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Elemis Pro Collagen Hand & Nail Cream

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4 Reviews

Brand: Elemis / Type: Nail & Hand Cream / Suitable for: Nails & Hand / Contents: 100ml / What it does: Protects, Nourishes

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    4 Reviews
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      15.02.2014 09:56
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      Rather than buying loads of new skin and body products, I've been delving into a small stock pile of items that were purchased throughout 2013. This particular product was part of a set I bought from QVC, but can be purchased on its own for £23.00 for a 100ml tube from places such as online store timetospa, QVC and other Elemis stockists.

      Why did I buy it?

      I bought the kit from QVC as it was a Todays Special Value ( a discounted priced product where the price is set for 24 hours ). QVC do some fantastic priced sets from Elemis, especially if it's a part of a TSV, and within this set there were quite afew products I hadn't tried before and were new to the range. This was one of them.

      How is it packaged?

      The hand cream comes in a white plastic tube with a silver screw top lid, which it can stand upright. Very simple in look. The ' Elemis ' logo is at the top on the front with the words 'spa home ' underneath. The product name at the bottom with the sub brand mentioned underneath which is body anti-ageing.

      On the back there's information on the benefits of the handcream, how to use, company contact details and also mentions once product is opened it has a 6 month shelf life.

      What is this handcream supposed to do?

      This is an anti ageing handcream, which helps to fight the signs of age spots and crepiness in regards to the smoothness of the skin. It provides moisture, a protective barrier on the hands and also helps to condition cuticles.

      Anything special about this product?

      The product doesn't contain parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, mineral oils, artificial colours and silicones.


      Aqua/Water/Eau, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Decyl Oleate, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol Stearate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance (Parfum),Calcium Caseinate, Gevuina Avellana Seed Oil, Prunus Domestica (Plum) Seed Oil, Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Sodium Polyacrylate, Glycerin, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, Benzoic Acid, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Potassium Stearate, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Citric Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Hydroxycitronellal, Isoeugenol, Linalool.

      How to use

      Massage into hands and cuticles on a daily basis. For a deeper treatment, apply a thick layer over hands and wear cotton gloves overnight.

      What is it like?

      The packaging makes it very easy to dispense the product, and to get the right amount of product needed with just a light squeeze of the hand. Very easy to hold, and if the tube gets alittle grubby in the bathroom or handbag it can easily be wiped clean.

      The cream itself is white in colour, with quite a luxurious consistency to it. It's a little thicker than a lotion but thinner than a cream/butter. You only need a small amount as it is quite rich.

      Despite the richness of the product it rubs into the skin very easily and quickly leaving an almost matt but smooth in look and feel finish.

      The smell is very floral but heading more towards being plant based. It's a very specific scent, but isn't too overpowering but is noticeable.

      Overall the handcream was very easy and quick to use.

      What do I think?

      It probably isn't geared towards people like me as my hands don't appear to show any real issues with ageing, they're still quite youthful in look and feel, so I doubt they would need such a potent hand cream. So commenting on age spots, wrinkles, anything along those lines is something I cannot do.

      I really enjoyed the thickness of the product. I naturally gravitate towards the thicker more fuller in consistency products as that's my preference most of the time. But I felt this was a happy medium as it was pretty much in the middle and not thick nor thin.

      It was very easy to rub into the hand which is good. The last thing you want to do is grab your hand cream from out of your bag to use quickly, and find its taking forever to work in. So I enjoyed that aspect. I'm not too sure whether I liked my hands looking so matt, and would've preferred there to have been a slight sheen to provide more of a supple and youthful look to it. I did feel once the hand cream was on that there was a slight, hardly noticeable, tackiness to my hands. Rubbing my fingers or hands together didn't really completely natural which I felt odd but I could live with it/

      When I first used this hand cream I felt my hands needed re application after acouple of hours, as I didn't feel they were moisturised enough. Now, due to constant use of ointments and emollients for my daughter's skin issues, it's nearly impossible for my hand so be dry. So I find one application can last some time.

      The fragrance for me is the huge let down. I'm not a fan anyway of floral. I don't mind it, but it's not my first choice. I need it to be mixed in cleverly with other fragrances to take the edge off the flower element. In this case the smell was a mix between floral and plant, and I don't like it! Not that much different to Elemis's Radiance Balm in regards to smell, and I don't like that either. So for me it's a huge turn off. I think in the back of my mind when I saw the 'pro collagen ' part of the name, that it would be similar in scent to the pro collagen face cream which I like. But it's nothing like it. I think this is one of those products smell wise most people will either like or not.

      Who is this product good for?

      As mentioned I can't comment on the anti-ageing side, but Elemis do some fantastic products and some are geared in this direction, so they already have a huge following in this area which shows for a lot of people these products work. So if someone has aged hands, and they want to maintain them e.g stop them from getting worse, or want something specifically to provide some help to improve the hands then this could be for them.

      Someone who likes a rich handcream but doesn't like the heaviness in regards to texture.

      Someone who loves floral/plant smells.

      Who is this not for?

      Young hands. Let's be honest, regardless of the whole idea of prevention rather than cure, there are loads of handcreams that young, supple hands could use without the huge price tag this has! I don't think someone whose in their teens, twenties, as an example need this, unless they're suffering from premature ageing!

      Someone on a budget. £23.00 is a lot of money for a handcream. To be fair, 100ml is a lot of product, as a lot of handcreams can be 50-75ml in size. But this still in my opinion is quite expensive if bought on its own.

      If you don't like floral/plant smells. The last thing you want to do is smell it on your hands. It's not overpowering but as mentioned, it really stops me from using it, let alone enjoying it. I haven't mentioned in this review if this smell stays on the hands for long, because I'm constantly washing my hands after moisturising my daughter, thankfully its a product I've had no choice but to remove thoroughly from my skin.

      Men. Not type casting, but the smell isn't very unisex and if someone, male or female, wanted something more neutral and softer, this isn't it.

      Would I buy this on it's own?

      No. There's a vast range of hand creams on the market that would work better for me. Although I don't need anti-ageing at this moment, I guess prevention is better than a cure, but I still wouldn't buy it. The smell and the slight tackiness feeling for me is the reason why I used it when it was first purchased, then thrown at the back of a drawer until now. It's easy to use, but I don't enjoy using it and if you're paying double figures for any hand or body product, personally, I want to enjoy the process of use from start to finish.


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        12.12.2012 19:41
        Very helpful



        Elemis hand and nail cream

        I first tried this product when I received it in a lovely gift box last Christmas. Elemis is an expensive brand so it's probably not something I would have tried otherwise or bought for myself but it is definitely one of my favourite hand creams as it works so well on my skin.

        The cream comes in a little tube, I have the 20ml version but I find a little goes a long way so one of these tubes will last me a good few months. I like to rotate my hand creams as well so I don't use it everyday, only when I have really dry skin. What I like about it is that when you get a new tube there is a little piece of protective material over the nozzle which you have to remove before use so you know no one else has used it and its fresh and perfect.

        On the back of the tube it says, "indulge yourself daily with this intensely hydrating hand and nail cream. Formulated to target age spots, skin crepiness and re-establish skin's moisture barrier. Padina Pavonica is combined with anti-oxidants Melissa and Barley, copper rich Malachite and Myrrh, to deliver smooth and youthful looking hands, whilst conditioning cuticles and helping to maintain healthy, strong nails."

        The cream definitely has quite a spicy smell to it and I think this is probably the inclusion of the myrrh which I think is quite spicy. It has quite a spa-like smell to and it's a pleasant smell to have on your hands. The cream is quite thin but I find it soaks into my hands really well and definitely keeps them well hydrated. I don't have a problem with ageing hands yet but I would like to think that this is helping somewhat with that. My nails feel strong and healthy too so all in all this is a hand and nail cream I recommend.


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        07.04.2012 22:42
        Very helpful



        5 stars

        Having started an ironing business when my babies were young I used to iron baskets and baskets of ironing every day and this was terribly drying on my hands. Now, I don't tend to iron many baskets anymore but from time to time I do have to help out when we are busy and it seems that my hands do not cope with it all! Because of this I need an extremely good hand cream. I have tried a few premium products over the years and I have only found a few that really work to the extent that I need, and the Elemis Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream is one of them. At £30per 100ml it is extremely expensive but I find that the low priced products just do nothing for my hands at all.

        The Elemis range are all free from parabens, oils, artificial colours and silicones and I love that the products are so natural. This particular product is part of the anti ageing range, which at 29 it's perhaps not aimed at me in particular, however it works for me.

        The product feels very luxurious and really does feel like you are indulging your hands (without sounding cheesy!). It helps my hands and my cuticles which is fab as I don't think hand creams always work for both. My hands always feel hydrated after I used it and it also contains anti-oxidants which help to protect the skin from all the external baddies that we come into contact with on a daily basis.

        The hand cream targets different problem areas on the skin such are sun damage and age spots, reducing skin crepiness and strengthening and conditioning the cuticles and nails. Since I began using this hand cream I have massively noticed a difference. My skin is unbelievably dry and the folds often peel and generally don't look nice, but if I use this a couple of times a day (I only need a small dab of cream - it surprisingly goes a long way!) my hands look like what they should for my age! One important factor with this cream is they don't leave skin feeling greasy, which I hate on my hands. It leaves my hands feeling silky and smooth.

        The smell of the hand cream is not overpowering but definitely noticeable but is very pleasant. It lingers on the hands for quite a while, but in a subtle way. It is difficult to describe the smell but you'll have to take my word for it that it is lovely! Very fresh!

        All in all a really lovely product - IF - you need such an intense hand cream. If my hands weren't so dry I really don't think I could justify the £30 price tag but it is 100% indulgence and feels so lovely to use. And it works!!


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        25.05.2011 07:36
        Very helpful



        For smooth and silky hands

        After a series of truly divine facials I have become addicted to Elemis products particularly the pro-collagen anti ageing ones as they really seem to be livening up my skin and slowing down the ageing process. A few months ago I noticed that my hands were starting to look a little old and wrinkly so I bought some Elemis Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream. It comes in a 100 ml blue tube which, when opened, only has a shelf life of six months so it is best to use it regularly if you decide to invest in it.

        The cream is very easy to apply to my hands and you don't need to squeeze the tube much to get the right amount out but it also does not come out too quickly. It is white in colour, with a smooth texture, and a small amount is absorbed into my skin very easily. It is worth taking your time when applying though, making sure that you massage the cream all the way up each finger and also paying attention to your nails and cuticles. There is nothing greasy about this cream and it does make my hands feel soft and silky.

        There is quite a strong smell but it is very pleasant. The smell lingers on my hand as well as being noticeable when I apply it. In fact it is so strong that when I put it on once in the car, both my daughters in the back seats noticed and commented immediately. I find it quite hard to identify exactly what the cream does smell of. There are numerous ingredients such as Marine algae Padina Parvonica, anti oxidants Melissa and Barley, as well as Myrrh, Aloe-vera and Linden Flowers. The combination of these does produce a lovely smell.

        If you use this cream on a regular basis, ideally a few times a day, it should help do the following:

        Strengthen and condition cuticles and nails
        Re-establish the skin's moisture barrier
        Leave hands beautifully smooth and youthful looking

        I have been using the cream for over three months and I can definitely verify the first and third claims. I can tell that my nails are in much better condition - they feel so much stronger and they do not constantly break the way they used to. Also my hands do look visibly better. I still have some age defining lines but on the whole my skin is much smoother and I feel so much happier with my hands' appearance. I can't really comment on the second claim as I have to admit to not being totally sure what to expect from that one!

        There is a very interesting description of how the product works on the Elemis website that explains the science far better than I ever could:

        'Revolutionary Micro-Lattice Technology provides a support system for the skin, the scientific equivalent to a mesh body stocking providing micro-tension over slackening hands.'

        It makes it sound very promising and this cream certainly does live up to its promise. I am so pleased with the effect on my hands and nails and I love applying it a few times a day. It feels like a moment of pure indulgence every time!

        All Elemis products come at a price and this is no exception. This 100 ml tube will set you back almost £30 on websites such as Beauty Expert but luckily I found mine on ebay for £16. This was still quite expensive but definitely worth it I think!


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      • Product Details

        Ingredients: Lime Blossom Flowers, Padina Pavonica extract, Malachite extract, Myrrh extract, Bear Berry extract, Aloe Vera extract, Melissa extract and Barley extract / Anti-ageing hand and nail cream / The intensely hydrating Elemis Spa@Home Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream targets age spots, skin crepiness and re-establishes skin's moisture barrier to help protect against external factors which dry the hands / Marine algae padina pavonica is combined with anti-oxidant melissa and barley, copper-rich malachite, myrrh, aloe vera and lime blossom flowers to deliver smooth and youthful looking hands, whilst helping to condition cuticles and maintain strong nails / Directions for use: Massage Elemis Spa@Home Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream into hands and cuticles daily / For an intensive conditioning boost apply generously, cover with cotton gloves and leave overnight / Spa tip: Hands are continually exposed to the elements and are one of the first areas to show our true age / Perform your own luxurious mini hand treatment at home / Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water filled with Skin Nourishing Milk Bath, gently exfoliate the hands, rinse off and apply Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask for 10 minutes / Use a warm damp mitt to remove / Apply Cellular Recovery Capsules morning and evening into cuticles and the back of hands under your Elemis Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream / Key

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