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Method Gel Hand Wash

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6 Reviews
  • Effective cleaning
  • Smells delightful and authentic
  • Fewer stockists
  • More expensive than others.
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    6 Reviews
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      19.11.2014 15:10
      Very helpful


      • "smells gorgeous"


      • "hard to get hold of"

      smells lush and cleans well

      I have been looking for method cleaning products and soaps for a while now but there are fairly hard to find in the UK so when i found this hand soap in tesco whilst doing my weekly shop i had to give it a go.

      The product-
      This is a hand wash in a gel type form. It comes in a tear shaped plastic bottle with a plastic pump to dispense easily on to your hands when you use it. It dispense just the right amount of product to lather your hands up really well with a little warm water. It leaves my hands feeling squeaky clean. The scent i got was the pink grapefruit one. The gel is a pretty pink colour and it smells amazing, really sharp and refreshing a great scent to combat odour of garlic or onion in the kitchen which is where i use mine.

      My opinion-
      I really like this hand wash so far, i have been using it for a week now and have been really impressed so far. Its a little more expensive than a typical hand wash by carex etc but it lathers up much better and smells gorgeous.

      Its pretty hard to get hold of in the UK tesco is the only place i have managed to find that sells it and its kept in the cleaning aisle not the soap part. It cost me £2.97 for the bottle although it was on 3 for 2 along with their surface cleaner and washing up liquid so i got one free.

      Overall i would really recommend it if you can find it.


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      14.11.2014 14:44
      Very helpful


      • "Effective cleaning"
      • "Paraben free"
      • "Smells delightful and authentic"


      • "Fewer stockists"
      • "More expensive than others."

      A beautifully scented lavender product

      I used to buy Method brand cleaning products quite a lot, from a local health food shop but when they stopped selling them I found it hard to source the items elsewhere. That has recently changed as I found a small range in my local Waitrose. Among the items I bought to try was this hand wash, in the lavender variety. I paid 2.49GBP for a 354ml bottle.
      I rarely get excited about product packaging and while excited may be too strong a word about a handwash, the Method one is quite distinctive in shape. It reminds me of a teardrop. It is elegant for a plastic bottle anyway. At the top is a pump dispenser which dispenses just enough hand wash with a light press. It hasn't "gunged up" and remains effective until the bottle is almost finished. It's more expensive than other hand washes so I think it is important to get your moneys worth.
      The hand wash is a little thicker than some but this is a good thing as it isn't drippy and you don't need to use very much at once. It lathers moderately and feels very pleasant. What really stands out for me is the gorgeous scent though. It's really strongly "lavender" and so may well be a little too full on for some. I love it, but there's one thing that surprises me. The scent is strong on my hands immediately after I wash them, but it fades surprisingly fast. I would ideally like it to linger longer. Although the scent is called French lavender, I noticed that on Method's website, it says the hand wash is medley of lavender, chamomile, bergamot and purple sage. I certainly can't detect any of these other ingredients in the scent though. The important thing is it leaves my hands smelling, feeling and looking clean. I have not found it drying at all. In the same way it doesn't cause me any irritation but I don't have sensitive skin. My hands don't enjoy any additional benefits such as feeling moisturised after I use this, but they I really rely on other products to do that.
      Overall, this ticks a lot of boxes for me as it is paraben free, not tested on animals and biodegradable. The scent is gorgeous and it cleans well. Not all of the ingredients are natural - those that are asterisked in the ingredients list so you can make up your mind if the artificial and natural ingredients are in the right balance for you. I have included a link to the Method website ingredients listing below because they explain the choice of each ingredient but the main gist is that they concentrate on using what they consider to be low irritant.
      If you like lavender, I would recommend this hand wash, and if you don't, I would recommend trying one of the others in the range.


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      13.12.2013 20:41
      Very helpful



      love the product, a definite for my bathroom.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Introduction ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Naturally we have a hand wash in our bathroom, normally I buy products such as Dove, Carex etc, im not brand loyal but while doing a food shop one day I spotted this bottle, it was simply the design that caught my eye, and the fact that it is clear coloured. My bathroom is black and white so felt looks wise it would look the best, how silly, but anyway. I paid £2.60 for a 354ml bottle in my local Sainsburys.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Method ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      Method specialise in hand wash, body wash, surface cleaners, laundry cleaner and bathroom cleaner. They are the people against dirty. Method claims to 'make hands so clean, you could eat them'. Their website claims their hand wash to be naturally derived, paraben-free, heavenly scented hand wash'.

      Other related hand washes are:
      Fresh lavender
      sweet water
      pink grapefruit
      Foaming sweet water
      Foaming green tea + aloe

      Their products are widely used because of the non toxic, low irritation formula.

      The ingredients are as follows;
      sodium lauryl sulfate
      cocamide dea
      cocamidopropyl betaine
      aloe barbadessis gel
      tocopheryl acetate
      citric acid
      sodium chloride
      sodium citrate
      benzophenone- 4
      benzyl salicylate
      butylphenyl methylproprional
      hexyl cinnamal

      If like me you looked at those ingrediants and thought 'what the hell!!' Dont wory, they are all safe. An explanation can be given for each ingrediant can be given on their website.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ In Use ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      The bottle itself reminds me of a tear drop. It has a pump action top. And the front clearly shows 'method, hand wash, sweet water, triclosan free'. As you can see from looking at the bottle the gel is clear. Simply push the pump down to release a small amount of gel. You immediately get the fresh smell of grapefruit, lemon and jasmine.

      The size that comes out with one pump is around the size of a 10 pence piece so you only need 1 squirt. You only need to rub your hands together for 3 seconds to get a nice light lather in your hands. Then rinse.

      * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ My Thoughts ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

      I love it!!! I've mentioned on a few of my reviews now that I hate sweet smelling products on my body but this smell is addictive. I hadn't realised the price tag when I picked it up off the shelf, I was simply drawn to the bottle and colour (I sound so sad, I need to get out more!). When scanning it at the self checkouts in sainsburys i was cursing myself for not checking the price on the shelf as I thought it quite a lot of money for a hand wash for the bathroom, especially when I was in the habit of paying £1 a bottle of dove in my local pound shop, but found that to thick on my hands. I like light products on my skin and because this is clear I thought it would be a little lighter than the normal thick creamy products that I had used.

      The hand wash left my hands smelling clean and they also feel clean. It also got rid of the onion smell from making sandwiches. My hands also feel very soft, like ive applied a moisturiser. Having brought the hand wash only a few weeks ago I still have 1/2 bottle left. Im now tempted to try the other products.

      Worth the price tag, we love it


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      24.07.2011 21:01
      Very helpful



      Great long lasting hand wash

      I got this product after having started using Method products and falling in love with them. This hand wash comes in gel form with a pump to get it out of the bottle.

      As with other hand washes, when you press on the pump the gel comes out. Its not as thick as other hand wash gels which makes it really easy to spread around your hands to make sure they get a good clean. It leaves your hand with a nice smell too that, unlike other hand washes, isn't overpowering and flowery. Its a nice subtle clean smell you're left with which Method are calling 'sweet water'. Even though the sent isn't overpowering, it has the ability to get rid of/mask pesky cooking smells such as fish.

      The bottle contains 354ml of the gel and it seems to be lasting quite some time. I've had it in my shower room for about a month now and while its not getting used everyday, it is getting used frequently and I've got more than half the bottle left.

      The only disadvantage I've found with this product is that the gel can leave your hands feeling a bit dry after you use it.

      As with other Method products its not tested on animals, the bottle is recyclable and it has the same minimalistic packaging design as the other members of the Method family. The clear bottle makes it very easy to tell how much of the product you've got left which means you should never be without this little gem.


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      22.06.2009 00:07
      Very helpful



      A round of applause for Method with my nice soft, clean hands!

      I've been a fan of Method products since picking up their 'Tub Scrub' cleaner a few months ago. I was initially attracted by their unusual and attractive packaging but my interest in the company and their products developed because of their ethical and ecological principles and the fact that they come across as a company that genuinely cares about the products they produce, as well as the consumers that use them. I don't usually subscribe to newsletters from companies online (I have enough junk email as it is) but I was genuinely interested in Method and wanted to find out more about the products that they produce and so I signed up to their email newsletter. Not only have I got more knowledge about the company and their range, which includes handcare and baby toiletries as well as cleaning products, but I also won a free bottle of their French Lavender hand wash in one of their competitions. Those lovely people at Method just got even lovelier in my opinion.

      The hand wash normally retails at £2.99 for a dispenser containing 354ml of gel. This is not just any hand wash dispenser though. I'm not normally one for describing packaging to any great degree but this bottle is certainly worthy of comment. It is a recyclable container (made from 100% recycled plastic) with a pump action dispenser and a funky almost tear-shaped transparent bottle. It certainly makes a classy addition to my bathroom and is much superior to the look of its (cheap!) predecessor. The contents are a vibrant purple colour and the gel is easy to dispense using the pump and, perhaps because it's slightly thicker than other varieties I've tried, actually manages to dispense without then leaving unslightly drips in its wake.

      We all know that judging things on appearances alone is very superficial and for £2.99 we want a hand wash that actually functions well, too. Unlike the majority of contemporary hand washes, this isn't anti-bacterial. Method believe that anti-bacterial products can be too harsh for skin and can lead to the development of 'super' bacteria that become resistant to cleaning products. This hand gel is Triclosan free but still cleans hands effectively, which I can confirm. I personally avoid anti-bacterial products because I have dry, sensitive skin and I find that they can dry out and irritate my hands. Thankfully, this hand wash doesn't leave my hands feeling dry at all and actually leaves them feeling soft and fresh. The official blurb from the website tells me that this '...is made with biodegradable ingredients and natural moisturisers that clean and soften hands, effectively removing every last trace of anything nasty.' Sounds good to me! The product isn't tested on animals either although it doesn't actually make that clear on the packaging.

      The variety I've tried is 'French Lavender' which wouldn't have been my first choice of fragrance. (I much prefer the sound of the 'Sweet Water' and 'Pink Grapefruit' varieties to be honest.) This lavender scent is the traditional sort that I associate with the lavender bush we used to have in our garden, so it is what you might rather unkindly refer to as the 'old lady' kind (rather than the lavender fragrance used in baby bath, for example.) Despite my misgivings over the fragrance, the scent isn't too overpowering and, although it lingers slightly on my hands after use, it isn't actually an unpleasant scent at all. I will try one of the alternative fragrances next time or even one of their foaming hand washes - the kids would like that, I'm sure.

      This hand wash is, admittedly, pricier than other brands available but I'd recommend it to anybody that has sensitive skin on their hands or is concerned about the amount of chemicals and toxins that their household (and skin) regularly comes into contact with. The hand wash can be purchased from selected Waitrose and Tesco stores and there is a full list of local stockists on the Method website.



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        25.02.2009 22:06
        Very helpful



        A fantastic product.

        Method - 'People against dirty'

        After being very impressed with Method daily shower cleaner (see separate review - There's Method in my madness!) I decided to take a look at this new companies other products.

        This review is for Method hand wash 354ml(sweet water flavour!)

        ~Method Ideology~

        Method question our obsession with Antibacterial cleaners - I only have to open my cupboard to find several products. They may be popular but Method point out that they often contain harsh chemicals that are dangerous around children. And, if used excessively they may actually promote the development of super-bacteria that ordinary cleaners can't kill.
        Method point out that ...
        'you don't have to be anti-bacterial to be pro-clean. Soap's job is to clean. Not kill. So why do so many brag about their 99.99% death rate? If microbes can't take it, what makes you think your hands can? At method, we make hand washes that are Triclosan-free and as safe as they are stunning. And no one has to get hurt.'
        Method point out that hand wash should 'clean, moisturise and make your hands smell like heaven not irritate your skin'.
        So does it work?

        ~The bottle~

        This is a most attractive tear drop shape in clear plastic. It is very simple and understated and this is why I like it. The top to the pump action dispenser is a 'comma shape' for want of a better description - cool and quirky.

        There is limited information on the bottle and the bit that there is, is in very small white print, which doesn't make for easy reading.

        The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, and is recyclable - very green.

        ~The hand wash~

        This particular flavour - sweet water- is a clear liquid. It contains natural cleaners that come from coconut combined with natural moisturisers like aloe, vitamin E and glycerine which help to keep your hands smooth. It dispenses easily, foams well and has a lovely refreshing smell that lingers pleasantly on your hands.

        Ingredients -
        sodium lauryl sulphate*
        cocamide dea
        cocamidopropyl betaine, glycerin
        aloe barbadensis gel
        tocopheryl acetate, citric acid
        sodium chloride
        sodium citrate
        benzophenone 4

        *The SLS story: A coconut-oil derived, biodegradable, non-toxic surfactant (cleaner) that has had a lot of bad press. SLS isn't a known or even a probable carcinogen. It can be a moderate skin irritant when used in high concentrations. method uses SLS only in low concentrations that are not irritating.

        (I have taken this information from the Method website www.method products.co.uk)

        It's made in the UK hoorah!!

        ~Is it any good?~

        This is not a cheap hand wash, so I had high expectations. Initially it took me a while to work out how to open the pump action dispenser (there are no instructions or arrows) I'm not sure what I did, but I got it working - eventually!

        The soap squirts out easily and you only need a small amount, one pump is enough. After washing my hands I am very impressed. Not only is the smell truly lovely (it's not flowery, so blokes don't need to worry), but my hand feel clean and really soft. It actually feels as if I have used a hand treatment on them. Now I think that's pretty impressive for a soap that I have in my downstairs loo!

        The foam quality is exceptional. I know this because my daughter has discovered she can make huge bubbles by rubbing her hands together to make a foam and the blow between her thumbs. Her hands have never been so clean!

        I usually spend about £1.50 on antibacterial hand wash, so this soap is expensive as the RRP is £3.25. I bought mine whilst on offer which made the price much more reasonable. Having said that I am so impressed I think it may be worth the extra couple of pounds - after all I don't feel I need to use hand cream all the time, so I'm saving money too!

        You can buy Method products from most supermarkets.

        Thank you for reading :o)

        P.S. I washed my hands about an hour ago. I can still smell the subtle scent of Sweet Water and my hands feel as soft as a babies bottom!


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