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Nail Magic Nail Hardener Conditioner Treatment

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Brand: Nail Magic / Nail hardening and conditioning treatment / Type: Hand & Nail Cream / Subcategory: Nail Treatment / Suitable for: Nails

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    2 Reviews
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      07.06.2013 12:51
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      Brilliant product

      This product really is magic,I have clients after clients coming in saying they have split finger nails and toe nails after just 8 weeks of using this product they are great! Forget Sally Hanson nail magic is the way forward! If your put nail magic on every week for 8 weeks I can gaurentee you WILL see a difference on your nails.You can use it just as a nail strengthener or as a base coat and top coat it leaves a great shine.If your using it by itself it drys matte and clear (although has a pink tinge in the bottle) so nobody would know that you have anything on your nails men can also use this product because of this benefit. At the price of £9.95 it is reasonable because the bottle lasts so long although it is a long process of putting it on for 8 weeks and remembering to do so.I 100% recommend this to anyone whether your nails are weak or not. It can be bought online,large department stores or ask your local beautician if they can order you one in,it can be removed with your normal nail polish remover in seconds.

      Nail magic has been around for more than 40years,for the first 18years it was only sold in local department stores in Portland Oregon where the product originates.Four decades later nail magic is sold world wide!


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        23.04.2013 14:37
        Very helpful
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        A fantastic product which conditions and strengthens weak nails.


        Nail Magic was recommended to me by a professional beauty therapist. Over the last few years my toenails have become very thin and often exhibit vertical cracks. These have led to my nails breaking in very painful directions, often damaging the nail bed. I haven't been able to wear sandals for several summers as any slight knock to my bare toes causes a nail fracture. Ouch!


        Nail magic is not widely available in stores, although several online companies sell it, including Nail Magic themselves. It's also available from some nail bars and beauty salons. I purchased my bottle from the latter.


        According to the official website, Nail Magic was developed by a US-based professional beauty therapist in 1960. It was designed to stimulate nail growth, strengthen weak nails and harden nails in poor condition.


        Nail Magic is a US-manufactured product, and so the bottle sizes are given in ounces. It is available in 0.25 oz (approx. 7ml), 0.50 oz (approx. 15ml) and 2.5 oz (approx. 70ml) sizes although I have only ever seen the smallest bottle for sale in the UK. As it is usually sold by specialists, prices can vary widely. I paid £9.95 for my 0.25 oz bottle.

        The EU-distributed version of the product comes in a pale-pink cardboard box with the Nail Magic logo (the product name printed in a font that resembles handwriting). All information is printed in English, French and German reflecting the countries the product is sold in. An ingredients list and a brief overview of usage instructions are given on the box.

        Inside the box is a small, purple booklet containing a detailed history of the Nail Magic product as well as detailed usage instructions in English, French and German.

        The product itself comes in a thick glass bottle, resembling a normal nail varnish container. The glass is transparent, save for a Nail Magic logo, details of bottle volume and ingredients list. No instructions are printed on the bottle. The lid is long and thin in shape, and is purple in colour. The lid unscrews to reveal a long applicator brush, again as seen with many regular nail varnish products.

        The Nail Magic liquid is pearlescent, opaque and appears very thick. Before use, the bottle must be shaken thoroughly to distribute the ingredients evenly throughout the liquid. This is when the mixing mechanism becomes apparent: a ball bearing can be seen and heard within the bottle when it is vigorously shaken.


        ***Any excess product dripped onto the skin should be wiped away as it can cause a minor allergic reaction in some people.***

        Whilst primarily designed for fingernails, my beauty therapist suggested it would work equally well on toenails, and the application process is, of course, identical.

        Nails have to be clean and dry. The bottle instructions state that one coat should be applied twice per week for approximately 8 weeks, with a maintenance coat applied once a week from then on.

        When the brush is taken out of the solution it quickly becomes clear that the product is not as thick as it originally appears; it is actually very runny, and so must be applied with care to avoid spills and drips. The product is transparent when applied to nails, and dries to a shiny, clear coat.

        Nail Magic can either be worn alone or can be used as a base coat for other nail varnishes, which can be applied on top once the Nail Magic is dry.


        As my toenails were in such poor condition I applied two coats during my first application. I was delighted to find that the Nail Magic made them feel much stronger, and, more importantly, very flexible, almost like the nails were made of plastic! I have found that slight knocks to my feet don't result in any more cracks to my nails, probably because the Nail Magic has made them 'give' with any impact.

        The nail beds also appear to be in much better condition, something my chiropodist remarked upon when I recently went for my twice-yearly appointment.

        I generally leave two coats of Nail Magic on my toenails for a couple of weeks and then, as the nail begins to grow out, I remove the product (with normal nail-varnish remover) and re-apply. I have been following this regime for approximately six months and I am delighted with the results.


        I have found Nail Magic to be an excellent nail conditioning product which has improved the state of my toenails no end. I recently started applying it to my fingernails as well due to the fantastic results I have achieved on my feet.


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