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Method Foaming Hand Wash Sweet Water

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Brand: Method / Type: Hand Wash / Subcategory: Foam / Suitable for: Hand

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    5 Reviews
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      24.07.2011 20:39
      Very helpful



      Fantastic hand wash, would definitely buy again

      I got this product after having some success with other Method products. It was the first of their hand wash products I got so I thought I would go for the cooler looking one and I wasn't let down!

      The bottle is filled with what looks like water but when you press the pump, it comes out as a nice thick creamy foam. The foam smells really nice and sweet and because its nice and thick, its really easy to spread all over your hands to give them a really good clean.

      The bottle contains 300ml of the hand wash and lasts forever! I've had it for about 4 months and use it every day and there's still some left! the fact that its lasted this long means that I'll definitely be buying it again, even if it is slightly more expensive than other hand washes.

      The hand wash is also really good at leaving your hand feeling nice and soft which is great if your hands get dry easily.

      The only downside I've found with this product is if your hands have picked up a smell (like fish) the hand wash doesn't always manage to get rid of the smell but that really only happens if your hand have picked up a strong smell.

      Like other Method products, the bottle is recyclable and as far as I can tell, the product is not tested on animals. it also doesn't contain any chemicals which is fantastic if you've got sensitive skin. The packaging is also very minimalistic and attractive so it fits in with any colour scheme.


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      30.09.2010 13:39
      Very helpful



      A fantastic hand wash with 'green' credentials.

      Method - 'People against dirty'

      After being very impressed with other Method products, I was delighted to see an offer with Ocado, buy three products get one free. I buy Method daily shower cleaner (see separate review - There's Method in my madness!) and have been using it for almost two years - My shower still looks new. Obviously I am impressed with Method products so I decided to try another of their range.

      This review is for Method foaming hand wash 300ml (sweet water flavour!)

      ~Method Ideology~

      Method question our obsession with Antibacterial cleaners - I would agree with this. Such soaps and cleaning products may be popular but Method point out that they often contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous around children and unkind to your skin. And, if used excessively they may actually promote the development of super-bacteria that ordinary cleaners can't kill.

      Method point out that ...
      'you don't have to be anti-bacterial to be pro-clean. Soap's job is to clean. Not kill. So why do so many brag about their 99.99% death rate? If microbes can't take it, what makes you think your hands can? At method, we make hand washes that are Triclosan-free and as safe as they are stunning. And no one has to get hurt.'

      I really agree with this ideology (never thought I'd say something like that!)

      Method point out that hand wash should 'clean, moisturise and make your hands smell like heaven not irritate your skin'.
      So does it work?

      ~The bottle~

      This is an almost conical shaped clear plastic bottle. It is very simple and understated and this is why I like it. The top of the bottle is a largish pump action dispenser that has quite a wide nozzle.

      There is limited information on the bottle and the bit that there is, is in very small white print, which doesn't make for easy reading. On the front it says 'Method foaming hand wash, with plant derived moiturisers'.

      On the reverse of the bottle there are instructions for use and a list of ingredients.

      The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, and is recyclable - very green.

      ~The hand wash~

      This particular flavour - sweet water- is a clear liquid. You could be forgiven for thinking that it only contains water. However it actually contains natural cleaners that come from coconut combined with natural moisturisers like aloe, vitamin E and glycerine which help to keep your hands smooth. It dispenses easily, as you push down the dispenser and the soap immediately comes out in a light foam (only one push down needed). The foamy soap covers your hands easily and has a lovely refreshing smell that lingers pleasantly on your hands.

      Ingredients - (these are exactly the same as the Method Sweet water gel hand wash. It must be the proportion of the ingredients plus the pump dispenser action that creates the foam).
      sodium lauryl sulphate**
      cocamide dea
      cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin
      aloe barbadensis gel
      tocopheryl acetate, citric acid
      sodium chloride
      sodium citrate
      benzophenone 4

      **What is sodium lauryl sulphate? : A coconut-oil derived, biodegradable, non-toxic surfactant (cleaner) that has had a lot of bad press. SLS isn't a known or even a probable carcinogen. It can be a moderate skin irritant when used in high concentrations. method uses SLS only in low concentrations that are not irritating.

      (I have taken this information from the Method website www.method products.co.uk)

      ~Is it any good?~

      This is not a cheap hand wash, but as I love their other products, I had high expectations.

      The soap squirts out very quicky in the form of a light foam. You only need a small amount to clean your hands. After washing my hands I am very impressed. Not only is the smell truly lovely (it's not flowery, so blokes don't need to worry), but my hand feel clean and really soft. The natural moisturisers really do do thier thing!

      I usually spend about £1.50 on antibacterial hand wash, so this soap is expensive as the RRP is £2.99. I bought mine whilst on offer which made the price much more reasonable. Having said that if it is like its sister product it will last a long time - (much longer than cheaper soap brands) so it will be worth the extra money.

      You can buy Method products from most supermarkets.

      Thank you for reading :o)

      (Some of the information in this review is repeated in my earlier review of Method Sweet Water Hand Wash Gel)


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        05.02.2010 07:40
        Very helpful



        A very effective hand wash

        Having instilled in my two daughters that they must always wash their hands after going to the toilet and before meals, we always seem to run out of hand wash very quickly. This is good because it has to mean that the message has got through but it also gives me the chance to try out lots of different ones - especially if they are on special offer! This is why quite recently, my husband came home from the weekly shopping at Sainsbury's (he's very good like that!) and had with him some method foaming hand wash.

        I have to admit that at first I was not impressed in the least. Because it comes in a see through container you can see what it looks like and I had to say that it just looked like water! This is because it is a clear liquid and is as fluid as water. Well I like my hand washes to have a bit of soapy thickness to them and this one did not! I really did not expect it to be very effective.

        This is where I learned my lesson though which is 'never judge a hand wash by its appearance!' This is actually a brilliant hand wash and I will explain why...

        First though I need to say that in order to use the hand wash, there is a pump that you have to press down. This is very easy to do and both my six year old and four year old can manage it with hardly any effort. It was actually when I went to dispense some for myself that I changed my opinion of Method foaming hand wash. The moment any liquid has dispensed it turns into this very soft white foam as if by magic! Now, after having thought I wouldn't, I had a great amount of foam to wash my hands with! You don't need to press hard to get a decent amount of foam. It also does not let you pump out too much with one press which is ideal for my somewhat heavy handed daughters.

        It has a clean and pleasant smell but I would find it hard to distinguish any particular scents. It is definitely not too flowery though which means that my husband is happy to use it too - he has a bit of an aversion to girlie smells - at least on himself. The small does linger on your hands for a while but this is really quite pleasant. Also my hands feel nicely tingly and smooth after I have used it.

        This is a great hand wash for my daughters too. It is easy for them to use and they love being able to see the liquid transform into foam which means that they probably wash their hands even more than they need to and I can't really complain about that! Apart from running out too quickly of course!

        There are various different types and the one we have is sweet water. Having visited the Method website this is what they had to say about the hand wash:

        'Our hand wash contains natural cleaners derived from coconut combined with natural moisturisers like aloe, vitamin E and glycerine to keep your hands smooth.'

        They also state that all their containers are recyclable which is always good to know.

        To read more about the Method products you can visit the website at:


        I love this hand wash but it is not particularly cheap. At present a 300ml bottle will cost just under £3 but it is probably worth shopping around!


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          10.06.2009 21:02
          Very helpful



          Nothing amazing

          First of all, I must tell you that I am actually reviewing the green tea and aloe vera product. It looks exactly the same as the clear product above, except that it is bright green in colour.

          I first noticed this product last week in Boots, specifically due to the attractive packaging which was really eyecatching. The bottle is recyclable and the information on the packaging suggests that the brand is eco-friendly, which is always good for the environmentalists among us. However there is nothing written to suggest that this product has not been tested on animals - so I take it that it has. It contains no harsh chemicals.

          I purchased this product in the first instance, due to the stylish way that it looked. I wanted something that would look good on my bathroom sink - and this large, trendy bottle certainly does.

          Secondly, I liked the way that the product sounded - the ingredients sounded interesting - a mixture of 'green tea' and 'aloe vera' which is known for it's replenishing and softening qualities.

          I have to mention, that there is not much information on the packaging about the product. It appears therefore that the product sells itself mainly on the packaging and a few key words. This is not hugely helpful for the consumer however.


          This product is very simple to use. At the top of the bottle is a large nozzle. All you need to do is turn the nozzle anti-clockwise and press it down. Interestingly, the hand wash presents as very watery and thin in the transparent bottle. However when it comes out of the nozzle and onto the hands, there is no liquid - instead there is soapy foam. This is quite unique compared to other hand washes I have used and it means there is less mess and dripping from the bottle, which usually ends up all over my sink!

          The smell of this product is lovely, although not over powering. It is sweet and floral.

          ***On balance?***

          The packaging is fantastic and trendy and looks great in the home. The smell is nice, however a criticism of mine is that the smell appears to fade on your hands dramatically within a few minutes. My hands did not feel very soft and moisturised either, which was disappointing considering it has aloe vera in.

          I would probably buy this product again sometime, but would give other, new products a go first. Nothing outstanding.


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            05.05.2009 13:36
            Very helpful



            Lovely smelling hand wash in nice packaging

            Method is supposedly one of the more eco friendly brands so I thought I would give it a go. The packaging is attractive and looks smart in your kitchen or bathroom, and it has a nice sturdy pump dispenser.

            When you first look at this hand wash in the bottle it is very watery. I was worried that before I could wash my hands the hand wash would just run off my hands and down the plug hole, as I had assumed that you would need to lather the hand wash up between your palms before it could be described as foamy. However when you dispense some on to your hands, the clever pump somehow foams it up for you so it sits nicely in your palm ready for use!

            I found the sweet water fragrance quite long lasting and pleasant - I would describe it as fresh smelling and floral. My only complaints would be that the pump dispenses too much and if you do not rinse your hands sufficiently you are left with a tacky feeling on your skin.


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