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Garnier 7 Days Daily Hand Cream Aloe Vera

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3 Reviews

Brand: Garnier / Texture: Cream / Type: Hand Cream / Suitable for: Hand

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    3 Reviews
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      21.06.2013 10:43
      Very helpful



      perfect for dry hands.

      I shall be reviewing the Aloe Vera scented 7 day nourishing hand cream by Garnier. They have 3 different scents in the range with Aloe Vera, honey and Shea butter.

      +++++What does it smell like?+++++
      I love Aloe Vera scented products. I wanted to buy some new hand cream as my previous Nivea one had been squeezed to the life of it and had nothing left. I went into boots to get some more and they hadn't got my usual brand in stock.
      My attention was drawn straight to Garnier as I do love this brand and have a few different products and know the smell of their items is wonderful. This particular hand cream has a wonderful smell which lingers on your hands for a good amount of time. It isn't too over powering and is light and refreshing with a sweet herby scent. I would say it's quite a feminine smell so might be off putting for the males but It's the perfect cream so scent shouldn't put you off.

      +++++How well does it apply?+++++
      Don't go in squeezing a huge dollop into your palm because it was only cause regret. I use a pea size amount and if I need more, I will use more. It covered extremely well and doesn't need a lot to cover both hands back and front. I would suggest rubbing some into your nail bed and cuticles for extreme moisturising of your nails. It helped my nails to look and feel well nourished and I don't have dry or over grown cuticle areas.

      It comes in a minty green bottle with an aloe plant picture in the middle. It has a lid to pop open and the hole in the bottle for application is small so you won't get loaded up with cream and will come out how you desire. You have 100ml of product in the bottle, so there is quite a lot of applications there for your hands.
      I apply it around twice a day. I keep it in the kitchen when at home as I always seem to get dry hands after washing up or cleaning so it helps to bring the moisture back. If I am going out of the house, I will always pack it in my handbag. I don't like to leave without having a moisturiser in my bag for "dry hand emergencies".

      If I visit coffee shops I tend to get dry hands from the mugs and cups and they use a dishwasher to clean them and I hate the feel of glass mugs when cleaned in this way. They feel bone dry and extremely squeaky so I keep some moisturiser close by to take that feeling away from my hands!

      +++++Where can I buy this?+++++
      Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets or other toiletry stocked shops.
      I bought mine from boots for £2.99. It was worth every penny and for the little bit I have to use on each application, I am more than satisfied with cost. I will try the other scented items when I run out of this scent, but I am sure it's got a month or two left in it!. Each scented item has different strengths to help keep hand moisturised. This Aloe Vera cream is for Normal-Dry hands, The shea butter is for Dry-Extra dry hands and the honey is for Dry delicate hands. They all contain L-Bifidus which is a probiotic.

      +++++Does it live up to it's claims?+++++
      Garnier claims this product is as follows:
      Non-greasy cream
      Absorb instantly
      Leaves hands soft
      Protected and nourished with moisture.
      Intensely moisturised
      Hands stay hydrated even after a hand wash

      it definitely lives up to it's claims. I agree with all the description here of the hand cream and am very happy with the results I get when using it. I can't wait to try the honey scented cream. It sounds heavenly and if it's as moisturising as this Aloe scented one, then I know it will be good!.
      I was extremely happy when bringing this product home to find it lives up to making your hands more moisturised in 7 days. I definitely notice the difference on my hands and they constantly look fresh and the skin looks more radiant than it did before.

      I give this product 5/5 stars for being an amazing hand cream and satisfying my need for moisture.
      Thanks for reading my review



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      23.05.2013 19:45



      Great product, good value for money, nice scent.

      Over the years I have tried so many different products to help combat this, from very cheap to very expensive. I'm quite picky, some end up making my hands no better, others make my hands so greasy I have to wash it straight off. And the smell, again can vary so much.

      I was attracted to this product as I have always found Garnier products good value for money in the past, and their claims have been true. Also, I seemed to be seeing the product in the majority of shops I use, supermarkets, pharmacies, discount shops. It always seemed to catch my eye. There are a few different products in the 7 day intensive hand cream range but I really liked the scent of this one and it seemed to cover the majority of hand cream needs. This product is just perfect for me and anyone else that has dry or sensitive hands. Not drying, not too greasy, and a great smell. The smell is clean and fresh, the aloe vera in it gives an almost cucumber smell. You need to use it for about a week to give it a chance to moisturise deeply, and it also works to soften cuticles. Once it has had a chance to work deeply it has a good affect even if you only use it every other day, although I still mostly use it daily as I really like the feel.

      It has quite a thick consistency but it sinks into your skin easily and within moments. It claims that it carries on moisturising even after handwashing, and it is true to it's word. Both my hands and nails have improved in the month I have been using it. The only downside would be that because the cream is quite thick you get through the tube quite quickly. However, it is reasonably priced (about £2.99 per tube) and so better value for money than more expensive alternatives.


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      15.05.2012 18:46
      Very helpful



      Really nice handcream on a budget

      I use handcreams a couple of times every day, so I buy this type of product regularly and like to try out new ones every now and again for a change.

      I saw these Garnier Intensive 7 Day hand creams in my local Savers a few weeks ago. I decided to buy one because I had been pleased with Garnier body lotions I had tried and this handcream was on offer for £1.99 instead of £2.99 for a 100 ml tube. This offer is also on at Boots and probably in some other places as Garnier is heavily promoting this 7 Days range at the moment.

      === The range ====

      This hand cream comes in different versions. I chose the aloe vera protecting cream for "normal to dry hands" as I do not suffer from particularly rough or dry hands and I don't need a particularly rich hand cream. I like products which are on the lighter side, sink in quickly and just keep my hands soft and in good condition without overloading them with moisture. For those of you with dryer skin, there is the shea butter handcream "SOS repair" cream for "dry to extra dry hands" and mango which is for "dry, rough hands".

      === Packaging ===

      The hand cream comes in a simple, typical 100 ml tube with a flip top cap. The plastic of the tube feels a little flimsy so I would be slightly wary of putting it in a bag with any sharp items like nail scissors, as I could imagine the tube could be punctured. However it is durable enough to survive in my bag without splitting or leaking. The design is pale green with the Garnier logo and graphics which show a drop containing aloe vera. It does not look expensive but it looks perfectly fine for a budget product.

      === Use and effectiveness of the handcream ===

      Garnier claims the handcream is fast absorbing, non sticky and not greasy, and that it hydrates your skin so much that it is still hydrated after washing. This sounded great as I do sometimes find that soaps and handwashes dry my hands, which is why I always like to use a handcream after washing my hands.

      The hand cream is light in texture and more like a lotion than a thick cream. It is white and lightly scented with the very fresh, green and planty, natural fragrance of aloe vera. Because of its light consistency the cream is very spreadable and you can easily rub it all over your hands. It does sink in almost immediately, as promised by Garnier, as I was pleased that it definitely doesn't leave my hands with any kind of greasiness or stickiness at all. Greasiness is something I really hate in a hand cream so I was glad that this lived up to Garnier's promise. Even though it is very light, I can feel it working instantly. When I put this on and rub it in my hands immediately feel really soft and hydrated. I really like using it, so I do often reapply it after washing my hands even though Garnier say you don't need to! On the occasions when I have washed my hands without reapplying hand cream I do agree to a certain extent with the claim that is your hands hydrated even after washing. Obviously my hands are not quite as hydrated as if I had just put the cream on, but they don't feel rough or dried out after washing and I don't feel like I desperately need to reapply the cream, I just do it out of preference and habit!

      Overall I have been really impressed with this hand cream as it does its job very well and is just as effective and non-greasy as some more expensive products. I will definitely buy it again.


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