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Elegant Touch Moisture Balance Nail Polish Remover

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3 Reviews

Brand: Elegant Touch / Type: Nail Polish Remover / Subcategory: Moisturiser / What it does: Nourishes, Moisturizes,

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    3 Reviews
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      04.07.2013 00:07
      Very helpful



      Great all round remover

      I was always one for buying curex until on day there was none length in the supermarket so it bought this he are my thoughts.

      This comes in a round see through plastic bottle with a blue ad purple label and white writing. The lid is a translucent blue and is a screw top. This has quite a small dispenser and the bottle has to be squeezed so this means you have some control over how much you use. With other removers I have found this to be a huge issue and a massive waste I love this packaging as I feel it looks really expensive and t sits really easily in my cupboard.

      The remover
      In the bottle this looks to be in two sections a blue and green and even if you shake it up it will settle back into the two sections within moments.
      This takes nail polish off really easily one 50p piece size blob on a piece if kitchen towel and this will do any entire hand and this leaves each nail totally clean. It is also very easy to use it to take polish off the skin.
      The one bad part of this is the smell it is much stronger than other polishes and it causes complaint from my boyfriend. I am willing to cope with this for the way it removes.
      This remover is meant to add moisture and normally I wouldn't agree with these type of claims, but this work. My nails are not as dry and flaky after using this and they are definitely stronger.
      This does not leave any residue on my nails nor does it make my skin dry and uncomfortable.

      Price and Availability
      This can be found at all good supermarkets and also a number of chemists and beauty stores, and this sells for around £2. I feel this is great value as it is for 200ml and it lasts for a very long time. Grea product!


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      09.12.2010 20:05
      Very helpful



      A great nail varnish remover

      I find painting my nails to be greatly relaxing, and it's very rare that I don't wear nail varnish. I love trying out new colours and brands, and quite regularly the shade that I wear changes every couple of days. However, I find removing nail varnish greatly tedious and in some cases very time consuming, depending of course on the brand of nail varnish remover used. Prior to trying out this particular product, I mostly used Sally Hansen nail varnish remover but I found that it ran out quite quickly and wasn't great at doing the job it's supposed to. Therefore, I decided to browse in my local Superdrug store for an alternative.

      I was attracted to this particular product due to its appearance on the shelf. The bottle is translucent and there is a large white label on the front of the bottle which contains the name of the product and some information about it. Although this is standard for most products like this, there was one feature of the bottle that was particularly attractive. The nail varnish remover itself can be seen through the bottle and the colour of the varnish changes sharply from a turquoise colour at the bottom to a pale mint green colour above. It looks really colourful and definitely caught my eye. The two different colours represent the dual phase property of the remover. The 'top phase' (i.e. the liquid of a mint green colour) removes nail varnish quickly and effectively and the 'bottom phase' (the liquid of a turquoise colour) contains moisturising nutrients and vitamin B5 to encourage healthy nails and cuticles.

      The bottle should be shaken before use to 'infuse' the two phases of the remover. The nail varnish remover should be dispensed from the bottle onto either a cotton wool ball or a cotton wool pad. The cotton wool should then be wiped over the nails to remove traces of nail varnish quickly and easily. I usually wear two coats of good quality nail varnish (such as Barry M, O.P.I. or Nails Inc), and hence it is usually quite difficult to remove both layers quickly. However, this particular product does the job perfectly. To give you an idea, I usually put just two large drops of the remover onto a cotton wool pad and this is more than enough to completely remove all traces of the nail varnish on one hand. This nail varnish remover seems to completely dissolve the polish without spreading it around the nail area as many similar products do.

      This product is marketed on the fact that it moisturises the nails and leaves them feeling healthy, and it definitely doesn't disappoint in this respect, either. My nails feel smooth and strong and my cuticles feel soft and supple. Furthermore, the nail varnish remover is very gentle. If I have any small cuts around my nails, most nail varnish removers that I have previously used tends to sting if it comes into contact with this broken skin, yet this particular product does not present that problem.

      The one downfall of this acetone based product is that it smells very strongly. Most nail varnish removers have a distinct clinical smell to them, yet the smell of this particular brand is quite overwhelming. However, washing your hands after use with a good quality soap should remove all traces of the smell quickly and easily, so this really isn't a big problem.

      Overall, I have been really pleased with this product. It is a fuss free nail varnish remover that not only removes nail varnish quickly and easily, but removes it effectively. This is definitely a product that I will be using for a long time to come, and I highly recommend it.

      Elegant Touch Moisture Balance Nail Polish Remover costs just under £2 in most drug stores such as Boots and Superdrug. It comes in a tall, cylindrical bottle.


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      12.06.2009 18:19
      Very helpful



      Other products do the same job for half the price!

      The worst part about painting my nails (for me anyway), is the effort of removing the old nail varnish when I fancy a change of colour (either that or when the varnish has started to resemble the glaze of an old china teapot).

      I hate the smell, and scrubbing at my nails to get the last of the colour off.
      My nails also tend to be quite brittle, so when I saw this 'Moisture Balance' nail polish remover in Superdrug, I thought I'd give it a go and see if it was any better than a basic remover.

      The Product: * * * * *

      Each bottle is 200ml, and will set you back around £1.95.
      It is fairly easy to spot on the shelf due to its "advanced Bi-Phasic formula" - which in real terms means it has 2 layers! This product is designed so you have to shake to bottle to mix them. The moisture balance version has a pale green top layer, and a darker blue/green bottom layer.

      The bottle claims that:
      "This advanced, dual phase remover has been especially formulated by the Hand and Nail Experts to help protect nails and maintain suppleness. The top phase removes polish quickly and effectively, whilst moisturising nutrients and Vitamin B5 in the bottom phase encourage healthy, supple nails and cuticles."

      I do tend to think the layering of the 2 different colour liquids is more of a ploy to make it look nice and a bit more fancy than other brands, rather than serving any real purpose. I could be wrong; but surely it has the same effect, regardless of whether the chemicals are pre-mixed, or re-mixed everytime you decide to do your nails?!

      As a brand, 'Elegant Touch' make a large number of manicure and nail-related products, including false nails; so I'm glad to see that the product is suitable for natural & artificial nails.

      Usage: * * * * *

      After shaking, the product goes a sort of bright green.
      I pop some onto a cotton wool pad, but notice that there seems to be 2 different colours (a strange yellow-green) forming on the pad where the liquid is already trying to separate again!

      I do my thang, and start removing a dark varnish that has tiny glittery flecks in it. The remover does seem to struggle with this a little, and I need to give each nail a good few goes over to get it all off.

      For the sake of fairness, I've also tried this on other polishes, including smooth ones.

      I found that this remover is adequate for removing colour (including a particularly horrendous bright red I was wearing at the time), but with any varnish, I did find that I needed to give the nails a bit of a scrub to get all of it off.

      The smell with this one was quite strong too, which was a little disappointing. Obviously all removers are going to smell somewhat due to the nature of the chemicals they contain; but I've used (cheaper) ones in the past that don't smell nearly as strong as this.

      Conclusion: * * * * *

      Overall, I haven't been hugely impressed with this product. My biggest problem with it being marketed as a moisturising polish remover, when I have found that it actually dries out my nails, rather than make them feel 'healthy' and 'supple'!

      After using this, my nails flake quite badly which is a big letdown for me. At just under the £2 mark, it is certainly not the cheapest remover you can find, so I would expect it to follow up on its moisturising claims (which for me, would justify the higher price-tag).
      I also have gone through this product quite quickly, as I need to use quite a lot to make it effective, so again, this makes me question its value for money.

      Having used shops' own brands of nail varnish remover before, for half the price, and giving better results means that I will not be buying this again!


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    • Product Details

      The top phase removes nail polish quickly and effectively while moisturising nutrients in the bottom phase encourage healthy nails and cuticles /