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Inecto Pure Coconut Oil Hand & Nail Cream

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4 Reviews
  • Handy travel size
  • Coconut scent
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    4 Reviews
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      16.03.2016 15:10
      Very helpful


      • "Handy travel size"
      • "Coconut scent"
      • "Good Moisture"


      Perfect hands beautiful smell.

      I bought this from a discount price store because I wanted something new for my hands and nails that would put an end to any dryness I receive in my workplace.
      I picked this product also because of my love for the smell of coconut and the lingering scent it can leave on your body.
      I like the idea of this product being natural, vegan friendly and Dermatologically tested but not on animals.
      I use this cream several times a day including after every time wash my hands.
      I see in some people say it is not a good moisturizer, but I disagree.
      Not only does it contain coconut oils and all natural products but it also keeps my hands soft with a nice feel and smell.
      This is not a greasy or oily product and moisturizes perfectly into my hands.
      The tube size is 75ml in a flat bottom screw top that stands up and is easy to open and use, very handy for hand luggage when travelling.
      The best thing about the hand and nail cream is that the coconut oil in this being natural has done wonders for my cuticles and softened them so much that they don't grow so much anymore, this is fantastic help with having my nails done as a manicure it means less work for my manicurist.
      Regardless of what others might say I would happily use this product for quality and price.
      I would also recommend to friends and family who like to use moisturizer regularly and to anyone who loves the smell of coconut!


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      02.08.2011 16:27
      Very helpful



      A hand cream that makes your hands soft and smooth for a few hours

      Inecto is a brand which believes in the benefits of Coconut Oil and as such they have created a whole range of beauty products containing this pure ingredient. From hair products to skin treatments, Inecto has created products in a bid to solve just about any beauty dilemma using Coconut Oil as its main ingredient. One of the products that frequently shows up in my Christmas stocking is the Pure Coconut Intensely Moisturising Hand And Nail Cream.

      What does the product do?
      The product claims to moisturise dry hands and to leave them feeling soft and smooth. It also promises to hydrate thirsty and brittle nails to prevent them from snapping. It claims that it will nourish the skin and nails deeply in order to leave them stronger and in a much better condition.

      How does the product work?
      The product includes a dose of Coconut Oil that is 100% pure. This oil is incredibly hydrating and moisturises the skin deeply leaving it feeling softer and smoother. It strengthens the skin from the deepest level so it will be in a better condition and it helps to heal and repair chapped skin on the hands. As it is an antioxidant, the oil helps to fight against free radicals in the skin meaning that your hands will look younger for longer.

      The Coconut oil is enriched with fatty acids and vitamins so it nourishes your skin and makes it healthier. The oil also benefits the nails by hydrating them deeply and preventing your nails from snapping. By nourishing the nails, it makes them stronger and leaves them in a better condition and gives them a beautiful shine. As the oil conditions the cuticles, it means your nails grow in a more healthy way.

      The hand cream also contains Glycerin which is a humectant. This means that the substance encourages the moisture to be drawn into the deepest layers of the skin and also helps it to be retained there. This means that the skin and the nails will be deeply hydrated and remain that way for a much longer period of time which prevents the dryness from returning.

      How do you use the product?
      You use the product in the same way as any other hand cream. The product is to be massaged onto clean, dry hands paying particular attention to dry areas such as knuckles and also the cuticles. The cream can be applied as often as required throughout the day.

      Packaging and Price
      The packaging follows the same pattern as all of Inecto's products. The hand cream comes in a white tube with a frosty but clear screw top lid. The tube has stripes of different shades of green across the front and a picture of a Coconut. The product has a tiny bit of information on the pack in lots of different languages.

      The hand cream comes at a really cheap price. It will cost you around £1.50 for 75ml of the cream and it can be bought from most pharmacies, department stores and online websites. I have seen it for as cheap as 99p in some places so if you keep your eyes open, you should get yourself a real bargain.

      Extra Thoughts
      The cream is easily dispensed from the tube, despite the plastic of the packaging being fairly thick. It comes out with a gentle squeeze although as it gets emptier, there will still be a lot of product left in the tube that I can't access so I'll end up cutting it open so as not to waste any. The screw top lid is not as convenient as a flip top lid either because I have to wait until I've massaged the cream into my hands before I can put the lid back on the tube.

      The first thing that hits you about this cream is the aroma of Coconut. It is strong and very present from the second is leaves the tube. I am a massive fan of all things Coconut and although this cream does smell strongly of it, it is a rather synthetic smell. According to the ingredients, a perfume has been added so I don't think the Coconut that I can smell is actually from the Coconut Oil which is a disappointment. It's not a bad aroma, it just smells artificial. The aroma is long lasting and stays on my skin for a really long time.

      The cream is a bright and pure white and the consistency of it is thinner than most hands creams that I have used but it is still thick enough to get the job done. Because the cream is not as thick as I would have expected, you do end up using a fair amount of the product each time. I would have this down as a negative if this product was expensive as it means that I will have to replace it quickly, but as it is so cheap I don't mind.

      The cream is absorbed really quickly and doesn't take much massaging before it has disappeared. It doesn't leave any sheen on the skin or particularly make my skin look moisturised or healthy but my hands feel hydrated. The product leaves my hands feeling greasy even though they don't look it which isn't a particularly nice feeling.

      The cream does however make my skin feeling softer and smoother and my nails are stronger with continued use. My hands don't feel tight or dry for about two hours after application and the tube is small enough to be carried around with me in my hand bag to put on again when I feel the need.

      All in all, for the price of the product I can't complain too much. It smells very Coconutty but it is an artificial aroma. It makes my hands feel soft and smooth although it doesn't make them glow with health. My nails are stronger and the cream leaves my hands feeling hydrated for a few hours but I don't like the greasy feeling that it gives. This is not a product that I would actively seek out or purchase for myself but whenever I am given it as a gift, I do find myself using it all up. It's worth the £1.50 but not a penny more.


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        16.01.2010 14:44
        Very helpful



        A decent handcream, great value but not great quality

        I love the smell of coconut. It speaks to me of tropical islands, cocktails, sandy beaches in the sunshine... So when I when I was shopping for handcream and came across this, I snapped it up. The fact that it was only just over £1 was an extra incentive!

        The 75ml bottle is small, with a screw on lid- not the easiest to put back on when your hands are covered in thick cream, it has to be said! At first glance, I thought the contents of the bottle was all 'Pure Coconut Oil', as it boasts in capitals on the front. However, a closer look showed me that it was only 'contains' this oil, and looking at the back, I can see it's 9th in a long list of ingredients with chemically sounding names that I don't understand. Ignorance is probably bliss in this case!

        The smell didn't disppoint- it was as coconutty as I'd hoped. The white cream is fairly thin in texture, but not very different from most handcreams. Rubbing it into my hands, I found it absorbed very quickly, without leaving them greasy or sticky. And it certainly left them well moisturised and smooth. The only problem is that it doesn't last that long- I usually found myself reapplying it a few times each day, but this isn't a chore because it smells so good! And you don't need to use too much on each application- I found a small blob did the trick.

        I was really pleased with this handcream. For the price, I wasn't expecting long lasting quality, so I wasn't disappointed. The one thing I would warn of is that it doesn't have a particularly long shelf life- after 8 or 9 months, the coconut scent starts to smell a bit off. But I'd used most of it up by then, so it wasn't too much of a problem.

        Overall, this is a cheap and cheerful handcream, that gets the job done, although its effects don't last for very long. But it smells great!


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          10.06.2009 14:34
          Very helpful



          Not recommended

          I have to admit I'd never heard of the brand Inecto previously, I assumed it would be one of those brands some of the discount stores stocked and no-one else so I was quite surprised to find several other Inecto products here on Dooyoo and also Inecto products are widely available online too. I personally bought this hand cream from Boyes for 99p but it is available at a number of websites for about £1.50.

          My tube has 25ml extra free so it is 100ml, normally this is sold in 75ml tubes. The tube is one of those that stands on its lid so it's easy to dispense the cream but it also has a screw lid so it's not terribly convenient to replace the lid with hand cream on your hands. But at 99p that seemed a small problem.

          The product claims to be "intensely moisturising" so I thought it would be fine for my very dry skin. It is also made with pure coconut oil and moisturises both the skin on your hands and the nails. It is white in colour and of medium consistency so it doesn't run and drip off your hands, it stays in a blob until you rub it in.

          I actually bought this product because I wanted something that reminded me of summer. Coconut does just that because it smells like some of the suntan lotions available so always makes me think of balmy days. This is made with pure coconut oil so it has to smell of coconut right? No, actually you can barely smell the coconut in there. This actually smells of cocoa so it smells almost identical to Palmers creams and has a strong vanilla scent that makes you think of chocolate. I'm not a huge fan of vanilla so I was disappointed by this.

          So does it work? Well as I already said I have very dry skin on my hands and my nails are brittle because they are so dry. I also have very dry, scaly elbows and usually when I apply hand cream I also apply some to my elbows. This hand cream leaves the hands sticky for a few seconds but then absorbs and that vanishes but it doesn't moisturise my hands enough. I find my skin is still dry, although not as dry as before I use it and my nails are still brittle. While I'm aware this is not elbow cream other brands of hand cream have managed to smooth and soothe my dry painful elbows but after a couple of weeks of using this my elbows were so dry and painful I had to resort to using aqueous cream to stop them catching on my clothes. So for me no it doesn't really work.

          Will I buy it again? No, I don't think so. For people with hands that are only mildly dry this might be suitable, likewise those who like the scent of vanilla but for me it isn't moisturising enough and I don't like the smell of it. The only good point for me is the price but it's back to the shop for me I'm afraid...

          Not recommended.


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