.

        As this is such a superb product, which your skin will thank you for it gets a full 5 stars from me.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.

        This review may also appear on other websites under the same user name.


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