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Leighton Denny Repair & Restore

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Brand: Leighton Denny / Type: Nail Care / What it does: Repairs, Restores,

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2012 19:08
      Very helpful



      Easy to use nourishing nail products

      I first came across Leighton Denny on QVC.
      Just so you know I don't watch it 24/7 but I do like the beauty hours. He does a range of nail products and varnish and I think he might do some celebrity nails.

      Nail care is an unknown quantity to me , I have little or no expertise as I use to bite my nails until my early 20's then I had nail extensions applied and now don't bite them , but I do pick at them.

      They have never looked brilliant but now look awful as I have psoriasis which is a skin complaint that can sometimes affect nails. It is very difficult and extremely expensive to treat so most Doctors won't prescribe a treatment and simply advise covering them with nail extensions.

      What has happened with my nails is the white tip has become uneven and gradually on some nails is taking over the whole nail, I have ridges , pitting and the nail lifts slightly off the bed , I assume because psoriasis is where skin renews itself much quicker than normal so results in flaky patches on skin and this must also be happening under the nail. So they look awful and I normally have extensions . but decided to try and see if I could improve the natural nail.

      Sorry for the long introduction , but thought it was important to explain about psoriasis in the context of this review.

      The Product
      This is a kit designed to address nail problems and improve the condition and appearance.. It contains 2 products Renovate and Slick Tips plus a Nail buffer.

      Renovate comes in a small 10ml tube with a twist off cap. It is a rich nail cream designed to address common nail problems such h as ridges, flaking, splitting and improve the appearance. It claims to improve the appearance of nails after one application. Nails will look smoother and healthier and nail problems will be visibly reduced.

      The kit comes with an instruction leaflet .
      If your nails are in poor condition, you need to smooth the nail before applying Renovate. Using the grey side of the buffer that comes in the kit, gently buff the nail to smooth out .
      This is the Refine part and exfoliates the nail gently. On healthy nails only do this to new nail growth before applying a dot of the renovate cream to each nail.

      The product comes out of the tube really well and it is easy to apply a small amount of product to each nail before rubbing it in. The product is not runny so won't roll off and it is white and creamy and smells nice.
      Massage the cream into each nail in both directions making sure the tip and sides are well covered. Immediately you will notice sheen on the nails. After massaging into the nail; start to buff vigorously with the white Shine side of the buffer. This works the product into the nail and produces a lovely shine.

      Use this daily on unpainted nails and each time after polish is removed.

      Renovate creates a waterproof barrier on the nail which protects the nail. You must wait at least 3 hours before applying nail polish to allow the product to absorb into the nail and dry completely.

      Ingredients Essential Oils: Sicilian lemon Oil, lime, orange, lavender, lavandin, eucylaptus & cardamom , avocado oil, rice Bran Oil, glycerine, bio-active Glass, diamond particles, panthenol and Vitamin E

      Costs £13.25 for 10ml

      Slick Tips
      The other product Slick tips is nail oil which comes in a clear glass bottle with a screw off lid with a brush on the end. It looks like a clear nail varnish, but smells nothing like one as it has a lovely clean lemon scent.
      There is 12 ml of clear nail oil which has a thin liquid consistency, but is not overly runny. This is designed to moisturise the cuticle and the nail.
      Simply brush a small amount on the cuticle and then massage in and across the nail. This leaves the nail looking extremely shiny. This can be applied over nail varnish
      Slick tips contain essential Oils: lemon grass, lit sea cubeb and peppermint and vitamins E & A and jojoba, sweet almond and castor oils

      £11 on its own

      What do I think?
      I really like this product, firstly because it is so easy to apply a small amount to all 10 nails and then massage in. You don't have to do one nail at a time as each drop of product sits on the nail without running off.
      It smells nice, difficult to describe, but if you look at the range of ingredients, no one stands out.

      It does improve the appearance of my nails, they have a nice sheen and this lasts all day. It has started to work on the ridges as they seem less prominent and my nails are growing quicker. My nails look in better condition, but I still have psoriasis and this isn't going to miraculously cure that.

      I have been using this for 3 weeks now and I will continue with this as it is improving the look of my nails and maybe as the nails grow it may improve and reduce the white tips which are taking over my nail.

      When I first saw the size of the tube I thought this would only last a week or two but as you only use a drop of the product on each nail, I think this will last a few more weeks. It is expensive at £13, but it comes with rave reviews on QVC and lots of magazines have raved about this.

      What I will need though is another buffer as because my nails are damaged I have used the Refine side each time and this might not last the tube. I like the buffer because it is small and light and both sides work really well.

      Slick Tips
      I use this once a day and after I apply for hours my nails look as though they are wet as this leaves a high shine on your nails which improves the appearance.
      I can say my cuticles look better and I think this has also helped nourish my nails with all the essential oils it contains. In combination with the Renovate it is helping to improve the condition and appearance of my nails and cuticles.
      This has a lovely smell and I think it will last for months as a little goes a long way.

      Would I recommend?
      Yes, I will continue using both products as they have improved my nails and I am hoping that in combination they will start to address and balance out the nails so I have the normal ratio of white to pink nail. On the nails that are least affected by psoriasis I can see significant improvement. But I think I need to use this longer on the ones that are ridged and lifted off the nail bed.
      I do feel slightly less self-conscious about my nails although I have a way to go and I have even bought a nail varnish for the first time in donkey's years. I keep painting my nails badly and then taking it off, one day I may even manage to apply a nice coat so I can take my new polish outdoors!
      This is the first nail product I have ever used so I don't have anything to compare to, but I do have very challenging nails with a condition that is very hard to treat if it gets into your nails and this is improving them.
      Price and Availability
      This came in a kit from QVC priced at £20.25 + postage £3.45
      Individually Renovate is £13.25 and Slick Tips £11 from Leighton Denny online and other online beauty retailors.


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