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Heathcote & Ivory Vintage Handwash Set

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Brand: Heathcote & Ivory / Set / Type: Soap / Subcategory: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2011 16:50
      Very helpful



      Hand lotions for a discerning consumer.

      Last Christmas I had some lovely presents from my in-laws who are both in their late seventies but always choose something to suit the recipient. I've found that often people buy presents that they would like themselves, so this was an especially thoughtful gift. Since this a first review I'm going to add a bit of background, but hopefully not enough to bore anyone.

      The Company.

      Heathcote & Ivory are a quintessentially English toiletries and fragrance brand that combine beautiful and luxurious products with a reasonable price tag that makes it extremely popular. You might be more familiar with the name of Cath Kidston who markets the brand among many others with a rag to riches story that would be the envy of any author. She started with a tiny shop in London at the age of 34 and with just £15,000 to her name in 1993. Now she sells a wide range of products of which Heathcote & Ivory stand for the very values she believes in herself.

      The website is absolutely gorgeous with an outstanding range of products that suit all ages and personalities. It's a site I'd recommend to anyone looking for a gift that looks expensive but doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. I'd also steer a husband, boyfriend, or any other clueless male in the right direction for an amazing gift experience. It's also lovely to look at and drool over.

      The Product.

      This lovely gift set includes a liquid hand wash, and hand lotion in a floral wire caddy that's decorated with a lovely cream daisy motif and tied with a luxurious burgundy bow. As part of a collection it's also a sumptuous item on it's own and I honestly thought it had cost well over twenty pounds when I first saw it. However, this retails online and in selected shops for £10 and I haven't seen it any cheaper. It complements any bathroom with its delicate colours and it's practical yet elegant design. Mine sits on a shelf next to my sink and for ages I could hardly bear to use it, thinking it wouldn't last for long. I still have the empty hand wash bottle and half the hand lotion left, in the end I did use it and so did my guests.

      Each bottle is a delight to look at and is filled with 250mls of product, making it last a long time. Even after it's been used up the caddy would double for other products, although I'd prefer to have the original set. The bottles look like glass but are hard solid plastic with a rim of chrome around the top with the pump just above this. The instructions for use are simple, but worth a mention since it would be a shame to spoil it. Turn the pump in an anti-clockwise direction until it pops up and then press the pump down to release the lotion. It also says to avoid the eyes in the case of the lotion, but not the hand wash.

      I've found this very easy to dispense and I've never had any problems with the pump as it's firmly fixed to the bottle. Its easy to use with my arthritic hands and my grandson hasn't had any problems using it either. The caddy is cream painted metal wire and stands evenly on most surfaces so I haven't had any accidental spillages. I'd hate to waste any of this. There are no sharp edges to catch fingers on either.

      Contents and perfume.

      Described as a Vintage Collection on the gift tag and the bottles, mine is the Mimosa and Pomegranate perfume. There are lots to choose from but I love the combination of these floral and green tones. Just like a fragrance in perfume or toilet water, this has several 'tones', the description of this is as follows-

      A fresh and delicate floral scent that blossoms with a sheer green flowery notes of mimosa, frangipani, rose and muguet the light floral heart combines pomegranate, apricot, peach, orange blossom and cyclamen. The full list of ingredients are on the website, but one of the ingredients is shea butter, which is cropping up in many lotions nowadays. It also contains glycerin in the hand lotion, which is suitable for sensitive skin.

      I found some interesting details on the website about the different scents and what they say about your character and personality. While not necessary to the review, I loved reading about this and comparing it to my favourite scents which are both floral, citrus and woody. This makes me feminine but with a love of the outdoors and an earthy, sensual nature. All that from a hand lotion! I'd better be careful what I buy in future.


      Joking aside, the scent is just one of the delightful things about these lotions. The clear liquid hand wash lathers well without being too frothy, a bonus when Jack decides to wash his hands with his Nan's 'smelly cream'. He's used to basic hand wash and loves my collection of bottles and creams. You need about two pumps, or an amount equal to a teaspoon to get the best benefit. It feels quite sticky at first but that's because it doesn't run everywhere and it soon makes enough soap to wash with. I use it on my hands but it can be used on the face with care.

      The Hand Lotion

      This is quite thick in consistency and one pump action is enough for both hands. While the hand wash is very mild, this has an intense scent, which stays on your hands for a while after. It rubs in well leaving a wonderful feel to your hands and was a godsend to me last winter when we had all that cold and snowy weather. Even with the heating on my bathroom was cold and my hands became quite sore after a while.

      When I remembered the lotion I used it after every hand wash and it kept my skin clean and smooth. It doesn't state any anti-bacterial properties, but I imagine that using this would put up a barrier to any germs. I found it helped with the skin around my nails as well. Whether it's from illness or being run down, I get a lot of hangnails and they are both sore and unsightly. Soap doesn't clean as effectively as hand lotion and however much I think I've dried my hands, there's always a time when I'm too rushed to do so. Remembering the lotion helps a great deal.


      Would I recommend this? Without a single moment of hesitation! I love the look of this; it sets off my bathroom shelf with its luxury look and delicate pink colour. My bathroom is cream with a white bath, a wood surround and tiles that are a light gray with hints of pink. It looks expensive, it says a lot about me and it works, which is the most important thing. Fortunately for me you can buy the items separately so I can either buy a refill for the hand wash or go for another scent in a different range. I love the Vintage because it says I'm a discerning customer. So I'm a bit snobbish? I think there is a bit of that in most women and this is an item that I would buy for myself or as a gift. I know it's not the price that counts, but this looks expensive.

      I'm not sure where this was bought, but I've seen it in John Lewis for £10 or it can be bought online as stated. The website is www.heathcote&Ivory.co.uk.

      Thanks for reading and I hope you find this helpful.

      ©Lisa Fuller. 2011.


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