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Jurlique Citrus Hand Care Cream

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Brand: Jurlique / Type: Hand Cream / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Moisturizes, Smoothes, Restores, Protects

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2012 13:56
      Very helpful



      A citrus smelling hand cream

      As a brand Jurlique is not one that I was familiar with until recently. They have infact been around for 25 years and surprisingly all of their products are made from ingredients grown on the Jurlique farm which can be found in the Adelaide Hills of Australia, not just any farm where you might see cows, sheep and pigs to name but a few but a biodynamic farm which is totally organic.

      With having an allotment, general household chores, the change in weather and using paper and ink at work, my hands do take a bit of a battering, even though I do wear Marigolds and so on. I find my palms become quite dry and the skin around my fingers becomes really dry and sometimes sore and chapped, same as my knuckles and I always have hand cream on my desk, my dresser and even in my handbag to ensure I can keep my hands in as good a condition as I can manage.

      Unsurprisingly the Jurlique range is huge. The skincare range along is rather extensive with lotions and potions for every sort of skin condition you can think of - oily, dry, combination there is something to use and treat it. Then there are products for the bath or shower, perfumes, therapeutic oils and a section of baby products to also use. The kinds of scents you are likely to come across are Citrus, Rose and Lavender to name but a few.

      I came across the Jurlique citrus hand cream quite by accident, I had been given it in a gift set for my birthday back in July by someone I work with, they clearly know me quite well because I love lotions and potions. The reason I think I had forgotten about it is because unlike most of the other products that I use, such as Soap and Glory, the packaging is really brightly coloured and stands out amongst everything else I have, this hand cream doesn't and nor does the other 3 products I have.

      It arrives in a white cardboard box and on the front is the Jurlique name and that of the product 'Citrus Hand Cream' and then the words 'A rich refreshing hand cream' are also featured and then there are a few decorative flowers pictured. Inside the box is a plain white tube with a black screw on and off lid and on the tube again you see the name of the company and the words 'Citrus hand Cream' and that is it. So, you can see why it would perhaps not grab your attention immediately, I only found this because I was actually looking for another product at the time.

      So to the hand cream. It promises to be deeply moisturising and to restore smoothness, leaving hands feeling soft and supple. Well that is the exact effect I am looking for. The cream itself is a white colour, although in some lights it does look off white. Texture wise it isn't too thick and it isn't so thin it is wishy washy, it is simply a nice texture which sits on your skin and absorbs really quickly as soon as it is massaged in. Thankfully this cream doesn't leave a greasy film on your hands after using; the one thing it does leave behind is the most wonderful aroma.

      So given that this hand cream is titled 'Citrus hand cream' you wont be surprised to hear that it does smell citrusy and wonderful. I love products which have a stand out fragrance and this cream certainly fits that bill. As the Jurlique Company use organic ingredients within their products contain quite a lot of natural ingredients. Starting with Macadamia Oil, an ingredient which is really good for moisturising and helping to keep your skin soft and smooth. Marshmallow root extract also features and this is becoming a more popular ingredient to use, mainly because it soothes skin irritations, treats inflammations and is kind to skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. But in this product it acts as an emollient which means it moisturises the skin. Aloe Vera comes next and this is an ingredient that would definitely be in my top ten favourites because it has so many uses. In this product however it acts as a moisturising agent and it absorbs into the skin really quickly helping to lock in moisture. Carrot extract also features and anyone who has read some of my more recent reviews will know how much I love the 'Yes to Carrots' range. Carrots are very rich in vitamin A which means that for the skin it helps to keep it soft and smooth whilst helping with anti-ageing.

      The final ingredients to mention are those which give this cream the citrus fragrance. Starting with Grapefruit Oil which helps to clear oily and congested skin which is essential when you are wanting all the other ingredients to be able to penetrate your skin surface to work their magic. Then comes Tangerine Oil, which as well as being an ingredient to prevent stretch marks, here it increase circulation and it acts as an antiseptic for the skin to help remove anything harmful. Mandarin Oil comes next and it is good for those who have oily skin because it helps the skin to rebalance and it clear excess oil. Finally there is lemon oil which clear excess grease and oil from the skin and more importantly removes dead skin cells which then leaves soft smooth skin behind.

      There is a whole host of other ingredients within this hand cream - Honey, daisy extract, Echinacea and chamomile to name but a few and all can be found listed on the back of the box.

      When it comes to using this hand cream, there are no special instructions. Once you have removed the lid, I would suggest squeezing the tube once will give you more than enough cream to massage into both of your hands and once it has been absorbed, you can use throughout the day or as you feel you need too.

      So with all of those lovely ingredients you would not be surprised to find that I really liked this hand cream. The first time I tried it I adored the scent and I love how it made my skin feel after using, it was soft and smooth and the lingering scent is simply wonderful. Re-applying a few times during the day always helps condition and moisturise your skin, especially if it is really dry and in need of some TLC and that is exactly what I have used this cream for. The tube I have is a 40ml tube which means it is small enough to carry around in my handbag or my cross-body bag without taking up too much space. To purchase however you would expect to pay around £17 for the 40ml tube which is quite expensive and because it is only 40ml, assuming you used it 2-3 times a day, it isn't going to last you more than a month to 6 weeks at the most. To compare the 40ml size you are looking at a travel sized product you might buy in Boots, maybe from The Sanctuary range or slightly smaller than the travel version of Hand Food by Soap and Glory which with a price comparison means this product is a whole £14.50 more expensive. That aside there is a bigger version of this hand cream available and that is a 125ml tube for £33 and again rather expensive and it has to be one of those products you are given as a gift or because you feel you really need it. I personally wouldn't purchase this hand cream because I feel it is too expensive for my budget, but it is definitely a very nice treat to have and a nice find amongst my other lotions and potions and I am really looking forward to trying the shower gel and body oil now that I have discovered the package.

      So if you want to purchase anything from the Jurlique range you are looking at places like John Lewis and Space NK which seem to be the two major stores selling these products across the United Kingdom. You can also purchase it online through many websites and I would advise searching around for a good price. For me however this is outside my budget and it is one of those products I would to have but unless it comes with a very good offer that is too good to refuse, I won't be buying it again.


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    • Product Details

      A rich protective hand cream, rich in the living energy of tangerine, mandarin and lemon, to deeply moisturise and restore smoothness, leaving hands feeling soft and supple /

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