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Molton Brown Thai Vert Soothing Hand Lotion

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4 Reviews

Brand: Molton Brown / Type: Hand Lotion / Suitable for: Hand / What it does: Soothes / Skin type: All skin types

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    4 Reviews
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      25.08.2013 09:20
      Very helpful



      Hand cream

      Milton brown Thai vert soothing hand lotion

      I tend to like the Molton Brown products and because I usually have hand cream near the sink, thought this would be a handy one to have.
      The product costs £16 for 300ml of the stuff and is available online and from department stores. It is expensive so really something I wouldn't buy on a regular basis but great to receive as a gift.

      The reason it's handy for the side of the sink is that it comes in a bottle with a pump action dispenser action so no need for tube squeezing after hand washing. It's a simply decorated bottle with only the name of the product on the front and no instructions on the bottle; presumably there is an assumption that everyone knows how to use hand cream!
      The product itself is white in colour and when I dispense some onto my hands it is quite a thick cream. I know from the thickness that its not going to manage to dispense the whole product right to the end of the bottle, and in this I have been proved right. However, the consistency of the cream makes it very moisturising and not so thin that I don't feel my hands are benefitting from the application of the cream.

      The hand cream is described as being a blend of patchouli and the antioxidant white silver tea with Kaffir lime leaves and lime oil. All very exotic and the smell is quite tangy with the over riding scent for me being patchouli. It's not an overpowering smell but does make my hands smell a bit citrusy and its certainly an uplifting rather than relaxing smell.
      The hand cream does massage easily into the skin and leaves no stickiness and because of the consistency a little of the product goes a long way. This is just as well because for the price of it I don't expect to use it all up in a few applications. Another advantage is that after using the cream my hands don't feel all slippy and wet, but because it is absorbed easily, I can almost immediately pick thinks up without running the risk of dropping them.

      an expensive hand cream which has lasted me ages even though I do tend to apply the cream every time I wash my hands or the dishes. This makes the initial outlay more palatable but at the time of purchase I hadn't known it would last so long; it has to therefore lose a star for price.

      It absorbs easily into the skin and leaves my hands soft moisturised and lightly scented.
      Great if expensive hand cream.

      Thanks for reading
      Daniela x


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      28.08.2011 16:04
      Very helpful



      a decent just expensive hand lotion

      Molton Brown is a premium beauty company offering various skin, body, mens and fragrance treats.

      ~Hand Lotion~

      When it comes to hand lotions and creams, Molton Brown offer quite a few different options. One option is the Molton Brown Thai Vert Soothing Hand Lotion. Other products in this range include a perfume, hand wash and a scented candle.

      This hand lotion is designed to protect, soften and give your hands and cuticles a treat. It contains silver white tea extract which helps protect the hands from premature ageing. The hand lotion should offer a delicate scent to the skin which is a blend of Thai kaffir lime leaves.

      Thai kaffir lime leaves offer an uplifting aroma and offer anti-bacterial, toning, antiseptic and deodorising benefits.


      The Molton Brown packaging is pretty standard throughout the range. This hand lotion is presented in a round, clear plastic bottle with black writing. The hand lotion is dispensed through a pump dispenser on top of the bottle.


      Thai Vert Hand Lotion is available in a 300ml sized bottle. It can be purchased from Molton Brown counters in department stores or through www.moltonbrown.co.uk. It is priced at £15.00.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I received a 100ml bottle of Thai Vert Hand Lotion as part of a present for my birthday back in March. My bottle is ideal for travelling and is fairly expensive looking. The larger 300ml bottle would be ideal for placing in the bathroom to apply after using a hand wash (either the matching product or a different brand). I have used a few different Molton Brown treats in the past and found most of them to be worthy of the premium price.

      I do lots of cleaning in my home, run after a toddler and my hands are exposed to the elements of the weather. I like using a hand cream to soften them and keep dry areas to a minimum. My favourite hand cream is the Soap and Glory Hand Food though I am open to trying out new brands. Prior to receiving this hand lotion, I was blissfully unaware of the Thai Vert range from Molton Brown.

      ~Pump and Smooth~

      The pump dispense works adequately and is much easier to handle than a simple screw top bottle. Even from the first use, it has never clogged up which surprises me as the lotion is quite thick. Once my hands are washed and dried, I push down on the dispenser twice and this releases a sufficient amount of lotion to cover both my hands and through my fingers and also across my nails.

      The lotion is reasonably thick and feels extra cooling as I massage it across my hands. I pay particular attention to my palms as they often experience dry patches. If my hands are feeling a little tender, this lotion quickly perks them up by offering a soothing feeling. The texture of the cream is very comforting. It is creamy and rich and spreads like a dream covering ever inch of skin.

      I did think that due to the thickness of this lotion, it would take an age to absorb. Personally, I hate products which take an age to absorb especially when it comes to my hands. I want to apply, rub it in and get on with my stuff. The white cream soon turned transparent and rather than feel tacky, changed to a silky liquid. It quickly absorbed into my skin leaving a perfectly soft and smooth texture. Every time I use this lotion, any dry patches are quickly swept away and my hands feel like they have been given a healthy dose of nourishment.

      I love the way this lotion treats my hands and nails. It feels very luxurious and expensive and certainly of a high quality. The softness my hands experience is fantastic and I am equally impressed with the soft but not flaky texture of my nails. I have noticed a decent improvement in the quality of my nails and after using this lotion, they feel protected and nourised. When I apply this lotion, the softness remains for several hours.

      ~Thai Scented~

      I will be honest here and say that when I first opened the bottle of this lotion, I wasn't impressed by the scent. It was a little plasticky and artificial. Thankfully, the real scent comes through as soon as the lotion is applied to my hands. The Thai Vert scent is quite subtle but pleasant. It has a beautiful fresh, light scent which is a little like bergamot mixed with lemon. The scent is a little leafy and neutral so if a man wished to use this he could without it being too girly or noticeable. The scent lingers on my hands for a good 3 hours or so.


      I wouldn't have thought to buy this for myself as I do feel £15.00 is quite a lot to pay for a hand lotion. What you get here is a convenient, well design bottle with a rich, luxurious lotion which effectively pampers your mitts and nails. The scent is nice enough but not the nicest scented hand lotion I have used. It does suit the brand and quality though and is understated.

      The quality of this hand lotion shines through and as a little goes a long way, it is financially a decent purchased. My 100ml bottle is lasting well and I use it a few times a week. I would be happy to purchase this as a gift for someone who appreciates Molton Brown but for the scent alone, I would rather revert back to Soap and Glory as its cheaper aswell!

      Overall a decent hand lotion with a high recommendation from myself.

      Thanks for reading :)


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        24.08.2010 00:54
        Very helpful



        I love this hand lotion and have a squirt of it each time I wash my hands.

        I have tried and used all of the hand cream ranges that Molton Brown offer and my favourite is the Thai Vert Hand Lotion which goes with the handwash with the same fragrance. These currently retail at £15 per bottle and is a luxury item but again I think it is a must-have if you can justify the price tag as you only need one squirt for super soft hands.

        Molton Brown is not available in your local supermarket but is available in most Department stores such as John Lewis, Debenhams, Selfridges and they also have their own stores. You will find the Molton Brown products in the perfume and makeup section of the Department stores and you will find a section dedicated to Molton Brown.

        The Thai Vert Hand Lotion comes in attractive looking 300ml bottles with a pump action dispenser to enable easy access to this cream. The thai vert cream is pale in colour where some of the others are different in colour. You can also get some travel sizes of their products in order to take them on holiday or to try out a new range. They also tend to give out one or two sample sizes of another product that they sell.

        Molton Brown state that this product is 'nourishing and delicately flavoured with Thai kaffir lime leaves' and also contains 'silver white tea extract which has powerful anti-ageing properties.' I cannot vouch as to whether this product is anti-ageing but it most definately moisturises your skin.

        I tend to use 2 or 3 bottles of the handwash to every hand lotion. I have an 8 month old baby - so have to wash my hands many times per day. I used to purchase 3 bottles of handwash to 1 handcream per year - but now I can definately say that I purchase nearly double that!

        I love this hand lotion that goes with the handwash so much that again there is one in our bathroom, one in the kitchen and one in the cloakroom. I have a Molton Brown double arc in each of the rooms which contains the matching handwash to this hand lotion. The lotion makes my hands very soft and helps with the drying effects that washing up has on my hands!

        Whenever I go on holiday or relatives and friends go abroad I always purchase some from Duty Free!

        The only gripe that I have is that I find it difficult to get the last dregs out of the bottle and tend to leave the bottle upside down and take the top off.


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        26.03.2010 10:33
        Very helpful



        A lime scented soothing hand cream

        Its not very often someone buys me a gift to say thank you for helping them out with a little problem, but it is always nice to be appreciated. In my time I have had some nice gifts, some amazing gifts and some weird gifts that have left me wondering "why did they buy that for me" and this occasion is of no exception.

        Those readers who read my reviews regularly know that I am a little obsessive about skin scare and yes it usually means I have been to Lush, but on this occasion my gift came in the form of Thai Vert hand cream from Molton Brown. Yes I love Molton Brown products, I find them slightly highly priced for what they actually are and infact would prefer Lush or even Soap and Glory products in their place, but nevertheless it wasn't the Molton Brown label which left me pondering, it was the fact it was a hand cream.

        On my desk (use your imagination) I have 3 pots of hand cream - one from Lush, one from Soap and Glory and one Clinique and doing the job I do I use my hands a lot...this could be for typing, printing, stuffing, stacking etc... so my hands do take a bit of a battering and I always have hand cream ready just incase I need it. But why did someone feel the need to buy me a hand cream? That I have no idea unless they just wanted to add to my collection or because they didn't like the look of my hands, which to be fair are usually covered in paper-cuts and ink!

        So this lovely hand cream comes in a 300ml plastic bottle (in a one of the nicest gift bags I have ever owned) and the lid forms a pump action dispenser, which is brilliant because it makes it much easier to use and it only dispenses a little amount at any one time, ample enough to coat your hands in and therefore helps to make it last much longer. The bottle itself is see through plastic with the words 'Molton Brown' clearly visible in a brown colour and underneath is a smaller text are the words 'Thai Vert soothing hand lotion' and the cream is an off-white cream colour.

        Once I had figured out how the dispenser worked because it wasn't merely a pull it up, pull it own and dispense, it involved twisting actions because you could pump it (very technical) I was greeted with a small 10p sized blob of cream coloured cream on the palm of my hand which immediately gave off a lime scent, not something I was expecting as the main fragrance I have to admit but it did smell really refreshing and similar to the Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena Body Lotion (which I have also reviewed). So when it came to the list of ingredients which are located on the back of the bottle in tiny print, I managed to find two main ingredients which would give me ample time googling to see what they did and perhaps why they are in it, I am fascinated my oils and essential oils and their uses and because I need to know that they are not going to cause irritation to my skin.

        The first ingredient is called Kaffir lime leaves and they originate in Thailand and are known mainly for their uplifting aroma and tangy flavour which is the first thing you can smell as I have mentioned. They also have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which protect the skin and actively deodorises it to mask any unwanted smells and it soothes the skin at the same time. The second ingredient is known as silver white tea extract, which I had never heard of before and it is said to be a powerful anti-oxidant full of anti-ageing properties which not only protect and care for the skin but they also keep the it free from free radicals which could harm the skin and it works well with the Kaffir Lime leaves too.

        When it comes to using this hand cream you do only need that small 10p sized blob because it is more than ample for both hands and as you start to massage the cream into your hands, it is non-greasy and it absorbs itself in the skin with minimal effort and immediate effect which is quite surprising because it is quite a thick textured cream and would imagine it would take a lot of rubbing to massage it into the skin, but thankfully not.

        As my hand cream pile has depleted a lot I still have over two thirds of this bottle left and I have been using it more and more as the work load has got bigger and the days longer and having had it on my desk now for over 4 months, I am actually quite impressed at how long it lasts, how long the cream remains fresh smelling and the fact it hasn't dried up or gone crusty, which many similar creams in similar bottles have done in the past and that being the main reason I stopped buying them.

        This cream is also going to remain in my office, to the point where each of the three bathrooms now have it next to the sink, is because it is brilliant at instantly moisturising and softening the skin and that my hands remain soft for a good few hours after I have used the hand cream. So if my hands are not in need of any major pampering then I use this cream. Added to that, the aroma from this hand cream is simply divine and it stays evident upon the skin for many hours after using.

        I am really impressed with this hand cream and although I got it free as a gift to purchase it is £15 which could seem like quite a lot of money, but it does leave your hands feeling soft and it is really soothing and it does last a long time and I don't think I will have to replace any of my bottles for the next 3-4 months.

        Molton Brown products are widely available online and in sotres such as Debenhams and John Lewis.


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      • Product Details

        Molton Brown Thai Vert Soothing Hand Lotion / Indulge your hands with this deliciously refreshing kaffir lime and silver white tea hand lotion / Moisturising / Pump applicator.

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