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Johnson's Ph 5.5 Handwash

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6 Reviews
  • Great smell
  • Gentle on the skin
  • None for us
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    6 Reviews
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      19.04.2015 14:46
      Very helpful


      • "Great smell "
      • "Gentle on the skin"


      • "None for us "

      Gentle and KInd

      I love products by Johnsons because generally speaking they are good value for money and they do a fantastic job and are always high on the quality front. I used to use Johnsons 5.5 ph balanced hand wash years back when it seemed more readily available back then. Recently, this stuff is becoming harder and harder to get hold of but I found some the other week in Home Bargains for only 999p and so I stocked up on three bottles before it disappears again.

      I love this hand wash because though it is not so nicely packaged, I always pour it into one of my fancy containers. Packaging aside, it is kind to my hands and really gentle on the skin. Both my daughter and myself suffer from horrible skin eczema on our hands and we have to be really careful about what we use. This hand soap comes in a little dispenser pot and it is rich and creamy and lathers up so well.

      The thing we all love about it in our house is that it is so gentle and kind to the skin and I would even go so far as to say it actually helps to moisturise the skin on my knuckles and makes them feel less painful and raw. There is certainly no need at all to have to apply hand cream after using this hand wash as it is so gentle on the skin.

      It has a light fresh fragrance and it is suitable for the whole of the family to use. In fact, I have even used it on my face on a couple of occasions and it does not irritate or feel uncomfortable after use.

      It is well priced and works a treat.

      Highly recommended.


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      27.06.2005 12:05
      Very helpful



      Johnson's pH 5.5 Cleansing Milk

      I normally use wipes to take off my make up but as we had run out and silly me had forgotten to get some more that day, I thought I'd try my mum's Johnson's pH 5.5 Cleansing Milk. Now I don't use the wipes anymore and use this instead.

      ++Variety, the price and Availability ++

      Johnson's have a range called the pH 5.5 range. It's divided in to two groups. Facial Care and Body Care.

      --Facial Care--
      Foaming Facial Wash 150ml
      Daily Exfoliating Facial Wash 150ml
      Instant Foaming Facial Wash 150ml
      3in1 Cleansing Wipes 25
      Replenishing Facial Wipes 25
      Skin Refreshing Toner 200ml
      Moisturising Day Cream 100ml
      Night Nourishing Cream 50ml
      Cleansing Milk 200ml

      --Body Care-
      Moisturising Body Wash 250ml, 400ml & 750ml
      Regular Body Wash 250ml
      Refreshing Shower Gel 250ml
      Soothing Shower Gel 250ml

      You can get these products from Boots, Superdrug, Bodycare … even at the Co-op.
      The price range is from £3.00 to £4.30 for all the products.
      They have changed the name of this product to Johnson's pH 5.5 cleansing lotion 3-in-1 200ml and it's only £3.00-£3.50 in the shops.
      Also they sell this in the US, Australia and New Zealand so if you run out on holiday, you can buy it easily.
      You even can buy it on Ebay starting from 50p but I don't think I would.
      You can find a lot more info about the range of products on the Australian Website of Johnson's and Johnson


      ++ Extra info on what pH is++

      What is pH?
      A measure of acidity/alkalinity

      Why is pH good for my skin?
      Healthy skin has a pH range between 4.5 to 6.0. 5.5 is apparently the perfect balanced for healthy skin. The cram provides a layer called "acid mantle". This acts like a barrier and helps protect your skin from irritation and infections. It also protects your skin from dry due to waterloss.

      What are the benefits of using this these range of products?
      They are soap-free and enriched with moisturiser and maintances the skin's natural pH level and protects it.

      ++ The Packaging ++ (these are the details from the old packaging and not the new packaging cleansing lotion 3-in-1)

      It comes in a white plastic bottle that has a flip up top.
      On the front, it says Johnson's
      In a purple box the letter p then the letter H
      In pink box, the number 5 then in between boxes in the gap a point and then the number 5 again, which forms pH 5.5
      Soap Free
      Cleansing Milk
      Clinically tested for healthy skin.
      On the back, it says
      Johnson's pH 5.5 - Cleansing Milk

      Johnson's pH 5.5 range of products has been specially formulated to pH level of 5.5, the same value as healthy skin

      Johnson's pH 5.5 Cleansing Milk is soap-free, so it cleans deeply the skin without drying while removing excess greasiness and make-up. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

      Day and night spread gently on the face and neck with cyclical movements of the fingertips. Remove with cotton or water.

      Dermalogically Tested
      Lightly Fragranced
      100% Soap-Free * pH balanced
      Suitable for sensitive skin
      All of the text in a blue colour.

      The ingredients are stuck on the lid of the bottle like they had forgotten to put them on. The print is so small that the list is hard to read. The product hasn't been tested on animals like all other Johnson's products. They are tested through using volunteers.

      ++ The product ++
      The cleansing milk looks like double cream. It's a light white/cream colour and the texture of the cleansing milk is smooth.
      The fragrance of the milk smells fresh and clean, lightly soap scented I would say although it doesn't contain any soap products.
      I always use it by putting it on a bit of toilet or tissue paper and then spread around my face like I would do my wipes.
      The bottle does sometimes blob a bit too much out as the hole where the milk comes out is quite bit especially when it's a new bottle. I try and do it in small amounts about the size of 10p piece so I get the maximum benefits from the milk.
      When I use my wipes, I always have to use my moisturiser afterwards because my face feels like it's been rubbed with sandpaper but with this product, my face feels lovely, soft and moisturised so I don't even have to use it.
      I must say that my mascara is the worst one in the world to take off and this product does it in a flash.
      It's lovely to use when you haven't even got any make up on and just been in the house. You'd be surprised how much dirt and grease comes off even then. I've noticed that my skin is less dry than it used to be with my old moisturiser.

      ++ Overall Comments ++
      If you want to have soft, clean and moisturised skin, then this is product for you. It's cheaper than wipes because the bottle has lasted my mum at last 6 months before I started to use it. I would completely recommend this product even if it's just to use along side your wipes.

      Thanks for reading :D


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        22.10.2003 23:03
        Very helpful



        Anyone who's already read some of my ops will realise that this is yet another facial cleansing wipe review but this time it?s not a special offer it's a bargain! I was wandering around Tesco one day looking for some cleansing wipes - I'm trying to budget and therefore I didn't want to pay horrendous prices for them, and there hiding amongst most of the cleansing wipes that I've already reviewed were the Johnson's PH5.5 wipes. ªªªªTHE COSTªªª A pack of 25 wipes was £2.89, very cheap and half the price of some of the other cleansing wipes - even if they were on special offer, this I feel is a bargain! ªªªTHE PACKAGINGªªª When initially looking around at cleansing wipes you'd be forgiven for mistaking these for baby wipes, the packaging looks very similar. The packaging is pink plastic that enables people to pull out an individual wipe and reseal it with the resealable label on the top. The label has a white background which is divided into quarters, one quarter has the Johnson's PH5.5 logo, the second has a picture of a women using the cloths, the third has the name of the product in blue and the fourth quarter has what the cleansers are supposed to do. ªªªTHE WIPESªªª When the wipe is initially pulled from the packet there is a difference in the texture of these wipes to others, they feel soft and not harsh as some others do. The wipes are slightly more wet than others, and they feel silky. The wipe measures 190 x 185mm and to be honest they don?t need to be that big, if they were half the size they would be great. They are white and soft to the touch, although they are cold when you go to use them. When you use them they take off all dirt, grime, and any stubborn makeup, you can see the dirt on the wipe and that's good to see. It does take a bit more effort to remove waterproof mascara but it does remove it and it is safe to use around sensitive eyes. The smell is what I would call a Johnson smell, its sweet but not sickly and its not overpowering. After using my skin feels smooth and soft and it doesn't dry my skin, my face looks clear and glowing and not redness appears. ªªªVERDICTªªª I think these are great, they are not harsh and they remove any stubborn makeup, they do not smell of alcohol like some. Each wipe could be half the size but that's just by personal preference. The price of the wipes are amazing, Tesco are one of the cheapest, but they are slightly more expensive in Superdrug. I think I've found the wipes ill stay with - but I've said that before! ªªªCONTACTªªª Johnson and Johnson Ltd, Maidenhead, SL6 3UG Tel: 0845 6012261


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          10.04.2003 02:03
          Very helpful



          A few weeks ago I woke up to find a 13-year-old adolescent with a VERY bad complexion had possessed me. Overnight it appeared I had reacted rather badly to the skin cleanser that I have used for years and it had left my with the proverbial pizza face! I dont have particularly sensitive skin and I never had spots even as a teenager (although to be fair, this looked more like measles, a very unattractive new look for Ms Perkins.) I went to the doctors just to be certain it wasnt measles (and also because there was no way I was setting foot in university with a big puffy spotty face.) On the advice of the doctor, I contacted the makers of my cleanser, Johnson and Johnson just to check that they hadnt changed the formulation in any way which and included any new ingredients which may have caused my reaction. Johnson and Johnson wrote back with a very informative letter explaining that sudden unexplained allergic reactions can happen to anyone at any time and can be caused by almost anything - atmospheric elements, food or pets (thats my excuse not to clean out my guinea pigs cage any more...well you never know!) Best of all, Johnson and Johnson sent me a 'goodie pack' of their ph 5.5 range, a skincare range of face and body products for sensitive skin, so called because the ph level of healthy skin is between 4.5 and 6.5. Johnsons are best known for their baby skincare products and so a move intro sensitive skincare for adults seemed a logical move. The range has been out for a few years and although when it first came out it was very popular, it doesnt tend to be as well known now. I had never bought anything from this range before because I have never needed to, and although the reaction had long since cleared up, Im understandably nervous about it happening again, so I thought I would give their products a whirl. The facial wash I received in the pack was the ph 5.5 Softly Foaming Facial Wash
          . It is a pale pink coloured watery looking cleanser in a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser. The pump is sturdy and not one of those that is likely to get blocked up after a couple of squirts! All of the ph 5.5 products come in clear plastic or white plastic packaging and the ph logo is in lilac and pale pink, making the range look very clean and clinical. There are no illustrations or distractions on any of the range, it is very straightforward and gives the impression that it is not for luxuriating with - it means business!! It is soap free and claims to cleanse effectively without over drying, leaving the skin feeling and looking soft and fresh with a natural glow (which if you have an allergic outbreak you already have, my skin was so red when I had mine that I could have been a traffic stop light!) The first surprise of what looks to be quite a weedy and boring product is the consistency of the cleanser. When you pump it out, it is already foam, you dont need to mix it with water first to get a foaming effect. It is like very soft shaving foam that you apply all over your face. This is great for incorporating hilarious impressions of Santa Claus into your facial cleansing routine. You just apply it, (two pumps is all that is needed to get plenty of foam, anymore and you run the risk of looking like you are lost in a snowdrift!) You massage it into your face and wash it off with warm water. It feels really nice and rinses off very easily. The smell is fairly non-descript but it isnt unpleasant - you dont really expect strong fragrances from sensitive skin products. I would not say it is completely unscented, but the fragrance is so light it leaves no smell on your skin after you wash it. It is also suitable for sensitive eyes because it doesnt sting very much if you get it in your eyes (theory tested by me, albeit accidentally and its true, it doesnt sting.) The ingredients list is quite alarming for a p
          roduct that you assume is very pure (all the advertising for the range is very concerned with the natural and healthy aspects of the products.) I have no idea what half the ingredients were and I don?t think I care to find out either. After use skin does feel softer - the product is enriched with natural moisturisers although I wouldnt say it gave me a healthy glow, I just looked cleaner. (Which after all is the point of a cleanser when it all boils down to it!) There was no tightness to my skin, but as I dont have dry skin naturally I probably didnt benefit from it as fully as someone who has. Generally the product was very pleasant, I dont know if I would use it again because it isnt for my skin type, but I can see how it would be a really beneficial product for people with sensitive or slightly dry skin, or a chapped face from the effects of the wind or the sun. There is nothing not to like about this product, it is very unassuming, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. It is available from most supermarkets and chemists and prices vary between £2.99 and £3.99. It doubles up quite nicely as shaving foam too and of course it is an essential for your festive fancy dress kit!


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            30.01.2002 20:23
            Very helpful



            Well just for a change I thought I’d review a product that wasn’t produced by my favourite store ( yes that’s right the Lush Store ). I have had several problems with facial washes lately, my main problem being they seem to dry out my skin and that includes Olay facial wash, which I don’t recommend by the way!! I wanted a facial wash, which was not going to over dry my skin and I wanted to get rid of all traces of makeup etc. So off I popped to my local Tesco, which has a huge variety of choice when it comes to this sort of thing and I started reading all the bottles. You just wouldn’t believe how long it can take to find a decent facial wash!! After reading just about all the bottles and with toddler and partner in toe looking rather bored I decided to go for Johnson’s. It’s a brand I love and thought I’d give it a go and it wasn’t going to break the bank as it was a very reasonable price! ~~ WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO ON THE BOTTLE ~~ Well it’s a PH 5.5 facial wash, which effectively cleanses, removes makeup and other impurities without over-drying the skin. Soap free and enriched with natural moisturisers, it leaves the skin feeling and looking soft and fresh with a naturally healthy glow. Even suitable for sensitive eyes! Dermatologically tested and specifically formulated to respect the ph of healthy skin, which naturally varies between 4.5 and 6.5. Well I have no idea what the ph is of my skin but I was willing to give it a go anyway! This information is taken straight from the bottle. So as you can see it claims to do a variety of things for your skin but the proof is in using it I always find! ~~ THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (PUMPING BIT) ~~ Well I couldn’t wait to try out my new facial wash as I don’t get out much, lol! Well the bottle comes with a pump dispenser attached
            to the top and the instructions informed me to PUMP twice onto my fingertips and apply to my face and neck and gently massage before rinsing thoroughly with water. I did have a giggle at the instructions as like I said earlier I don’t get out much so anything remotely connected to farting makes me laugh :o) After following these easy to follow guidelines, I did pump twice onto my fingertips and was surprised at the result. Looking at the transparent bottle you can see a very runny liquid but when it arrives onto your fingertips it has suddenly transformed into a lovely, rich foam! After applying it to my face and neck I could feel how gentle it was going to be straight away. No sting to be had at all and it didn’t effect my sensitive eyes at all. So that’s a good sign for a start. It rinsed off easily and quickly and my skin didn’t feel like it was screaming out for my moisturiser!(although I do still use it). So just two squirts of this and your clean and fresh, I checked to see if it had removed all my makeup and Yes not even a trace of mascara was left behind. I was very impressed with it. It works a treat and I will definitely be using the rest of the bottle, unlike the Olay facial wash which has been left redundant on my bathroom shelf for emergency use only. This also passes the Johnson’s smell test by the way. If you’re a fan of Johnson’s products you’ll know what I mean. I think all Johnson’s products have a similar fragrance and it can only be described as fresh and clean. This doesn’t disappoint in that department at all. ~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY & PACKAGING ~~ Well you will be pleased to know this is available in most Chemists shops and also in most large supermarkets. I have seen it in Superdrug and Boots to so it is widely available. Its not going to cost you an arm and a leg either, I picked mine up for
            a £3.49 at Tesco but I have seen it cheaper so it’s worth shopping around for. I still think it’s a bargain when you think of the price of some of the big named brands. The packaging isn’t startling but the bottle does come in a lovely shade of pink. It has the Johnson’s logo on the front and the name of the product and the directions for use on the back along with the ingredients and also what the product claims to do. I would normally include the ingredients but I would be hear all night as there are a fair few in this product so I have decided not to in this case (sorry to all those who were interested in that bit) ~~ WOULD I RECOMMEND IT ~~ Well in a word Yes I would. It doesn’t dry out my skin and it does leave my skin looking nice and fresh after use. It removed all the makeup on my face and it didn’t sting my eye’s which a lot of products tend to do so it actually did do what it said on the bottle :o) I have to say I can’t fault this product and I really did try and find something wrong with it as I wanted to be ruthless. So all I can say is it’s recommended by me Tinkerflip. Thanks for reading and hopefully rating to – all comments and questions welcome :O))


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              19.10.2001 01:24
              Very helpful



              Well, how interesting can an opinion on hand wash be? Even when it’s Johnson’s pH 5.5 2-in-1 hand wash with moisturisers, no less! And try saying that after a few glasses of Bailey’s! So, to ensure my readers don’t get too bored with this dull topic, I will be interspersing my opinion with little images for you. (NOTE : I have changed the entertainment for Ciao and Dooyoo readers!) For those that prefer straight-forward, no nonsense consumer reports, just read on, ignoring the bits in square brackets. For those who like your reading material to have a bit of ooomph, read on… I have dry skin, which is particularly bad on my face and my hands. Having a big family, there is always a mountain of washing up to be done, so my poor little hands can suffer from being in water for ages and the washing up liquids aggravating them. So I decided to buy a liquid soap which was gentle enough to alleviate some of these problems, preferably something that would put back in some of the moisture I had lost. <grand pianos come up from the floor, followed by a huge extravaganza of dancing from all over the world> I wanted a brand name I could trust, so I chose Johnson’s. Their pH 5.5 range is formulated to have the same pH as healthy skin. The back of the bottle has a little chart showing that a normal bar of soap has a pH of 10. Presumably this means it isn’t as good for you as Johnson’s – but then, they would say that, wouldn’t they? The main thing is, it does actually work. I haven’t had my skin drying out on my hands since using this product. I can get quite obsessive about washing my hands while preparing food or cleaning the kitchen, so they get washed many times over the day, but never seem to dry out like they did before using this liquid soap. <five pink hippos ballet dance to classical music, a la Fantasia> It is completely s
              oap free, so if your skin has an allergic reaction to soap, this will be ideal for you. It is dermatologically tested, not thrust into rabbits’ eyes, which is another bonus. It is a clear gel, not too runny and smells pleasant, nothing strong, but a light perfume smell. The bottle tells you to apply a small amount to wet hands, which of course is the norm. However, I have used this dry when necessary (e.g. on a car journey) and it works just as well, although leaving a slight stickiness on your hands – but great for an emergency. Used on wet hands, however, it is perfect, leaving just a slight wet feeling on your skin, but certainly not the drying tightness I have experienced from other soaps. <a flan-flinging / gunging competition featuring Westlife, Timmy Mallett, Vic Reeves and Margaret Thatcher - audience participation encouraged!> It is more expensive than own brand versions, but at £1.19 for 250ml, I think the Johnson’s is well worth the money. I bought this bottle around a month ago and there is still about a fifth of it left. It has a push down dispenser (pump), which means there is only a slight spillage if it tips over. This also eradicates the fascination my five year old has for bars of soap, so they usually end up dissected into small pieces! <Dooyoo circus entertainment speactacle featuring clowning from Snappy and Aspen, animal trainers Offy and KathrynPenguin, trapeze artistes Gwenick and Jingles plus a host of jugglers and acrobats too many to name> The soap cleans well too, getting paint off kid’s fingers, as well as the usual household grime. It is also good for getting rid of the smells of cleaners and so on, replacing their awful chemical odours with this fragranced one. So overall, a big thumbs up from me, well recommended. Hope the opinion wasn’t too boring and that you enjoyed the entertainment!


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            • Product Details

              This soap free hand wash will not dry your skin like other soaps can / Formulated to the same pH as healthy skin / Contains added moisturisers to keep skin soft, healthy and clean /

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