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L'Occitane Shea Hand Cream Cocoa Flower

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3 Reviews

Brand: L'Occitane / Type: Hand Cream / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Moisturizes, Repairs, Protects, Nourishes

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    3 Reviews
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      06.03.2014 20:49



      A lovely product that is quite pricey but absorbs quickly and really moisturises your hands.

      I am newly obsessed with this product! I had heard so much about L'Occitane's hand creams and this winter, my hands were taking a huge beating from all of the cold, dry air. There is either the huge tube at 150mL, or the set of 3 minis (30 mL) for the same price at £20 -- of course it is of greater value to get the big tube but since I want to keep one everywhere I go, I got the mini set. Like a previous reviewer mentioned, the cap is a bit difficult since it's so small, so you have to be careful you don't accidentally drop it. But otherwise, the handcream itself is thick but absorbs very quickly on my skin. It also has a very light powdery scent, but that doesn't bother me at all. I have found that once I apply this and later wash my hands, they are still soft and I only have to re-apply a couple times a day. This is the ONLY hand cream that I've tried which handles the crazy Canadian weather. Will continue to repurchase if I ever run out!


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      27.01.2013 13:37
      Very helpful
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      A fantastic product, although I do prefer the original

      L'Occitane Cocoa Flower Hand Cream (limited edition)

      I received this hand cream a couple of months ago as a freebie in a glamour magazine; I bought the magazine just for this hand cream and the original L'Occitane hand cream. Two L'Occitane hand creams for £4 when they are £7/8 each - how could I not get them both! Any excuse for me to get some L'Occitane!

      - Product description (from feelunique.co.uk)

      "This convenient small size Cocoa Flower Hand Cream, enriched with 20% of shea butter and honey and almond extracts, nourishes, protects and repairs hands leaving them delicately perfumed with a sweet, yet subtle fragrance with a comforting milk heart and a pinch of sophisticated cocoa. Hands recover comfort and softness immediately."

      - About the product

      The hand cream comes in a flexible metal tube and it contains 30ml or 1 fl oz of product. This hand cream is stated to be limited edition but it is still available to buy online now (as of 10/11/2012). This cream contains 20% shea butter and it is made in France.

      - Scent

      The scent of this hand cream is supposed to be cocoa and shea butter I imagine and to me this products smells like talcum powder, shea butter and a mix of Horlicks and a little bit of hot chocolate - but mainly talcum powder. I personally really like the scent although I don't really understand the name of this product as to me it doesn't smell like flowers or that much like chocolate either. Although overall, the scent is really nice and it smells homely to me but if you wash your hands a couple of times the scent will be washed away.

      - Using the product and results

      I have been using this product on and off since I received it and I have used about one third of the tube - I am trying to use it sparingly as I don't want to spend the money on another right now. I use this product as a hand cream, nail/cuticle cream and occasionally as an elbow cream. As a hand cream this product is the best I have ever used - but as it is quite expensive I use the Soap and Glory Hand Food quite a lot which is good but it is nothing compared to this. The cream is white in colour, it is thick and is has a gorgeous smooth, creamy texture which makes it applies and massage into the skin really quickly and easily. The cream feels nice to apply and as it is being massaged into the skin it makes my skin feel like it is being covered in a comforting, hydrating mask. The cream makes my skin feel incredibly smooth, soft, hydrated, comfortable and scented - but the scent isn't overpowering at all. I haven't experienced any negative reaction to this product and it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy, tacky etc. This product does absorb fairly quickly but not too quickly as it gives me time to massage the product into my skin and also my nails/cuticles - it moisturises and smooth my cuticles really well as they can get fairly dry at this time of year. Overall, this cream is fantastic for hands, cuticles, nails and elbows, it is smooth, it smells gorgeous and it leaves my skin velvety smooth, soft and hydrated - highly recommended!

      - Price and availability

      I received this cream as a freebie with Glamour magazine a few months ago and this product is stated to be limited edition but it is still available online at feelunique.co.uk for £7.50, it is also available on the L'Occitane UK website for £8 - there is also a body cream and lip balm in this scent on the L'Occitane website.



      *Gorgeous scent, in my opinion
      *Nice packaging
      *Really moisturising, softening, smoothing
      *Doesn't leave my skin greasy or tacky feeling
      *Convenient, handy to carry around, light, small


      *Limited edition (but it is still available for now)

      Thank you for reading my review


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        18.11.2012 21:03
        Very helpful



        Another great hand cream from L'Occitane!

        I have suffered from dry skin on my hands for many years now. I had spent many years trying various hand creams that claimed to sooth and smoothen dry skin. However, the vast majority were simply too thin and runny for my hands and my thirsty skin would mop up the cream like a sponge and be dry again within a matter of minutes! It's quite frustrating really as the skin on the rest of my body doesn't really give me a problem at all! I discovered the L'Occitane range of hand creams a couple of years ago and the ones that are formulated with shea butter really seem to help my hands making them soft and supple again. I have been trying out the different varieties in the L'Occitane range over the last couple of years, however they are a little on the pricey side at £8.00 for a 30ml tube. I was therefore delighted when for my birthday earlier this year I received a selection of L'Occitane hand creams from my sister. I have been using these several times a day and unfortunately am going to run out soon with several months left till my next birthday.

        One of the varieties that I received was the Cocoa flower hand cream, which is a limited edition variety. The hand cream comes packaged in a silver foil tube with a brown label with white spots and green triangular arrows on it and with the product name written in both English and French. The cream contains 20% shea butter, an ingredient well known for being intensely moisturising and good for dry skin. Shea butter is also rich in antioxidants, in particular Vitamin E, which helps to nourish the skin. In addition this particular variety also contains as expected cocoa butter (from the seed of the cocoa flower), almond extracts and honey - all skin friendly ingredients.

        Like all L'Occitane hand creams this tube comes with a small black screw top lid. This does distinguish it from other hand creams and also makes it look a little more classy but in practice can be a bit fiddly to open and close. It also tends to come undone at times when I am carrying this around in my bag.
        Squeezing the tube releases a thick white coloured cream. I tend to use a small blob each time I apply this, slightly smaller than a 5p piece. Despite its thickness the cream rubs into my hands effortlessly. It smells sweet but not overly so. I am not a huge fan of sweet smells and I found the vanilla flower hand cream in the same range to be a bit sickly, but this one actually smells quite pleasant. Once absorbed, my skin feels soft and thoroughly moisturised. Any dry patches disappear and remain at bay for a couple of hours. For me that is actually pretty impressive as other brands of hand creams that I have used may have to be applied as frequently as every 20 minutes! I am also surprised, given its thickness that once rubbed in my skin does not feel greasy - I can feel a thin layer of the product on my hands but it doesn't feel heavy in any way.

        I always like to know a little about the company that I purchase cosmetics from in terms of their ethics and 'naturalness' of their products. L'Occitane was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, at the age of 23, who wanted to create products that captured the tradition and values of his childhood in Provence. They pledge to use natural, active ingredients that are organic where possible and are sourced largely from Provence or the Mediterranean. The shea butter however is sourced from Burkino Faso in Africa and L'Occitane have been working for a number of years with the women of the village as part of a co-development programme. As part of this L'Occitane purchase shea butter directly from the women in the village which ensures that they get a fair price for it, which is an initiative I am quite impressed with.

        L'Occitane also state that none of their products are tested on animals and neither are any of the ingredients that are sourced to make their products. All the products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, with the exception of the beehive products containing honey or Royal jelly. Further information is available on their website. This deserves a special mention as I found the site extremely interesting. There is a section which contains details of each of the ingredients used in L'Occitane products, what their role is and which products contain them.

        Overall I am really quite impressed with this hand cream from L'Occitane. It blends into my skin effortlessly and leaves my skin feeling soft, hydrated and thoroughly moisturised. It is a little on the pricey side but it's so good that I feel I shouldn't grumble too much. A tube lasts me a couple of months so it's not too bad really. I am nearing the end of this tube and once I have run out this may well be on my list of ones to buy again (although there are still many in the L'Occitane range that I haven't tried so I may opt for something else!) Recommended


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    • Product Details

      Limited Edition / This convenient small size Cocoa Flower Hand Cream, enriched with 20% of shea butter and honey and almond extracts, nourishes, protects and repairs hands leaving them delicately perfumed with a sweet, yet subtle fragrance with a comforting milk heart and a pinch of sophisticated cocoa / Hands recover comfort and softness immediately /

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