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Marks & Spencer Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

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Brand: Marks and Spencer / Type: Hand Gel / Suitable for: Hand

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2011 18:12



      Fantastic hand gel

      Marks and Spencer make a great little clear plastic bottle of anti-bacterial hand cleaner in a gel format. It contains 50ml of gel and only costs one pound. It is a nice light blue in colour and the bottle is see through so you can clearly see exactly how much is in the bottle and how much you have used up.

      It smells nice and fresh and clean and when we use it we know wthat it is effectively cleaning off up to 99.9% of germs and bugs. It is great for travelling and picnics and family days out and for cleaning the little lad's hands just before he eats anything. This personally, as a dad, gives me great peace of mind.

      The little one likes to use it as he loves the effect of rubbing the clear gel into has hands and fingers and watching it just disappear get absorbed in front of his eyes - he says its like magic. It leaves no nasty stcicky residue on he hands and fingers and absorbs into the skin in a jiffy.

      It has a flip top lid which closes nice and firmly and there is no fear of any dripping out in the glove compartnent of the car. It is also made by a company that I know and trust and I have complete faith that it is doing what it says on the plastic bottle.

      It lasts for ages as only a small amount is needed and I just think it is a great standby for when you have no access to soap and water - fantastic stuff and firmly recommended by me and my wife.

      Review also on Ciao under name of sorehead


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      29.10.2009 12:21
      Very helpful



      Good but not great

      When I ran out of the Carex Anti Bacterial Gel I was using, I had intended to try the Tesco own version - the Carex one was good, but at around £1 more than the Tesco one, I didn't see the point in paying extra. However every time I was in Tesco I forgot to buy some, which is how I ended up with the Marks &Spencer Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, which cost £1 and was helpfully sitting beside the tills in the food bit.

      The gel comes in a 50ml clear bottle, and is bright blue. The label has the usual info, don't get it in your eyes, don't eat it, and the ingredients - all chemically stuff as you would expect.

      The point of hand gel is to be able to wash your hands on the go without needing water. It's become a lot more popular since the swine flu scare, although I don't know just how effective it is. This particular gel claims to kill 99.99% of germs but the H1N1 virus could be in that 0.01%!!! I like hand gel because I find it refreshing, and also because I hate that the Metro paper covers my hands in nasty dirty newsprint in the morning - so by using this I don't have to wait until I get to work to clean my hands.

      I found the Carex gel very effective in every way, although I didn't like the fragrance of the Aloe Vera variety - it didn't smell anything like aloe vera. So I was keen to see if a cheaper version matched up.

      The first thing I noticed about the gel was how it is dispensed. The Carex bottle has a squirty dispenser which you press to get a small amount of gel out (I'm sure there is a word for that but can't think what!), however the M&S bottle does not have any way of measuring the amount that comes out, you just squeeze and out it comes. It's easy to end up with too much, but on the other hand it means that once I get to the end of the bottle it will still be easy to get out, whereas the Carex dispenser depended on where the tube was in the bottle.

      The M&S gel doesn't claim to be fragranced of anything, it is just "anti-bacterial hand gel" so I wasn't expecting much of a scent. It does however have a strong smell - like floral soap. Well, it reminds me of the fancy floral soap in the ladies loos at work. It is definitely more overpowering than the aloe vera of the Carex gel, but it is much more pleasant, if perhaps not the kind of fragrance I would go out of my way to choose.

      So, you've got a small amount of gel in your hands, and then you rub it all over your hands to cleanse them and to rub the gel in so that it dries. You really do only need a little of this, so pay attention to how much you use - I keep using too much, and end up looking weird and rubbing my hands together for ages.

      In terms of cleansing, I can't fault this gel. I hope it kills germs, but what I see it doing is cleaning newsprint off my hands, so I can tell that it is cleansing. However, I don't find it as immediately refreshing as the Carex gel. In fact at first it is a little sticky, it doesn't dry quite so completely as the Carex one. It does fade, but it doesn't absorb into the skin immediately and doesn't feel so refreshing.

      A very good point is that this does not dry out my hands - my hands are prone to dryness, and soap tends to make them dry, so I was concerned that hand gel might have the same effect. Fortunately not, and in fact I've found I'm using less hand cream since I started using hand gel earlier this year. Whether that will continue in the winter I don't know...

      I'm certainly not unhappy with my purchase of M&S Anti Bacterial Hand Gel, but I still don't think I've found the ideal product. The Carex Aloe Vera one had a funny smell and was pricey, but this one is a bit sticky. I would definitely recommend hand gel in general, but I still can't find the right one - if the stickiness of this one is an indication of what the cheaper ones are like, I think I should get some Original Carex next, as it may be the best.


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