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N Spa Jojoba & White Musk Hand & Nail Cream

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Brand: N-Spa / Type: Nail & Hand Cream / Suitable for: Nails & Hand

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    2 Reviews
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      09.08.2013 17:18
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      A nice, cheap and effective hand cream for light day-to-day moisture.

      I currently work a couple of nights a week on the clothing department at Tesco, just to pay my bills and whatnot whilst studying. Whilst it isn't the worst job in the world it does play absolute havoc on my hands. I don't really suffer with dry hands any other time but as soon as I get in that warehouse and start messing about with cardboard and fuzzy fabrics my hands become unbearably and uncomfortably dry. It drives me mad!

      My biggest problem with this is that I find it difficult to find a hand cream which works for me. I don't know if I'm allergic to a common ingredient in such products or something but the majority of hand creams I've purchased over the years have ended up being given to someone else because they've just left my hands incredibly sore, itchy and covered in a rash - not pleasant.

      I usually stick to Soap & Glory's Hand Food as I know this is safe for me to use and is pretty effective. I must confess though I've been using it for so long I'm starting to a grow a little bored of it so when I saw this N-Spa one in Asda I decided to risk it and give it a go.

      I purchased this hand cream whilst it was a rather attractive offer. At full price this 75ml tube will only cost you £1.75 anyway so it's not exactly an expensive product but at the time of purchasing it was knocked down to just 50p. For that price I thought it would be worth the risk. The N-Spa range of products are sold exclusively at Asda so you can only purchase this hand cream from there (I dare say some may be floating about on ebay mind you).

      The cream comes in a white, soft plastic tube which stands upside down on its white plastic flip top lid. The N-Spa logo can be found in the top left hand corner of the front of the tube and the product name is written in nice, big, bold and clear font in the centre. Towards the bottom of this tube we're told this is a 'step 3' product. All products in this range are either step 1, 2 or 3. Step 1 products for cleansing, step 2 for exfoliating and step 3 for moisturising. I do have already own a few products from this range in a variety of steps and generally have high opinions of them so I was expecting this hand cream to be pleasing providing it didn't bring me out in a rash.

      The cream is quite runny. I found for the first week or so, when the tube was still quite full, the cream ran out of the tube and got caught in the lid. Luckily the lid stays firmly shut so I never had any spillages or anything and this didn't cause me too much of a problem. I just wiped my hand over the inside of the lid to apply the cream rather than squeeze the tube to dispense it. When I did start to need to do a little tube squeezing to release the cream I found I had to do so extremely carefully. It's very easy to dispense far too much of this.

      Despite its rather runny consistency the white cream absorbs beautifully into my skin. It takes literally seconds and I don't need to spend ages rubbing it in. It dries pretty much instantly too, isn't greasy in the slightest so I can just get on with doing whatever my hands were required to do without getting residue everywhere.

      It smells beautiful too. It's got a subtle yet distinct white musk scent which is very fresh and very long lasting. I can still smell this on my hands an hour after applying the cream which, for a hand cream, I think is pretty impressive.

      I'm pleased to say this one doesn't have any negative effects on my hands and I seem to be safe using it. It does leave my hands feeling instantly hydrated and really soft and moisturised. It leaves a light sheen on my nails and helps to soften my cuticles and the effects are just generally very pleasing. Everything you need from a hand cream really.

      The downside is that these effects don't last quite as long as I'd like. The scent certainly out lives the added moisture the cream initially brings and this means I'm applying it constantly. I'd say ten minutes after applying this I feel the need for some more. It seems to give a light hydration when I need something far more intense to get me through my shifts without licking my fingers every two minutes!

      All in all I think this is great for everyday use. If you just need a little 'something' to add hydration and moisture to hands and treat nails during everyday life. It smells beautiful and does deliver as well as being fast absorbing and non-greasy. If, however, you suffer with particularly dry hands then you'll probably require something much more intense and find this one far too light for your needs. Should this not be a problem though I'd definitely recommend this hand cream, it's well worth the price.


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        26.05.2012 16:04
        Very helpful



        A well deserved 5 Stars for NSpa

        I was daydreaming around Asda as I frequently do during my shopping trips and hovering down the health & Beauty section of the shop. I spotted the N-Spa section and decided to give their hand cream a try for the bargain price of £1.95 for 75 ml. Excellent value and a great hand cream Jojoba and White Musk Hand & Nail Cream Step 3!


        N-Spa products come from the elite spa company Nirvana Spa and are only sold in Asda stores and online at http://www.nspa.co.uk . They make a range of luxury skin and body care products at very affordable prices. All these products are created, endorsed and used by the experts at Nirvana Spa resorts.
        Jojoba and White Musk Hand & Nail Cream Step 3

        The cream comes in a quite plain looking white plastic tube with a pull on/off cap. All the writing on the tube is grey and black. The NSpa logo is at the top of the tube and the title Jojoba and White Musk hand & nail cream and Step 3 written below this. All the ingredients and product information are written on the back of the tube.

        The hand cream is part of N-Spa's new collection of beauty products offering Spa facial inspired formulations at affordable prices. This is a four step daily beauty routine will boost and transform skin to leave it radiant, glowing and visibly more healthy looking. This hand and nail cream is Step 3 of this skin regime.

        The Nspa Bathing Rituals:

        1 Cleanse to draw out impurities and clarify skin
        2 Exfoliate to buff away dull skin cells and smooth
        3 Moisturise to restore and nourish thirsty skin

        The hand cream is a lovely creamy white colour and is nice and light and fluid compared to other hand creams I have used. There is a faint smell of the white musk and the jojoba oil, but this is not overpowering or strong just a nice and rich fragrance. Jojoba oil is scentless and used in lots of beauty products as a moisturiser agent and so perfect for hand creams.

        To use this hand cream you simply squeeze a little of the product out onto your hands and rub all over until it has been absorbed and fully rubbed into your skin. The cream is absorbed really quickly by my skin and leaves no horrible residues or lumps anywhere. The cream is silky and feels really good for my hands. Afterwards they are really smooth and feel very nourished.

        I tend to use and keep this as my work hand cream and use a couple of times a day to keep my skin hydrated and smooth. At the price (£1.95) you can afford to have separate ones for work and home! The tube is 75 ml and for the price and quality of product I couldn't give it any less than 5 stars! Looks simple but does a great job.


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