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Kiss Fashion Toe Nail Kit

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Nail Care / Suitable for: Nails

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    2 Reviews
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      10.03.2010 19:34
      Very helpful



      A nice added touch for perfect toes and nails

      I am a a massive false nail fan. I use them most of he time for my hands as I always do think that false nails look much better than real ones even if you have nice real nails I just much prefer the results that false ones for hand give you and now we have them for feet too yippee where do i start.

      In fairness after years of wearing ill fitting shoes I don't have the best feet in the word as for my nails they do not leave alot to talk about. So up until iv tried these i just resorted to nail polish when i was wearing strappy sandals.

      The first time i tired these i was going for a big night out in the summer time and i though i need my feet to look nice also lol most of my friends call me alien feet!!

      These are costly but they are definitely worth the tranformation that they give your feet.

      I found them relatively easy to apply and it help with the fact that they have the tips on top to enable you to line them up properly. They took roughly about twenty minutes to apply and that was me ready to go.

      Major transformation when you slipped your feet into your sandals and saw the perfect nails which is always pleasant.

      I would recommend these to anyone who has not got the perfect french manicured toe nails and who also basically do not have the time to keep there toe nails perfect.

      After the initial night out they lasted for about three days after that and then they started too fall off one by one.

      As i mentioned earlier they are costly but worth it for that special occasion.


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      30.07.2009 17:23
      Very helpful



      Nice for special occasions!

      I have really, really horrible toenails. They flake and they chip easily and worse than that a few grow funny and actually get to a certain length and then simply peel off. No matter what nail products I use on said nails I can't get them to grown straight and nice and most always look dented with ridges in them! Lets not even talk about the discolouration issues I have with nails either shall we!

      Of course I like to look nice and I love strappy sandals and peep toe shoes but I look at my toenails and they don't make me feel good about myself so when I saw these 'fake' toenails in Boots priced at £8.99 I thought I simply had to buy them for my next big night out!

      The Packaging....

      White and red box and on the front I can see the nails neatly laid out with a photograph of a foot with them on. I am told they are 'kiss' Fashion Toenail Kit and that there are 30 nails in there (3 sets). On the back of the box there are 3 photographs simply showing you how to apply them and then I'm told how to prepare the nails, how to apply and remove them, cautions are listed, contact details for Kiss are given and on the bottom of the box ingredients are listed and there is a bar-code on there. Nice, simple professional looking box that has every bit of information you need on it!

      In the box there are as I have mentioned 30 toenails of 5 sizes, a small tube of 'light pink' glue with a twist on/off cap/lid to it which is already 'open' (so no having to mess about trying to break in to it lol) and a cuticle stick and a little plastic cap to stand the glue in whilst it's not in use.

      Using The Nails....

      This is all ever so easy, even for a klutz like me! All you do is clean up your nails so they are polish/varnish/oil and dirt free and trim the free edge of your nails & push back cuticles with the cuticle stick provided (if you need to!).

      Then you select the correct nail size from the pack for each nail. This is really easy to do once again and I found they all fitted my nails with ease and what is great about these is that they all have little plastic tabs to the top of the nail so you don't get glue or mess on the nail (great for if you want to polish them and have no unsightly bits of glue on them residing under smooth polish) but also on the said tabs there is a small number engraved in to it so you can see say that the nail that fits your middle toe is number four and you simply find the same one for the other side! Then you splodge a little glue onto the nail and gently push it on the nail, hold it for a couple of seconds, wipe off any glue immediately that squishes out with a damp clothes and that is that! You can of course apply a 'top coat' of nail polish if you want to to for added protection and shine and paint them if you wish to, I personally don't as these are French manicure style and are perfect in appearance in my view.


      I was initially thrilled with the results of these. I had ten new toenails that were high quality and glossy and really easy to apply in less than five minutes! They felt strong and people even noticed them however...

      Although they feel comfortable on the whole I soon noticed that the free edge of the nails were rather sharp. Now if like me you toes rest next to each other you do start to get sore toes where the said edge feels like it's cutting in. Not so so bad when wearing sandals and stuff, terrible if your not and they feel really artificial! I still need to wear trainers for the gym when wearing these and my toes hurt slightly although to be fair I didn't get cut. Another issue is that all the nails were good length apart from the big toe nails (in my opinion) and they were rather long and because my big toe nails are larger than the rest they looked rather plasticy and fake where as the others didn't at all. I couldn't trim the nails down because had I of done to what I wanted it to be I'd of lost the French manicure tip!

      Now like I say you can paint these and that's fine with light colours and to remove it all you do so gently with acetone free nail varnish remover. However you do lose the initial gloss of the nail and I seriously would avoid using dark colours because once you remove it if your not really careful it gets lodged under the nail and stuff thus making a mess and staining!

      Now aside from all them issues I simply got on with it and wore them 'naked' and was rather pleased with the results. However I had to go to town after 2 days of wearing these on a day that tipped it down buckets all day long! So I had normal trainers on. My feet squelched and I lost three of the nails in said trainers. Now I'm not actually complaining about that really. I mean things happen and the nails wernt broken and looked as good as new so I was going to pop them back on. But.. I couldn't! The nail glue is all over the backs of the nails and all over my own nails. I added more glue but the nail wouldn't take. I tried to file my own nail gently to rid myself of the glue which worked but I couldn't scrape it off the fake nail and therefore I couldn't get the nail close enough to my own nail to stick!

      So I ended up with 2 days wear, sore toes and I still have 7 nails I can't get off! lol


      Ok for a couple of days wear, just buy them and wear them when you 'need' to. I actually was impressed with the look of them and found them incredibly easy to use and would buy them for 'special' occasions. If you do apply these I would advise you to take the glue out and about with you with a nail file but you have to cross your fingers that in an emergency they would work lol.

      Not bad but I think they are rather expensive!


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      Just two steps to pretty feet, glue and go

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