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Kiss Tips French Overlap Glue On Nails

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Brand: Kiss / Type: Glue On Nails / Suitable for: Nails

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    1 Review
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      21.12.2009 01:19
      Very helpful



      A great plain nail that is perfect in every way!

      Coming up to Christmas I actually went into meltdown about the state of my fingernails for once. Not only cos of Christmas but take New Year! I'm going to the seaside to a black and white ball my best mate is hosting as she is landlady of a pub. I've bought a designer long black gown, bought everything new including posh 12 pound a go hair products to use and I am so excited. However when I looked down at my bitten down fingernails I realised that no matter how much effort I put into everything else about my appearance my nails could seriously let me down and it's the things that don't look ok that people remember us for after-all and I'm really making an effort this year!

      I bulk bought a loads of nails whilst in my local Boots store a couple of weeks ago and spotted this box of 100 nails and realised that for £6.99 I had ten sets of nails! Not only would I have enough for going out over Christmas.... come new year if any of my girly mates need a set I have them! Seemed a bargain to me anyway and any excuse works when I want to buy something! lol.

      The Packaging:

      Well the nails all sit in 10 compartments (according to size) within a clear plastic box and to the centre of said box one nail sits alone so you can see the nail properly and there is a tube of glue under that sat in another compartment. Over that there is a red and light pink plastic wrapper that simply pulls off with ease. It is designed in such a way that it emphasises the 'windows' and on it I'm told they are Kiss, Glue-On 7 Day Wear 100 Tips 'French Overlap'. I'm also told they are the number one choice of the professionals and that they can be trimmed & filed to any shape. The back of the cover is red in colour and on that I'm told a bit about the product, how to use them, ingredients are listed and contact details for Kiss products are given along with lots of information in foreign languages. Flip open the robust see through case and inside like I say you have the hundred nails and a silver and red tube of nail glue with a twist on/off cap/lid to it and I'm simply told it is Kiss 'Maximum Speed' Nail Glue. Nice packaging and I like the way the box is organised making it easy to choose the nails I wish to use etc and of course it's a handy little box to keep for other things after using up the nails if you want to!

      Using Them:

      Once again 'Kiss' nails came up trumps for me. The clearish white nails in this case are squared off and not too long. They have a slight ridge to the underside of them and all you do is make sure you have clean nails and then add a small dash of the clear glue to it then gently push it onto your own nail. Within a few seconds this nail is on securely and feels comfortable and natural. Unmessy to use these are, even on the nail plain and with no polish on I like these and personally I find them such a feminine and nice length I do not wish to trim them or file them but if you wish to it is easy!

      Polishing them is fine and once again.... easy. The nail is perfect in shape and in texture making them great for using whatever nail polish you want to easy.

      Once on the nails I found I got 5 days of perfect wear from them,. A couple fell off and at teat point I could have reapplied them if I wanted to but I decided to simply remove them with acetone based nail polish remover and all I did to do that was soak the nails in a cap with the stuff in and they simply fell off.


      Once again Kiss proves what a quality brand it really is. They are simply brilliant to apply and although they gave me 5 days wear and not the said 7 days I am aware that my own nail base isn't large at all as I bite them so badly which means I can't add as much glue to make them stick so well...so pleased I was with the results I received.

      I like the fact they are easy to shape and style the way I want them and all round I think these are fabulous quality that really do give a professional manicured look to them! I shall certainly buy these time and time again in the future and I have been recommended them lately to anyone who will listen to me lol.

      Available in all good chemists such as Boots and Superdrug but if you can do look for them online as I have seen these at as little as £4 a go!


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