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Kiss Natural Curves Glue On Nails

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Brand: Kiss / Type: Glue on nails / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      21.12.2009 00:39
      Very helpful



      A must buy for people like me!

      When I go out of an evening I do like long, beautiful and healthy looking fingernails. Sadly however I don't possess those because for as long as I can remember I have been a dreadful nail biter!

      Try as I may to stop (and I've tried everything believe me) I simply can't stop! Not only do I have rancid fingernails and cuticles I bite my skin so badly that my fingerprints are now shiny with little fingerprint there at all!

      However I spotted these in my local Boots store costing £7.99 and I decided to buy them because of course at the moment it's party season and I want to go out with confidence and there's nothing a lot worse than manky nails when you've paid care and attention to everything else about yourself!

      The Packaging:

      Red and light pink box with a large clear plastic window to the front of it of which you can see the nails through of course. On the front of the box I'm told that they are 'Long Length' Kiss Natural Curves 'Individually hand designed', 24 nails and glue and I'm told that they can be cut to your desired length and I'm also told what the name of my nails are (in this case I opted for 'Spicy' which is at the top of this review in the photograph). On the back of the box I'm told how to use these nails and there are simple photographs showing me how to do it, ingredients and cautions are given as are contact details for Kiss Products as well as some information in foreign languages and the box has a hook to the top of it as they are normally displayed hanging in a store. Open the box up which is easy to do and the nails are lined up inside and there is a plain wooden cuticle stick in there and a tube of pink glue which again is easy to open and I'm told what it is on the front of it. Nice packaging this all is!

      The Nails:

      Well my chosen nails are rather long and squared off in shape. The base of the nail is a glossy natural pink then there is a line of white colour emphasised by silver glitter then back to a small amount of the pink and then the tip of the nail is once again white. These look so expensive and polished and I noticed that with paying out a little bit more than usual on a product such as this that the nails really are perfect and with no nasty marks or messes up of patterns on them or anything. They are simply smooth and perfect looking nails.

      All you do of course is make sure your nails are clean and unpolished. You then select the nails you wish to use and make sure that your cuticles are not in a horrible mess with the cuticle orange stick you are given. Then you squeeze a small amount of the glue onto the back of a nail and gently push it onto your own nail and voila...job done. It takes less than a minute to adhere itself to your nail and they are a great fit too! As the tops of these nails are white you can trim them of course but I advise against this to be honest with you. I trimmed the first set I used (2 full sets are given in here) and I made a mess of them and cut them on the wonk! If you really must though use a steadier hand than mine, a good pair of nail scissors and make sure you gently file them too!


      I found these really easy to use. You don't need much glue at all and if you simply stick a small splodge on and apply the nail immediately then no mess is left! I found my nails to stay on for four solid days which is actually really good for someone who has really bitten down nails underneath and it goes without saying that the more nail you own the more likely these are to stay on as you have more of a base of which to apply a bit more glue!

      I carried on my life as usual and wasn't particularly careful and when a couple did eventually fall off I had 4 spares to replace them with or you could do as I did and remove them with an acetone based nail polish remover.

      I really like these for ease of use and the compliments I got with these on and feel they really are very worth the money charged for them. They don't look cheap like one's I usually buy for a quid and they do last longer on my nails than those anyway!

      Available in all good chemists etc and do be aware that there are many different designs and shapes to choose from!


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